Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I obsess over spray paint!

I couldn't take it.

I'm obsessive...

so I went to Ace at lunch & got two cans of pink spray paint.  I only needed one I discovered.  I repainted Aubrie's chair tonight outside (outside!!! it was beautiful & light until 7ish!) that I had painted Sunday & posted earlier today here.

I love it now!  It looks like it was meant for her room now!

The turquoise color was brilliant as a starter paint choice because now it is peaking through just perfectly to give it an aged look!!

Oh how I adore beat up furniture!  Most people would toss this baby to the curve - but I like this part of the chair!

For a quick seat cushion - I took a sham from Aubrie's winter bedding out of her close.  I stuffed half of it with a small pillow - voila!

Even Everett adores Aubrie's new chair!  Isn't he pretty!  Such a mini-Jade!  The teddy bear he's loving on - I got when I was five from my Uncle Doug - he's perfectly worn.  I love that Ted Edward bear - Ted E. Bear - I was brilliantly clever at five!


  1. He is pretty but Grandma Janie knows it isn't all from Daddy-His Pa Stuart is pretty cute!!;)

  2. That chair looks great! I like that distressed look. Your kiddos are cuties!Thanks

  3. I have a thing for paint too. decorating in a can!


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