Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Master Bath Update

So it wasn't this weekend.  However, I FINALLY got around to updating my bathroom a bit.  I put in a bit of color - so it's more me.

Please don't tell Pottery Barn, but the antelope looks better hot pink!

The coat rack that holds my towel got a new spritz of turquoise.

As did my candle base which is really an old piece of architecture - love it!

You haven't seen this, but behind the tub is a little shelf to hold my bath essentials.

It's as cute as I can make it considering I need to use soap & a razor daily!  It also ties my colors together nicely.

I'm bummed that I recently bought new brown towels & tan rugs.  I thought at the time it wasn't me, but it went with the leopard I'm also rocking in here.  I may have to trade those in for some hot pink & turquoise towels for the summer!  I also  need a super sized painting in our toilet room to replace what came out.  Remember the old signs I had in here that now adorn the main bathroom?  I'm thinking a 4' painting of a plunger or a can of Lysol - done by Abbie would perfectly fit the bill.  They would look great with the funky toilet & tub she already made for in here.  I know I'm crazy - but that's how I roll - unexpected is my favorite look! 


  1. What a beautiful bathroom and very unique style you have created. I adore all animal prints. Gorgeous job!

    Have a blessed evening. ~Melissa ;)

  2. Luv that "COOL" candle holder!


  3. I love the hot pink! PB will have to get over it! oxo

  4. I LOVE the idea of a giant plunger!!! I will paint it. After I get a proper a fancy frame, preferably painted gold.

  5. I think a zebra on a toilet would be good hehe

  6. Of course I love it!!! Much better. It really pops now! I'm sure Abbie can come up with something funky and whimsical!


  7. Annie, it really looks amazing.I also love the his and her mirrors above the pedestal sinks. You really did an amazing job!

  8. i think you should paint your tub bottom...i saw it in a magazine and i loved it! i like a plunger!

  9. I am considering painting the tub Mags - what color? That's the part I can't decide upon. I'm thinking maybe orange?! Also, Abbie Jane - we have a big frame & canvas in my basement we bought super cheap with EE, but we didn't do anything with it. Guess what - it's in a GOLD frame - perfect!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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