Thursday, March 11, 2010

John Deere Green

Don't tell my Dad, or my husband, but I have a new obsession.

I really really really want, a John Deere Gator.

You see, my Dad has one.  He upgrades it every year, that lucky man! 

Jade borrows it for his surveying business.  He loves it because he isn't sitting butt to crotch on a four wheeler with his business partner all around a construction site.  The thought of this puts me & his partner's wife into hysterics every time we think about it!  So I used it this past weekend to clear all the brush out of my flower beds.  With the push of a button this baby would dump all the junk right into the woods - it was fantastic!

Yes - I went platinum last spring!

My kids ADORE (that word is a serious understatement) Dad's gator.  They love to go on rides around our land - as do I!  Jade drives fast!

Even Aubrie's best friend Millie loves the gator.

Why does John Deere Green have to be such a dreamy color?  I really really want one - I may have to check into this or just keep my Dad's captive.  Hopefully they will be at a price that you can't afford not to own one right?!?  A girl can dream can't she!


  1. We have one....and oh how I love it. Weird to admit that. But the are SO freakin' handy! I would not how how to take out the trash w/o the Gator!!! Ask The Easter Bunny to bring you one!!

  2. And the whole town said the fool shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene...In John Deere green.


  3. Who wouldn't love to ride one of those! So are you going to be able to talk the Mr. into buying the kids (you) one?!


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