Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiny Farmer

Everett is my tiny farmer.  He comes from a long line of farmers & rough & tough men.  He got his name from my dearly beloved Grandfather - Everett.  (This is the crazy old man that smoked lots of cigars, always carried a green coffee thermos, and lovingly called Jade a pussy - he was a riot).  My Everett's Pa Stuart (my Dad) is also a grain & cattle farmer.  Everett will truly learn from the best, and as soon as he's potty trained - I think he'll go with his Pa a lot more often.  Who doesn't enjoy a fast gator ride in the woods with cows chasing them for feed?

Second, to his love of all things cattle & tractors, is trucks.  He adores anything on wheels & his favorite activity is scooting around trucks or tractors around the staircase.  He'd do it for hours.  So his room is a truck & equipment bedroom painted barn red & topped off with denim tab curtains hooked like bibs.

I love his bed.  It's heavy duty & large.  It came out of the top of my Mom's shed.  Don't you love amazing finds that are free!  When we got it, it was very discolored & in poor shape so we spray painted it a bright yellow.  It works well in his room and he loves his bed.  He even likes to "fake" getting stuck between the slats so he can yell for help.  He's something else my friends!

These pillows are his favorites!  The square one was handmade by the lovely Jillian.  He also adores the large stuffed tractor & concrete truck.  His Pa Stuart has many tractors & is part owner in a concrete company - very fitting for Everett Mason's room.  He even scoots these pillows around like they have actual wheels!

Here is another fox, an old metal box I adore, a bulldozer just like his Pa's & a collection of bed time reads.  Top that off with an old traffic sign & he's thrilled.  Don't you love this antique old paint gray table?  I do!

This cubby side table holds some more of his collections.  Old toy tractor pieces, an old metal truck I adore, and his Cardinal pitcher bobble head - (what's with my kids LOVING these?).  I also heart this old gray side table - it's a true antique with old paint - fabulous!

This is Everett's armoire.  I'm really in a personal debate with myself on this one.  Like everything else wood in my home.  To paint or not to paint - I'm just mulling it over still.  It used to be Maggie's & the thought of painting it for some reason scares me a bit since it's been this way in my family for so long.  However, I think it'd be really amazing in another color & perhaps more me.  It's very handy though.  It holds a lot of clothes & the right side could eventually fit a small TV on a shelf.  It's topped off with some vintage suitcases for more storage & a hard hat from his Pa.

I hope you enjoyed Ev's bedroom.  It is one of the rooms in my home that I feel needs the most work, but as I'm out junking I always tend to find him some more treasures to add to his spunky collections & personality.

PS - Post Update - I have painted the armoire - check it out here!  Fabulous!


  1. I Love, love, love his room! So cute.

  2. To paint or not to paint, that is the question. Ya, I have a hard time with that myself. I do however, love the color of the table and cubby. Awesome grey blue...a hit for me.

  3. Both of the kids rooms are adborable! Everything looks so perfect together.

  4. I am now debating painting his armoire the blue of the table at the link below. We painted a dresser this blue with black knobs for Ethel Edith and I'm absolutely in LOVE with it. Maybe that's what I need to do. Thoughts??

  5. Paint that armoire! I am loving all of that little-boy chippery. Great room!

  6. I say boo to you Abbie. I think I may paint it if Mom approves. If Mom does not approve - I may get rid of the armoire and steal the blue dresser from Ethel Edith for Everett's room because I'm in love with it - in a bad - weird demented - I love furniture way!

  7. what a fun, all boy, room!
    hm... i think maybe the dresser is the way to go... either way, it looks great!

  8. Sweet little Everett! :-)
    Now is this "man-sized poo" Everett? What a room he has, lucky little future farmer.

    I'd paint it!


  9. awwwwwwwww, this is precious!!! I truly love that bed! Great pics ;) xoxo LA

  10. Love this room, the bed is so fun in bright yellow!

  11. Mom says paint paint paint- It is yours now!!

  12. i love his bed too--- my old white wrought-iron one that i used that was a grandma's before that is still in my parent's basement - when i go home, it's on my to-do list to look into shipping it to CA for izzy's next bed --
    also, i'd be torn on that armoire - kind of like the look with just the wood - but can imagine color as well -- decisions decisions.

  13. Both of your kids rooms are so cute! So many perfect personal touches! I love seeing where kids "special space"'s where they feel at home :)

  14. Love his room and I especially love that metal box, so cool!
    I have this same debate about several things I want to paint in my house...all antiques that belonged to my husband's family, not mine. It would look really good painted blue though....: ) !!!!

  15. What a great room! I so miss little boy rooms. Mine are all past that phase now. And, the age old paint or not to paint. It's a tough one. When we bought our china cabinet, the antique store owner barged over to where my husband and I were whispering about painting it (beautiful oak) and demanded, "are you thinking about painting this?". Ummmmm, maybe? We painted it anyway and I love it! I love the shape of your armoire....I say paint.


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