Friday, November 6, 2009

A Place To Rest Their Heads

Aubrie's Abode
This is a quick snapshot of Aubrie's bedroom.  It's super girly and filled with old treasures.  It's a bright cornflower blue that she adores.  The highlight of this room is her new pink dresser.  Maggie spotted this while we were out junking.  It was - not joking - $40!  We about peed our pants when the man said it. 

Then he said - it needs a lot of work!  Ummm yeah no thank you!  We love it pink with showing blue paint.  It's fabulous!  I put some new shelf liners in the drawers so it's perfect.  Aubrie was so excited!  Cracks me up that my 4 year old is into decorating - she really really is!  Start them young!

Everett's Escape
My absolute favorite thing in Everett's room is so small and silly!  It's this metal blue truck.  I don't know why I'm so drawn to it, but I just am.  Perhaps it's because Everett was named after my Grandpa - a farmer.

It just looks like an old farm truck so it was perfect in Ev's room.  He has a barn red paint, a bright yellow metal bed, and a love of trucks & tractors.  My mom gave me two tractor prints that once belonged to my Grandpa as other artwork - I love those as well.

We hung a big old rusty sign in his room that is another perfect touch for 2 year old that is destined to be farm-boy!

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