Friday, May 14, 2010

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Do they wobble to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?

Can you tie them in a bow?

Wouldn't you love to just flop down anywhere your heart desired & take a nap!

This big boy, Duke, went missing Wednesday night.  I thought Jade was just going to lose it with worry.  He yelled over and over for him, whistled, and even went on a drive with a flashlight.  He was just sure - Duke was never coming back - after 2 hours of this. 

That's when I remembered, Duke likes to sleep on the walkout basement patio on some big chaise lounges we have down there, we haven't checked there.  And I was right.  This boy was so tired - he couldn't walk up the hill to come in the house for the night - couldn't even acknowledge the fact that his Dad was yelling for him.  Jade was RELIEVED that Duke was alive!  He rewarded Duke's ultimate laziness with popcorn.


  1. Oh, so cute! I can't believe I am really saying that! I am not a huge dog lover even though we have 2. Not my choice. Actually we have a small petting zoo, again not my choice. I do think it is sweet that your hubby was getting so upset!

  2. Annie, Duke is soo cute!! We've had times when our german shephard mix named Mitzi ran away from our country home and wondered if she'd be back home by night fall, which she always was.. Thank goodness Mitzi only did this a couple times.. This was when we lived in rural Pennsylvania.. I always like knowing where all our fur babies are when it's time for everyone to go to bed..

    Have a great Friday and weekend too!!


  3. Oh that's an awful feeling!! Wade took quite a liking to Duke dog! Glad he's ok!



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