Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exciting News

OK - so if you follow me at all - you know I'm also "Annie Appleseed."

So today we finalized our plans.  Sunday, my family & I will be making a 2+ hour drive to Southern Illinois to pick up two American Beech trees & one Magnolia tree.  These Beech trees are HARD to come by, hence the drive to find them.

Call us crazy, but wouldn't you drive 2+ hours to one day have trees like this gracing your - I will live in this home until I die - then bury me in the back yard - home?

Admit it - you want these trees too!  

Then, I'm hoping for nice weather so we can take the kids to some of our favorite places in Southern Illinois.  I'm not sure where we'll hit yet, but I'm guessing Giant City will be the winner!  Although, I love me some Inspiration Point and the Spillway too!


  1. Wow, they are gorgeous! I am hoping to get a Weeping Willow this weekend, I looove those trees!


  2. Love those trees and soooo worth the drive.

  3. those trees do look fabulous...they look like good climbing trees!

  4. OMG! I love, love, love those trees! Soooo worth driving for and the weather should FINALLY be nice by the weekend. Have a great time!


  5. beautiful!!! i love giant city- haven't been there since high school!
    have a great time:O)

  6. Well I sure don't think you're crazy, I drove all the way to go to your show and I'm so happy I did! So go get your trees!!



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