Thursday, May 20, 2010

Something You Haven't Yet Seen!

When Vintage Sassy came to visit - she said "Why haven't you shown this on your blog?"

So here we go!  We have a U shaped staircase in the center of our home.  I love it because my Great Uncle Bob built it for us by hand.  It's special to us.  In this photo there are two doors straight ahead, the left is Aubrie's room & the right is Everett's room.  The 3rd door to the right is the main / guest bathroom.  Then to the right of the photo is our living room.  If you were standing here, the kitchen would be behind you to the left & the dining area would be right behind you. 

At the bottom of the staircase there is a bit of room - just enough for a cute table and chair.  The yellow is bold, but looks great by the turquoise & extends into the basement - it's a cheery, happy color!

The funky painting was given to me by my cousin.  She knew the little old lady that actually painted it.  That's one reason I love it.

Upstairs on our hall wall by the staircase is the shrine to our children.  Above it is a vinyl decal that says "All because two people fell in love."  The fell in love is in silver.  It's hard to see in the photo, but it is so true.  Our beautiful babies bless our lives in so many ways & through them I found more ways to fall in love with my wonderful hubby!  We have had beautiful pictures taken of our kids so this is where we showcase them!  There is one that looks black & white - it's actually a sketch done by my cousin that is an artist - he's amazing.  It truly looks like Aubrie when she was 3 months old!


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I love this space, especially that orange table. I think Aubrie looks like a little Vanna White there...LOL!

    I love your whole house, I never get tired of seeing it! I do sometimes get sick of seeing mine though...LOL!

    P.S. I have commissioned Abbie for some more artwork!!

  2. It is great and such a nice way to show off your beautiful children!

  3. LOVE THIS! We looked at a house when we were buying that had a center staircase like this...I thought it was pretty cool! You are so lucky! That little cute proudly showing off her wall! ;o)



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