Friday, May 7, 2010

Time For A Cut

Prepare yourself.  I'm just about to make your day.  You'll probably crack up over this.  Last year about this time Aubrie & her best friend Millie did this to their hair...
Did you get out a good laugh?  See the remains of bangs there?  Thankfully Millie's mama is my best friend of 21 years.  Instead of bawling - we both peed our pants in laughter - I'm not joking - we totally peed our pants - I had to borrow her pants b/c we were at her house!

Thankfully, Maggie was able to perm Aubrie & the curls masked the fact that she scalped her bangs off completely.  Poor Millie had her long curly hair cut off to her ears.  I wish I had her before photo, but she truly had a Joe Dirt mullet look going on.

Finally it is a year later.  Aubrie's hair is back to it's length & it's straight!  This is the longest it's ever been!

Ironically I did the same thing to myself & also had a perm.  She truly is my mini me!


  1. Dang she lost those baby cheeks, but she gets more fantabulous every day! I love how they talk and tell stories all day long! They are a hoot!

  2. This was a great post to wake up to!! I work at a YMCA child care center and I've seen my fair share of "for kids, by kids" haircuts! The things they do are so funny!


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