Monday, March 1, 2010

Guaranteed Good Day!

I don't really talk about my job here on the blog.

But in my day life, I work for a software company.  We design agricultural accounting software for grain elevators, fertilizer & seed dealers, and all the other good mom & pop ag stores we can find throughout the nation.  In the software world, we are serious business.

At this company, I specialize in Accounting - mainly Inventory related Accounting.  Inventory is my baby.  I love me some serious product movement.

Anyway, in my line of work I'm on the phone a lot.  I'm a problem solver and critical thinker.  Our customers call our support line, when they need help.  When they have ran into an "issue" and they need a way out.  That's what I do - I help. 

Often times to help our customers we connect to their computer through the internet and log in and out of different programs & screens.  So it's very often that we may need to ask our customers to share their password with us for this one particular call. 

You know it's a very good day for me, when I get on a conference call with 3 people & I ask our customer their password.  I wonder why they are not just coming out with it and why they seem a bit stand offish to share their password.  I think, are they afraid of security breeches?  What's going on here?

Come to find out - this customer (a high management employee at a very large company) has the password of MonkeyFart.  Yes I said that correctly - MonkeyFart with a capital M on Monkey & capital F on Fart.  This is epic - no legendary (if you are a big How I Met Your Mother fan).  So - there my co-workers and I set with wide eyes in our office looking at each other across the table - trying not to die in hysterics - knowing our customer is also mortified that they shared this information with us, not once but repeated it multiple times with proper spelling.

So - go forth today with the thought - some day you may share your password - would you be embarrassed to share it on a conference call with 3 other people? 


  1. hahahahahahahaha, priceless! oh man, that is perfection right there.
    i used to work at a waterproofing company answering phones and taking information about peoples basement problems and setting up appointments. I'm really great at switching the beginnings of words in a sentence... I was asking a man about his foundation problems and meant to ask the typical question "are your walls bowing?" but of course, being me, i asked "are your balls woeing?" SERIOUSLY. i stopped breathing, apologized and put him on hold so i could DIE laughing and in mortification. point being: be so glad it was them and not you:O)

  2. Thats too funny, I tend to think about those things when i create my "work" passwords. I guess thats one someone figured they couldnt forget!

  3. That is really really funny. and Elise I do the SAME's really bad in class sometimes. One time I meant to say dislike and it came out "dick like" and it was an all boy class *sigh* they couldn't take me seriously after that, and I just about died.

  4. i asked zac his work password so i could add myself to his health insurance during open enrollment. he replied "it's either mother13 or pootystomp007" for real, pooty stomp. what the hell.
    Now, my patients tell me all sorts of shocking, explicit things, so the things i say, are usually just an embarassed responce as opposed to just embarassing on their own. I mean, how do you respond when a patient tells you that the low back pain they have doesn't ever travel down their legs, it causes more sexual dysfunction. (ps..i didn't ask that guy any questions after that)

  5. Oh-that is great!!! Just plain hilarious!

  6. SO funny. You think you know someone---and then they tell you their password :)


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