Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My First Give Away!!

I have been busy crafting.  I'm working on some cute magnets for our spring show for Ethel Edith.

Since I'm nearing 50 followers - I have put together 3 choices of magnets & the winner gets to choose which set they would like.

Choice #1 - The Mother Set

Choice #2 - Vintage Buttons

Choice #3 - All About Food

The Rules To Enter (there have to be some rules right?!?):

1.  Leave a comment with your choice, your email address if it's not on your profile, and something unique or funny about yourself.
2.  You don't have to, but you can become a follower for an extra entry - just leave a second comment that you are now a follower.
3.  You can blog about it for an extra entry - leave a comment with the link to the blog.
4.  You can tweet about it for an extra entry - again leave a comment for me if you do this.  PS - I'm areid1982 in twitter land.

Contest ends Sunday, February 14th.
Happy commenting!  PS - Abbie, Maggie, & Mom - you are in no way eligible to win - plus I gave you all magnets & that would be greedy of you ;).  For the rest of you - I wish you luck b/c Amy at The Lemon Cottage tends to win a lot - I don't know how, but she's a lucky chick - she wins all the give aways over at Lola B's!


  1. OOOOH! exciting! I choose food magnets!
    something funny about me?
    I entered the Ms. Teen Illinois competition when I was 17. And I made it to the top 15 girls out 175. yep. haha.

  2. LOL!
    I have been lucky enough to win twice over there. ;)
    Cute projects! When is your spring show?
    Snow day here, no sitter= no work for me today! (Hooray!) I've got to get a post done.
    Hope all is well,

  3. Oh! I love the Mother Together Kids Magnets! Thanks for the opportunity!
    I will keep my mouth shut about those boots ;)

  4. Loving the Mother Together Kids Magnets!!! Something funny-- hmmm well it's not about me but about my son and it made me laugh!! Does that count?!! Drake was just eating a hot dog and he comes in here and says look mom-- a naked walking hot dog!! I looked and he had peeled the skin off the hot dog and cut it down the middle to make it look like it had legs!! I laughed so hard at him!!

  5. I sooooo luv the "mother set"...cute idea for a giveaway:) Thanks for coming by and the sweet comment...60lbs...way to go...I sure hope I can do as well as you did.


  6. I'm a follower...and I have put your button on my sidebar:)


  7. The mother set is my fav too! Of course I am a follower, love reading your blog.

  8. Hi Annie!
    What a sweet giveaway! The mother set is my favorite! I am a follower, and I will post your giveaway on my blog..


  9. I adore the All About Food{go figure};}
    I happened upon your blog and am a new follower!
    I don't know if it is funny, but I read your post about man poop; it is something about boys, my son knew he had to go bc when he had to do #2 he would leave the presence of others and hide behind a couch etc. do his business and then come back out like nada happened. He really wanted a creepy bake oven, so I bought it put it up on the toilet and told him that if he wanted it he would have to go potty in there, yeah the box had bite marks, little tears and was a little worse for wear, but he used the potty!!
    So that's maybe what you need to do- put some dance shoes up there in a box{fort knox style} and tell him if he wants them he has to use the big boy potty;}{can't guarantee this, don't get mad and want your money back if this doesn't work)teehee
    I hope to see ya soon~

  10. Crap, I never said I was good at directions;}
    I am following your blog;}
    Next time I will read the fine print!

  11. Chacoy - I may have to try the dance shoes! He even loves trains so I told him he'd get a train too, but darn him he won't do it! Hopefully soon he will :)


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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