Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something To Get Excited About

I am really excited...I'm really excited about my church!  Last year I was so upset because they canceled Saturday night service.  We went to it all the time because Sundays are just really hectic for us.  My husband is a work-a-holic and so is my Dad.  They do firewood, feed cattle, tear down old barns, built my house - all of these things happen 7 days a week.  It was just really hard to get to church on a Sunday morning.

So last year - we weren't so good attendance wise.  Church started at 8:15 which meant I had to have my kids fed & dressed & out the door by 7:45 b/c church is 30 minutes away in Effingham.  Our other option was 11:15 church which then got out at 12:45.  So by that time most of the day was gone, and my kids were bawling grouchy messes b/c they eat lunch around 11:30.  I know excuses excuses, but it just made going to church more of a chore than a joy sometimes.

So they just announced a new service!  Hooray a brand new service just for us!  It starts at 9:45 and runs until 10:55.  I am just beyond words happy about this.  We can actually sleep in a bit on Sunday, but still get to church & have most of our day to work on chores as well! 

The day Everett was dedicated

I go to New Hope in Effingham.  This church is contemporary, casual, and they put a huge focus on the youth.  It is just filled with young couples & people so excited to come together for the Lord.  I love going.  The music is fabulous - it's like a rock concert every Sunday & I nearly cry every Sunday!  (I don't know why being a Mom makes me cry at American Idol & church services, but it does.)  Then to top it off, our pastor is amazing.  He teaches out of the bible.  Real bible verses up on the screen, not a secret agenda that is about him, his relationship with God, and his holy marriage (I've had that before & I really don't need to hear about how rigteous some other pastors marriage is.  I do think it's important, but gosh I want to learn about the Bible).  Anyway, Pastor Van really talks about God and Jesus!  He's funny - he's really funny actually and I enjoy learning from him.  He's unexpected in a good way & you can tell the church loves him as the leader.

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I always dreamed I'd find a church to bring my children to that would be fun and nurturing.  Well this church made it their mission statement to focus on the youth.  They have a group focused on 5th and 6th grade (b/c most kids commit to God at age 12) & they have the entire group (300+ kids) do alter calls - that's amazing!  Then - they get even bigger with One Eighty!  They have an entire facility for teens.  They do Saturday night worships out there and have a huge teen following (imagine 8:15 church with the front 5 rows filled up with teens - that's unheard of!)  They definitely are doing something right here.

I am so excited about the new service & I want to work hard this year to get my family to most of those services.  I know it's important in our marriage & important to my children so it's my job to get us there - even if that means pop tarts in the car!

So - if you live around here and are looking for a place to try out - give it a try - I love it and you may too!


  1. i'm so excited for 9:45 too! i'm tell you the sunday they played switchfoot, was AMAZING! it really sounded like you were at a switchfoot concert. PV is a great pastor and i LOVE their focus. "Strengthening families through the NEXT generation of Christ" Go kids! Kylie and I were bad at attending last year too, but this year with a new time, we plan on going every Sunday.

  2. I'm so glad you all are excited and making it a goal to go every Sunday! That's so exciting :)

  3. It feels great when you really love your church--it has so much to do with the vision and the people--and it really helps when you are surrounded by sincere believers! I'm so glad that you guys have that in your church home :)

  4. what blessing to have a great church family!
    I hope that the new service is great for continued growth and depth in your congregation! we are getting ready to add another morning service-- a grand total of 4 on Sundays-- i'm a little nervous about the chaos!!!
    2010 is going to be an exciting year:O)

  5. I am so excited for you! We just recently found a church that sounds exactly like yours!! We LOVE it!!


  6. That's great! I prefer the 5:30 Saturday service at our Church.

  7. Save me a seat this Sunday.. I greet between the second two and I have hated sitting alone on those Sundays. Dad and I are sticking with the 8:15 though, we love it.

  8. It really means a bunch when one can go to a church that they really like, and at the hours that really can fit their schedule.. Our church starts at 10AM and is over by 11AM.. I like these hours, as my husband, grown son and I always make it a family time of getting together and having after church lunch together. With church getting over before noon, we find that we usually don't have any waiting in line time at the restaurants.. as most of the time we get seated with no waiting, which makes it soo nice when one is really hungry!


  9. YAY! So glad that you got a time for worship and fellowship with your church! Kids need that as much as we do. :)

  10. I know what it's like to get kids ready for church - shoes, socks, What denom. are you? I'm glad you found a service that works.

  11. Being a part of a church family is so important, and your sweet little wee ones are very fortunate to be at the center of a family that places God first.

    Have a wonderful, blessed Friday!

  12. Kim it's just a Christian church - non-denominational - they love everyone that comes so it's fantastic! Plus, you don't get that staring look if you are new and walk in - I used to hate that about my old church :)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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