Saturday, May 1, 2010


So it's spring & things look great at my house.  You can see the remnants of Jade's golf course mowing.  The grass is growing so fast right now he can't keep up with it!

My porch landscaping is starting to look great & I've finally gotten to plant my pots.  I'm hoping that by our show date for Ethel Edith, May 8th, that everything is filled in and looking great!  The show will be at my house on the concrete pad & in the lawn.

I just love how sedums are so round when they first start growing.  The roses & lavender will get huge soon!  I hate our corner boxwood - it will be replaced shortly!  It keeps having pieces of it die on me.

Even Duke and Sylvia are enjoying the spring.

I found some fun pillows at Kohl's to cheer up my porch swing.

A big fern, cute door mat, and giant bugs from Hobby Lobby complete the entrance.

My Mom told me to paint my back porch patio furniture.  It was green, but I love it hot pink!

I'm anxious for all my plants back here to get big - it's always so cozy on this porch.

My perennials are really growing in fast.  Except two I some how sprayed with Round Up - how I love that stuff!  I have to replacements to go back in though.  I can't wait to put out some fresh mulch!  We usually get a semi load for Mom & Dads and my house.

My ostrich ferns are shooting out babies everywhere!

My walkout basement is getting better.  I planted all my galvanized tubs & can't wait to see them get big and full.  I'm really going to have to work on watering this year!

This is the ugly side of the walkout.  For now the kids still like the riding toys so they like to get them out and ride down here.  I may move these up to the garage soon & keep this more of an adult area.

I found some giraffe pillows on clearance at walmart - love them!

Jade built the top for our bar.  It's looking great!  I have two big lemon grasses on order for the tall galvanized tubs.  They are meant to repel mosquitoes so we'll see how that works.  I'd like to find a few chicken feeders to fill with more plants for the bar. 

This weekend we will be landscaping like mad!  We have two large 15' x 4' beds to plant along these wing walls in addition to mulching all the beds & trees!  Wish us luck - we want a pretty yard for our show next weekend!  Thank the lord Abbie is a chiropractor - I think she'll be adjusting me after the mulching!


  1. Oh I love the hot pink and the bugs on the front porch! I want to sit on your front porch and have a cocktail and chat a little. Ok, so I'm just going to throw something out there. You are so funky and use lots of colors I think you need to take the wreath off the front door because it is so not you! Or even if you put one of the bugs in the wreath that would be fun! Your bliss sign is fun, it could show that your home is a state of bliss but something that has some punch like the rest of you!

    I'm loving everything and I say go plant crazy and put tons of pots of flowers all over the place by your lounging bar area. Hmmmm I think I'm coming over and hanging out on this fine spring day!

    Megan :)

  2. Good Morning Annie...

    Everything is looking MAHHHHVELOUS! I agree with your mama, love the hot pink furniture. I also have a big urn like yours I bought at an estate sale a couple of years ago, pondering what I am going to put in it this year. I also bought the cutest metal peacock for my back area at Target and I have named her "Lilah". I should do a post about her!

    Have a great weekend. It's raining here and is supposed to rain all weekend....argh!

    Hi Janie!!!


  3. Your home is just wonderful! I love the red siding with the stone facing. Everything looks so welcoming and cozy. Thank you so much for sharing.


  4. Annie, it all looks amazing. I never do anything to my back yard. I think its because our summers are so short that it seems like a waste. How about some concrete paint to do a mural on the wall? I know..easy for me to say : )

  5. I am falling in love with your house and your blog ! I'm so glad I found it !

    It's beautiful here in jersey, but hubby is working - he works 7 days, we own a bakery - so no yard work for us. I'm hoping the landscaper comes this week though - lol !!!

    LOVE the splashes of bright pink, it's so happy !!!!

    have a wonderful weekend !

    gena in nj

  6. I think you could do a great sidewalk chalk mural on those wing walls! xoxo mom

  7. What a good choice on the pink!

    We had two Adirondack chairs on our patio and we painted one bright red and the other bright yellow. The comments are always great and they are just fun (which sets a great mood!!)

  8. I love your fun colors! You have a most cozy yard. I don't know about the lemon grass, but lemon-scented geranium repels mosquitoes. As do a lot of pungent herbs.

  9. Love the hot pink chairs! I can't wait to get out into our yard and you have inspired me to get to work! I found your blog from Poppies at Play and am happy to be following!

  10. Looks great, I have to have those pink fun...I love them. My hubby and I just finished doing a large landscaping project yesterday, sound like you and I have quite a bit in common. Good luck with all of your gardening projects. Take Care, Carrie

  11. everything looks fabulous - love those hot pink chairs!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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