Monday, February 1, 2010


Saturday I went junking with my two sisters in hopes for great finds for myself as well as Ethel Edith.  Well there definitely was success! 

My sisters & I were kicking ourselves for not taking pictures of this place, but it was an unheated top level of a very old building.  The roof was all slanted boards, and missing quite a few pieces to the ceiling.  It was definitely a hot spot to say the least.

I came home with these babies...

I paid $31 total for these two large galvanized tubs.  I was thrilled to say the least - I love anything that could potentially give me tetanus!

The plan came from the lovely Mary.  I think I'm going to fill these up with lights & large branches for my party patio.  It's full sun out there & usually a concrete wasteland.  I have a hard time keeping plants alive out there, however branches won't die on me!  I already have Christmas lights for night lighting & I have a few more galvanized tubs to fill with flowers.  I think I have a great plan in mind so far!

I also scored this bad boy for $3.

I know here you are thinking - why?!?  Well my Mom has one, and let's just say it looks IDENTICAL to someone I know and love very much.  He's an older man & it just cracks us up that it looks just like him.  So this is going in with my salt & pepper shaker collection.  I couldn't pass it up.

Beyond this, we had a great day meeting some blogging friends for lunch.  Then, a trip to TJ Maxx always tops off the day in a nice way.  I have new bath towels - woot woot!  It was an overall great day.  Please go over to Ethel Edith to see more of our adventures!



  1. I would love to see what you are doing with those tubs!

  2. Hey Annie, When I first started housekeeping 46 years ago, I had an old wringer galvanized washer and two galvanized tubs like these to use for my wash day!! Oh my goodness I had forgot all about them till today!! Thanks for the memories!!

    Are you going to plant some pretty flowers in these? With them being so deep, I think they'd do good if you decided to.. I need something like them for my hubby to plant a small garden in.. like peppers, tomatoes, and different cooking herbs.. Wouldn't that be just sooo handy to have out on one's patio... just open the back door and VIOLA... there sits your little garden of veggies!! Now how neat is that!! I can't wait to hear and see what you have planned for using them!

    Have a wonderful day and week too!! I love coming and visiting here with you on your blog..


  3. Lynn - I'm debating on flowers or huge branches with lights on them that I can leave out year round. I tend to kill flowers on that patio b/c it gets so hot! However, I do love the idea of a little garden right off my porch. We had a little herb garden like that last year and it was fantastic! Thanks for coming by and visiting!

  4. Those tubs with ferns ... LOVE it!

  5. oh and little bobby man ... love as well.

  6. I'm almost POSITIVE that Abbie and I had a complete collection of those California Raisins while we were in middle school. In fact, I think I have a picture of the two of us holding them at a volleyball game or something! When I saw your pic of one, I thought she still had them...

    PS: My vote for the tubs...use em as plant containers! Ferns are easy!

  7. Hi, just wanted to leave a quick comment. I am newer to your blog, and no I am not one of the Anonymous you mentioned in a recent post. I wanted to say you have some really cute stuff in your etsy store and did you find some great stuff at TJ Maxx's ?



Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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