Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting the tub...

Maggie is totally right. 

I need to paint my clawfoot tub.  White is nice, but it's not me & I love the funky inspiration pictures below.  So riddle me this...what color?  Remember this is off my bedroom where I have a lot of green, turquoise, red, pink & orange - plus a tad of yellow.  I'm kind of thinking orange or yellow - thoughts?  Oh and if & when I paint this bad boy - leave the legs silver, go solid paint, or black?  Oh decisions are tough!  But I'm sure it's the right move!

I love this room - it's the turquoise & yellow I adore!  Plus, I really want that SINK!

Oh this room is just cheery & fabulous!  It's a lot of yellow, but how could you not be happy in here?

Ok so most of this room isn't me at all, but that limey green - yes I swooned!

So give me your thoughts, but if you think it should stay white - shhh it!  :)


  1. oh gosh, i don't know. i like the idea of pink! it is my favorite color, so i'm torn. i think yellow could be cute. and i'm on a search for that sink! i want it for my future house!

  2. hate the yellow room, love the tub though. I think keep the feet silver and paint him hot pink. it's a girls tub. BUT i also really like the idea of it being black though to go will all your zebra and leopard but not compete with any of the other colors, plus black is classic. i don't know sis....i'm torn.

  3. I love the yellow, and then paint the legs black!! (HA, you'll look like you're bathing in a bumblebee!!)

  4. I love the idea of painting the tub! i think pink would be so fabulous and keep the legs silver!

  5. Oh, I'm going for the turquoise FOR SURE! I think it would be PERFECT. Have I convinced ya yet????

  6. I love orange so much right now- so I am leaning toward orange with orange legs.


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