Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Reads

We like books in our home. I absolutely love to read, but I Haven't had as much time since the kids have came along. However, we do read quite a bit of children's books and magazines. I personally prefer my home design magazines & books (thank you Homestyle Books for shipping my hearts desires directly to my door!).  Architectural Digest - yumm!

Everett is wild over the Turtle magazine. He is a surprising child, considering he could care less about learning. He's my child that can count to 10 in Spanish, but can't identify a single color. He also loves to sit with books & read to himself. He does it all the time - his sister never does this!

He really cracks his business up sometimes!

Aubrie has always adored books, this is quite shocking considering she couldn't see them until she was 20 months old. With a prescription of +5.75 it isn't easy to read books up close without your glasses. None the less, she's quite the book worm, only if you read them to her!  Here she's realized that National Geographic
has featured wolves this month, this is a HOT topic to Aubrie Grace.  You see, she has a soft spot for wolves, the big bad wolf AKA Nice Wolf leaves her letters tacked to trees in our woods.

She hearts wolves for the most part and loves a good opportunity to show them off!


  1. I love seeing the kids read :)

  2. Without being able to read there is really not much you can do! I love seeing kids read. I have 4 gold medalists at my house! One is more scientific and mathematical! Who's kid is he anyway??? LOL!
    Sincerely, I have a future teacher of Shakespeare living with me. She is doing her student teaching with her sophomore brothers professor at high school level. He is letting her plan the lessons! WOW! Stop by my place, I will post a wonderful poem. You can share it with the kids as I did with mine!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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