Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am a bit of an obsessive person.  I can't relax until all my plans are done.  It drives Jade's nuts!

So in a matter of two weekends, I sewed 7 pillows, I painted my desk turquoise, I redid my master bedroom, I painted Everett's armoire gray, and I painted my kitchen table green.  On top of that, I put out my spring decor, cleaned all the brush out of my flower beds, and freshened up my front porch (the best I can without flowers).  Then, I went shopping & got my kids adorable clothes for the spring and summer.  It's amazing that I slept and ate huh!  Oh and did you know I work full-time?

I am a bit weird, but if I sit down on the weekends - I literally fall asleep on the couch.  I can't help myself!  So I putter around my house non-stop.  I think it's good to take pride in my house & teach my kids the things I know.  They love sitting around watching me paint & they already have a decorating & cleaning bug in them.  I have quickly learned its best to strip them down to their skivvies when I paint because inevitably - they get in the paint. So I let them join me and watch & they enjoy some how "not touching" the work, but getting it all over their bodies!  In all honesty - the times I'm painting with them we have the funniest conversations - my kids crack me up!

What's my next project you ask?
Well I have many!

1.  I want to paint my piano white.  It's from the 70s and in dire need of a make over.  White may not seem like me, but I'm digging it lately & with white woodwork - it will always fit in.  Besides - who wants to paint a piano and in 5 years hate it's color?  White is timeless.

2.  I want to put in either a paver patio or a stamped concrete patio off our back porch.  I want to surround it with herb gardens.  This is right off my kitchen so it'd be perfect!  Lucky for me - my cousins have a decorative concrete & masonry business & my Dad is part owner in a concrete business - score!

3.  I want to landscape our walkout wing walls.  I want to build a pergola or buy some type of gazebo with a chandy in the middle to shade this concrete wasteland.  I also want to put in some pea gravel for the kids to play in as well as a big fire pit.  This is our "party" pad - not that we have any parties, but still.  It's setup with icicle lights to give it some mood.  I bought those amazing galvanized tubs if you remember and I intend to do some work with some more galvanized items to really spruce it up this spring & make it feel less concrete down there.

4.  Jade & I want to build a potting shed.  It needs to be big enough to fit our mower, my lawn furniture in the winter & all my potting supplies.  I envision something really cute - red with white shutters & a window box.  I want it to look more like a playhouse than a potting shed.

Now a lot of these projects require help.  So I expect to get #1 done.  Then number 3 - I at least want the landscaping done.  #4 is really needed.  So pray the weather cooperates as does my husband!
So is anyone out there obsessive like me? Do you dream of a project & die of anticipate for the weekend when you can get it done?


  1. Okay, and I thought I was the energizer bunny. I think I shall pass the torch to you. Oh to be young again....LOL! You work full-time???? Okay now I know you don't sleep and you are one of those who eat a sandwich while you are painting just to make sure you eat for the day...LOL! I love your spunky spirit. Are you sure we're not related??

    P.S. Stop over and see my kitchen I just painted.

  2. You are not alone. I can't sit still either and I am constantly planning what I will do next. I need pojects or I get bored.

  3. Annie, you remind me alot of myself, and especially when my kids were still at home and I was a few years younger than I am now! There seems to be soo many things I'd like to get done these days, and it seems asthough the days just fly by..and Annie, I don't work anymore, so I can't use that as any excuse. I use to do alot of things myself in our home, but I guess my bod has gone into slow mode nowadays.. I'd love to have a sunroom built off our diningroom and kitchen, a shed kind of on the plan of yours, for my hubby's workshop and also to get rid of our yucky looking carpeting throughout our home and get hard wood looking floors installed. I keep saying...Maybe someday..
    It does mean alot when one sees their thoughts and plans come to be, that's for sure! I still find myself nudging my hubby once in awhile..
    I'll definately be posting it on my blog, along with pictures, if any of these ideas ever come to be, that's for sure Annie! ;)
    Have a great day!

  4. I hear you there Lynn. It's good sometimes that the hubs slows me down because our ideas of what we want keep changing. I'm trying to slow myself down too so the outside stuff will be something I really want in 10 years too - it's hard! I just have too many ideas and not enough time :)

  5. I am with you on the falling asleep part! :)
    I love all your projects, and can't wait to see them all happen on your blog! I am rather obsessive about our gardens/outdoor space. Lists, drawings, plans, etc. Hubs rolls his eyes. (but cooperates! LOL)
    Good luck to Jade this summer!

  6. I LIVE for my weekends. I sit at my desk at work and daydream about all the things I want to do when the weekend comes.

    When you paint furniture, do you seal it with anything? I want to paint a desk, but I'm not sure what the best kind of paint to use is.


  7. YOu sound like my mom, she never stops and cannot relax!! Gets a lot done though, she's not happy unless her house is spotless, etc, etc. Your projects sound like fun too though!

  8. We are a lot alike! Before we went to Mexico, my house had to be spotless, all the Spring cleaning done, and extra meals in the freezer. Hubs just laughs at me, *sigh*. Sometimes I think I'm a bit cracked, lol. At least I know I'm not alone!


  9. Paint that piano snow leopard- I know we can do it!!

  10. Holy cow you sound like super woman! Can you come to my house next?

  11. Um...I wish I had your energy. Very inspiring, you are! I'd better get back to work.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Your potting shed idea sounds lovely (this coming from a gal with The Little Red Shop with white shutters. : )


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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