Friday, May 28, 2010

Sorry to all the hubs out there, but I HAD to share...

You guys don't know this, but I LOVE shoes!  Since I've had kids - I've sadly put away most of my fabulous heels.  Plus - my feet grew half a size with each child - so my dearly beloved best friend got a garbage bag of amazing shoes.  Long gone are my size 6 1/2 feet that I used to rock in fabulously tall heels.

So now days I dig on wedges.  I can carry a kid in a wedge and not roll my ankle - which I am FAMOUS for!  So, at our Ethel Edith spring show, I ran into a high school friend who was rocking the cutest shoes!  I had to know about them & she gave me the details.  She said they were Madden Girl shoes & so comfortable!  So after the show - I of course searched for these babies & found them here.

I of course ordered them immediately & I am in love.  They fit great and look even better! I have wide feet, but no overhang on these babies.  (Which PS - I hate when peoples toes or heels hang over the edges or sides of their shoes - isn't it uncomfortable - why do you wear them like that?!?).  Bonus, they can go with brown or black & are super cute!  I am digging these shoes.  So I had to share the wealth!  I apologize to your husbands in advance for making you shoe shop, and get a great pedicure. 

Oh and be sure to hit for coupon codes.  I got 15% off and free shipping!  Woot woot!


  1. Please order your mom a size 8 1/2 .I am not good with coupon finding, plus you have the credit card info and you will do a great job, dear wonderful daughter

  2. Ditto for me too...LOL! My feet grew with each child too. Isn't that crazy!! And I also am famous for rolling my ankles. I really think I am your long lost aunt.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  3. I ordered them Mom + I threw in a different pair for me for the service charge - ha ha!

  4. ooh, those are CUTE! Thanks for the tip!

  5. just ordered the shoes...CUTE! can't wait to get them!!!!

  6. had to tell you...ordered the shoes...arrived this morning...those babies are on and going out for dinner tonite! Love them....feel like a pair of 'old favorites' can be my personal shopper!!!!


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