Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old McDonald Had A Farm

It's time for me to fess up. 

I've been keeping a secret from some of you, and I know you want in on the scoop so here it is...

I really would like some farm animals on my farm.  Yes, we have cattle, but I need something more.

A dibby dab of these

and these

would suit me nicely.

Now you may be thinking I'm nuts?!  Well, I'm not, although Jade thinks I'm nuts too!  I just can't resist a good goat.  I mean really - twin goats are the cutest things ever!  Plus, our woods are so thick with brush you can't even walk into them.  Several goats and a coyote (where I live we call these ky - oats) kicking donkey & we'd be able to walk through our woods.  Oh and yes - we know a donkey that loves to beat up coyotes.  I would heart my goats & name them sassy names like Franklin, Patricia & Robert.  It would be grand.  Plus, I'd require a gator then to coral my goats right?

And really who doesn't like chickens.  I don't want to be Tyson farms or anything, but say 10 chickens would suit me nicely.  When I worked at Rural King I adored the chickens.  I used to know all their breeds & all about their eggs.  I would move the sick chickens out from the rest & baby them in their own separate tanks.  I was a chicken connoisseur if you will.  Jade & I even ordered 13 chickens.  However, some sneak broke into our fence & ate all of them but one.  The survivor was Connie.  She then moved into our large brick playhouse, and spent her days perched in my hanging baskets.  Her evenings were filled by sitting on Jade's shoulder like a parrot.  She later got ran over by a car.  Perhaps, chickens aren't right for us after all, but gosh I'd like it if they were!


  1. You write the greatest stuff! My oldest son has a thing with goats, he always says "Show me the goat!" I know he is weird!

    Those coyotes are kicking up a fuss all over. I saw in my back yard last spring and I heard they are back i full force. Someone told me to carry wasp spray it will keep your attacker at bay so you can get away! I may stock up cause the coyote4s here are out in packs!

  2. I forgot about the chicken that rode on his shoulder. You didn't mention Terry the duck!

  3. it's all about justifying that gator, eh;o)
    i too would love some chickens... although that wouldn't go over very well in my subdivision!
    Poor little Connie:O(

  4. Me too! Are those baby goats, or baby miniature goats? So cute. I also want a miniature donkey and a pot belly pig. My very own petting zoo. My hubby is not totally sold on it, though. Actually, not even a little bit sold! Maybe one day.

  5. those little goats are way too cute!

  6. Aww I want some chickens too! And a pig and a few more dogs. And a farm house to go with it. It is so cute that your chicken used to sit on your husbands shoulder, I love that.


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