Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Master Bedroom

First off - I'd like to say thank you TJ Maxx - without your amazing prices & fabulous stock - I would be helpless.

I have transformed my bedroom & I am LOVING it! I wanted to lighten it up for spring & summer, but also bring in some of the turquoise and yellow that I love. Before, my bedroom was nice (and still me), but it was mainly greens, reds, and oranges & it resembled a lot of what my old style and home used to look like. They always say we update our bedrooms last - so true for me!

First off - a new white down comforter. I layered that with a $50 floral quilt & shams. Let me say here - I am shocked that I love this quilt!

I'm typically not a huge floral type of girl, but I adore it. I think it's floral gone a bit modern - and the colors in it are so me!

Then, I scored two new lamps - a steal at $40 each! The turquoise one is a bit shorter so a stack of books makes it right in line! I spray painted some existing frames to bring some pink & turquoise over to the bedside tables. I then headed to my basement and dug around & I found an old floral print I have always adored.

I then topped the bed off with some fresh & fun throw pillows - sewn by me! (My pillow tip - make
envelope pillows. I can sew these babies in a snap & can easily change them around with the seasons!) I am loving the braided scrap fabrics turned into an R for our last name.  It's quite fun I think.

I kept our nightstands dark. I actually like these pieces.  My table is old wood with a chunkier knob & pull, then Jade's bedside table is really deep. I can't remember what its original purpose is, but my Mom will tell us all in the comments. It has two sides that can flip up and 2 big drawers.  It's painted a brown color, but it's old paint and is all cracked showing through its age - the reason I won't paint it!

This is our blogging area & where Jade works when he's drafting plats at home.  It suits us well & I love the cheeriness of this corner.


  1. it looks very springy and refreshing :) great job!

  2. I love it, Annie! I wish C would let me do stuff like that in our room :)
    I still have the SIU pillow you made for me years and years ago!

  3. Hi Annie,
    Your room looks fabulicious!! I actually have lamps like your green one. I have them in black. I love your eclectic style and your whimsy. I go to Bloomington, IL all the time as that is where I am from but I now live in Ohio. I would love to see your store sometime.


  4. I also wanted to tell you that it's nice to find another person who loves color as I am so tired of hearing all the rage about white rooms!! God created color for a reason!!


  5. Love it all Annie!! The colors in your bedspread are beautiful and I love the pillows you made! I've never made an envelope pillow.. How hard is it to make? I've just made the other kind..

    Have a great Thursday! I love reading your blog Annie! Your father reminds me so much of my own father in so many ways! My Dad was a hard working man for his family too and we all respected and loved him dearly..


  6. spring spring spring!!
    i'd be happy every time i walked in that room:O)

  7. Lynn - I need to do a tutorial I guess. I can make them with half a yard of fabric to fit a standard throw pillow - very fast & easy. I cut a few corners too when I make my own to get them done faster :)

  8. I love these colors together.

  9. Will you come redecorate my bedroom? Love it!

  10. Wonderful bedrooms!You did an awesome job on each rooms! It looks so relaxing, Everything is sooo perfect!

  11. Love the colors ! That chair is tooooo cute!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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