Thursday, May 6, 2010

Conversations With My Daughter

OK so my Aubrie is bright.  She never ceases to amaze me with her thoughts and conversations.

So recently she got into our family history.  I won't go into details because it's not my story to share, but my Mom lost my two twin brothers when I was two years old.  They survived 17 days before they were called home.  Recently it was their birthday and Mom tends to get several things of flowers on that tough day.

So Aubrie and I had a few in depth conversations about my brothers.

The next day she honest to goodness asked Mom - after asking where all my old dead cats were buried.  (Please note, at one point I had 32 cats in my playhouse - several mamas and babies - I still don't know what crack my Mom was smoking to allow that).  Anyway - back to the point - she asked about the cats & then immediately said "Grandma do you remember where my Mom's brother's are buried?"  Which is kind of funny you have to admit.  It made Mom and I laugh even though the overall topic is a sad one.

So she was over my brothers.  Then, it was onto Jade's family tree.  I'm not entirely sure I should post this, but it's the truth & this is a blog to remember the things my kids say and the stories of our life so here we go...

Jade's half brother got into some trouble when we were first married.  He robbed a few banks and is in prison.  I really don't know him, I only met him once in the 7 years Jade & I dated.  He just wasn't into good things at that point in his life & made some poor decisions.

So I knew the conversation was coming at some point.  I just thought, maybe she'd be older.  Aubrie started in on Jade's brother - where is he - how come I don't know him.  So yeah I've had the prison conversation with my 4 year old.  Her most important question - was why can't he have a dog in jail?

  Kids seriously crack me up.  You can tell them the most awful things, and they still find a way to make it not so bad.

(*My Mom has asked me to add a "note" about the 32 cats so you don't think we are cat collector hillbillies.  So here we go.  I had 32 cats because I really had 5 adult cats - they all had kittens at the same time.  I was a HUGE cat lover & thought I was a professional doctor to my cats at that time  Somehow I managed to convince all the cats to keep all their kittens in my playhouse.  So at one time all these mamas and kittens were in my playhouse - all 32 of them.  Then they all got eye infections so I had to doctor them all every day too - which I loved to do.  When they were big enough we gave them away - so we didn't keep 32 outside cats!  However, now we spay our animals and don't raise them in herds.*)


  1. I appreciate your honesty about your life. The thing is we all have "Stuff" but that stuff is a part of us and we should never judge! I would never! I love your daughter and her questions, we have them here all the time. Sometimes I need to tell the kids to hang on a moment, Mom needs to get a stiff drink to handle this one, but we always get through it! The sex talks are fantastic around here!

  2. Well inquiring minds want to know and Aubrie has an inquiring mind. I think it's precious that she wanted to know if he could have a dog in prison.

    I can't wait to meet you guys!!!!!!!!!!!1


  3. ok, 32 cats seriously....what crack are you smoking??? You had 2 house cats and outdoor cats but never 32 at least not at once. This wasn't the trailer court . They unfortunately prob have 32 cats. Sorry residents, get an ordinance against cats passed!! She told me about Patrick too and I told her he isn't bad but he did some bad things because he used illegal drugs. That started the whole illegal conversation...oh brother! xoxo mom

  4. Mom your memory is quickly fading. I had 5 Mama cats & they all had babies at the same time. I can even name 2 of the 3 mamas & describe the other ones. I have a ridiculous memory when it comes to my beloved dead cats. You didn't let me keep them - we had to give them away of course. They all got eye infections though - it was awful!

    I know we had the drug conversation too. It wasn't pleasant!

    Hey Mom remember the last illegal talk we had with her and she kept saying "Eagles?!" and you'd say no "Illegal" I forgot about that one!

  5. Mom! We DID have a ton of cats, especially in the calf barn! As soon as I read mom's comment about illegal, I instantly thought of Aubrie and the Eagles. What a goof.

  6. at least she's didn't take to calling me heavy d or man-sized. i thought for sure she's be introducing me as her man-sized aunt heavy d. ridic.

  7. And what,pray tell, is wrong with being a cat collecing hillbilly? I take offense to that (HA!)

    Your kids comments are always cute, but I have to admit the haircut story/pictures are the best!

    Kathie aka "Hillbilly Debutante." come see me sometime.


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