Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keep Your Silver Safe

QVC always has the goods...

If you are any kind of jewelry addict like me you love their Diamonique - google it - you need some.  You also REALLY need this jewelry cabinet.  At this price, you seriously can't afford not to buy it (feel free to quote this to your husband anytime you get one heck of a buy).

(Prepare yourself - you are walking into my closet - it's pretty organized, but in now way is a closet like mine pretty!)

*Please see the height chart to the right - I LOVE this - it's amazing how fast my babies grow!  Yes that top line is me & I added an extra inch to it to make people think I'm thinner!*

First, this thing is lined with a silver safe keeper.  That's right ladies - your jewelry won't tarnish in this baby.  Secondly, it's a full sized mirror - nice I know!  Top it off with the fact that it easily mounts to your wall, locks, & looks like a mirror - no one really knows what's inside.

Until now...

I have a fair amount of jewelry, but this baby isn't even full!  My mom's cabinet, well she could have 2 of these - shocking I know!  Share the love Mom - purge some of that jewelry to me!


  1. Come over and pick out some things . There are very few I won't part with yet. The rest is up for grabs.... but get here before Abbie and Maggie!!

  2. tell my husband this for mother's day. and maybe have him shop mom's cabinet too :)

  3. That is gorgeous! I think if I got one I would want to by more jewelry though-ha!

  4. Do you get commission for this blog post lol??

  5. HOLY cow, girl! that's a lot of jewelry!
    that's a really neat idea!

  6. Did you make this mirror cabinet or buy it? I need one for my daughter asap!

  7. oops, I just saw the link. Thanks. I've never seen anything like it before.
    What a great idea.


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