Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never Too Young To Collect

Aubrie's room is one of my favorite rooms.  I don't know why, I think because it's so girly and this girl has some wonderful collections.  Things I have collected and handed to her for her future home.  I figure it is never too young to start collecting & decorating.  She feels the same way & loves to tell me when I have poorly decorated something, or when she LOVES something I have done!

She loves this monkey & her bedding - so do I!  Even better is her old iron bed - it's fabulous!

She wanted to pose in this picture.  Her pjs are the best - thanks Mom!  She's pretty sweet too - see that Care Bear - she's taking it back 80's style - she LOVES the Care Bears!  She has a lot of old vintage floral prints in her room - I love them!  She's also rocking a Cardinals pitcher statue on the top of that corner cabinet - she loves it and it cracks me up!

This shelf is great in pink & it holds so many treasures.  I love the old baby pictures & the old shoes.  The button planter is my favorite, but I also love the old baby cup too!  Sorry the coloring of this photo is a bit odd.

Here is an up close and personal with the button planter - isn't it fabulous - I know it really is! 

This cabinet is actually 2 pieces - they didn't come together, but they look like they were made for each other.  This holds Aubrie's prized collections.  She started a snow globe collection - see them on top - yep Ev can't reach those babies!  I also have a stork plate on the wall & in my pink bathroom (it also holds a baby collection - I have a large 2' stork - LOVE!)

That little sign says - "My Prince Did Come, His Name Is Daddy"  Jade adored it when she got it as a gift - I love it too!

I used to collect elephants of all kinds.  I have always loved elephants - why I do not know.  So Aubrie now keeps my collection in her room & loves them too.  See the Little Fox book - my maiden name is Fox - too perfect!  You'll see little foxes a lot in my home.

I also have a fairly decent sized baby collection that Aubrie keeps for me.  I adore these things.  Two old vintage baby books, a cross from her baptism day & baby boot planters.  They are all perfect collections for a tiny shabby chic little girl.

So this was an up close & personal view of Aubrie's collections.  I hope you love them as much as she does.  To see more of her room, visit here.


  1. i love that button planter. hopefully mom has another around somewhere. if she does sisters....I call it (hahaha)

  2. cute!
    and i too love those jammies!
    where are they from?

  3. Good luck with that Abbie - I think Mom bought it as a gift for Aubrie at her baby shower. Mom or one of her friends I think anyway. You could probably make one though if you could find the right buttons & bobbles.

  4. That is one lucky girl! She has quite an awesome room...we need to take her to a flea market! I found with my nieces they are never to young...and they are so cute they get great deals! ;o) ~mary~

  5. jammies are from Target and Grandma has a matching pair! I'll try to get more button planters.. I have 1 more.

  6. she is so stinkin' precious.
    (and hilarious)

    And her room is perfect :)

  7. wow -- i love her room! i have several of those old planters too that i have in my girls' room -- i love the hutch you created -- i just love vintage period so this room is just adorable!
    hey - we are coming home to decatur for three weeks in march - til april -- want to meet at the museum or something and get the kids together? i'd love to meet you and have some mom chat! let me know!

  8. what sweet vintage goodness.
    her room is adorable.

    i love decorating my aubrie's room too.

    we can get away with such girly stuff there!


  9. Thank you everyone! Aubrie too adores her bedroom :)

  10. OOOH, I am in love with this room! I love her bed and that cabinet, fantastic!In my little Charlotte's bedroom we have one of those elephant planters, that little Fox book and she has those same owl pj's from Target! : ) Great room, so much cuteness in there!

  11. Just adorable Room! i love her bedroom,i love the touch of pink, looks pretty vintage design, thanks for sharing. :)


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