Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What makes you happy?

I've been so busy lately, I've had a hard time relaxing.  So today I want to list the things that make me happy in my life.

My favorite flower growing in the woods by my house - Sweet Williams we call them around here - they smell divine.

My husband passed his surveying exam - he's a professional land surveyor!  He's my best friend and he's super cute & handy!  Plus, he has his dream job now - the fact that he loves it - makes me happy

The fact that I'm sitting here typing and Trudie, is snoring by my feet.  She sits by me wherever I go.  This photo shows off her younger figure!

The fact that a very long year - really provided us with an amazing home.  It still amazes me that my husband DID this!  Can you believe he built this whole thing!  Seriously - he should get a medal for that!

My sisters.  They are stupid in a good way & they make me laugh hard.

(Me, Abbie, & Maggie - For some reason all our group pictures has Abbie graduating - I think she is up to 7 degrees - ha ha - kidding sister!)

I made pretty babies.

Aubrie at her 2 month old baptism in her Great Grandpa Jack's baptism gown.

Everett at 5 months.  (I nursed - hence the shirt.  We thought it was ha-larious.  Abbie made it for him.)

Other things that make me happy:

My Mom.  I miss time with her now that I have kids that hog it!  Sometimes we get a day to go shopping without them and it makes me happy.  Plus, she was a lifesaver this past weekend and a huge help.  I heart her.

My niece Caroline.  Her smile is contagious & looks just like Maggie's!

My best friend Melissa.  My ridiculousness is matched by hers & goodness we have a blast together.  Last time we were together we had a cheerleading heel stretch competition - we bring out the foolishness in each other!

My blender - lately I make one helluva daiquiri - and yes I say it just like that.

Freshly painted toenails - seems weird with all the family friend talk, but yeah I like nice toenails and flip flops.

Jason Mraz and Shakira - what a combo of CDs that just instantly make you want to dance.

My pillow - I've had it at least 6 years and it's Perfect!  That's why it's brand is The Perfect Pillow - makes perfect sense doesn't it!

Snoop Dog - just saying - him and Dre can really bring it.  Wish I could play it, but geez I have kids.

The Tudors - every week - awesome television & like a date with my husband without leaving the house.

Popper popcorn with half a stick of butter.  Yes I just admitted that to you, but golly it's good!

Lots of jewelry & heavy eye make up.  You'd think I was 20 again, but I like a reason to put on some bling & play up the eyes.

Day dates - I live for day dates with Jade - even better if we get to spend the night away too!

Cardinals games - do I like the games - no - but I like popcorn & a date day - get it!

Hearing the wind at night with the windows open.

Babies cheeks - again random I know, but aren't they just so sweet to kiss when they are chubby!  I just realized I was sad because Aubrie lost hers and Everett's are going away.  Then, I picked up Caroline at the babysitters & instantly kissed her chubby cheeks!

You guys & your comments & blogs.  You crack me up & I dig our conversations!

So I ask you - what makes you happy?  Feel free to leave me a big old list like you blogged in my comments - guarantee it will make me happy too!


  1. What a great post today Annie! I have been a St. Louis Cardinal fan my whole life. Is there any other team??? Seriously, when we were growing up we always went to St. Louis at least two weekends a year in the summer. They were our mini vacations! I can't wait to meet all you guys in person:)


  2. Things that make me happy....my husband, my pets, my roller derby practices, photography, the smell of lavender, long baths, good books, and traveling.

  3. My honey, my kids, my grandbabies(swoon), coffee!,junking with my girls or my gal pals, smell of cut grass, Will Ferrell, John Candy, Bob Seger, Jason Mraz, Praise music, Beth Moore, jammies til late in the morning, watching The Soup and People magazine. I could go on and on. Life is good and Jesus loves me!! xoxo Mom

  4. stinking blog makes me cry all the time. i love you sister.

  5. Wonderful post and reminder that no matter what, we can be happy !

    what makes me happy ?
    My men - my amazing hubby, we've been together since I was 13 !
    and my spectacular sons.
    Seeing my middle child ( and twin #1 ) LIVE after his heart transplant.
    My house on Lavender Hill... she really gives me so much more than jut a roof over my head.
    My lovely blogging world - I love, love, love escaping into other gal's homes and peeking into their windows !!!!

    thanks again for the reminder !


  6. This is such a fabulous post! Really brought a smile to my face..

    Let's see, things that make me happy.

    Jesus, coffee, my special man.. sunny warm spring days in my garden. : )

  7. These lists help us to focus on the good. I woke up to snow this morning, So I will have to find a way to be happy despite it.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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