Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get Your Blog On

Back in November, I blogged about our new workspace in our master bedroom here.  However, it didn't end up being as functional as we had hoped.  Jade started working some at home on the weekends, and well he needed a lot more room.  So again I went down to my basement of collected stuff. 

I drug up a much bigger desk & a more comfortable & sturdy chair.  Again, I'm not sure that I'm going to paint this desk.  I actually kind of like it wood.  Which is a bit odd for me, but I think I do like it as it is.  So I'll live with it awhile and see what I think later.  It may get a paint job after all, but we'll see.

He was very pleased with the chair.  Bonus - the printer is no longer on the floor, but actually fits tucked away on the desk.  I wish it was more hidden, but much better than it was before.

This drives me crazy that the cork board is crooked in this photo, but you can see there is much more room with a laptop now.

I just thought I'd feature this box again because it's fabulous & my Mom added more clocks for me - she's wonderful like that!

So what do you think - should I paint that desk or leave it how it is?  If I should paint it - what color?!  I think a turquoise would be a great pop on my green walls - plus I LOVE turquoise, but I have no turquoise in my room right now - I'd have to buy some new throw pillows or bedding.  I have lots of greens, oranges, reds in here right now.


  1. That is awesome, I love the box, the clocks, the desk the chair, totally something I would pick up and love!!~ Your wedding photo is beautiful!

  2. I would oil it. It is dry looking more so than it is in person. Must be the camera. I do like it better than the other one though.

  3. I agree - does seem dry. I have some oil in the basement - maybe I'll try it before I decide to paint.

  4. Paint it, baby. It's what defines you! And I love the aqua idea.

    Also - I think you just inspired a clock collection!

  5. I like it wood :) but maybe you could stencil something sweet on it?

    LOVE the clocks!

  6. OOOhh...I like the desk as is but if you do paint it turquoise would look great, my favorite! Love that box and your clock collection!

  7. Pain it, paint it! I wouldn't have said turquoise, but after you did I think you are right, that might look neat!
    I love all the clocks!


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