Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf

I have mentioned that my Mom often sparks creativity in Aubrie.  Aubrie is also convinced that we have a big bad wolf & a "nice" wolf living in our woods. 

To give you some house background - we live on 7.5 acres, but it's next to my Dad's pastureland which is 100+ more acres.  We have neighbors, but not close, and we live in a peninsula of land that goes back into the woods.  It's gorgeous, but if you are afraid of big bad wolves - it's not ideal.

Aubrie was terrified that the big bad wolf was out in our woods just waiting to get her.  So my genious mother convinced Aubrie that they should write a letter to the big bad wolf asking him to leave.  So they did - Aubrie informed him that she had talked with the mayor & the sheriff & he had to move out immediately!  Aubrie proudly hung it on this tree in the woods.

While she napped my super Mom snuck back out to the woods & removed the note.  In its place she hung a note that the big bad wolf had written back to Aubrie.  It told her that he was a nice wolf and loved her and that he would move since the mayor & sheriff had requested so.

Aubrie was THRILLED when she woke up to find out that
A.  He had written her back and
B.  He was moving!

She still talks about the big bad wolf, but now she talks about how nice he is and how he has moved.  Thanks Grandma Janie!


  1. Annie - this story is HILARIOUS!!! I read it to Russ and called my sister-in-law and read it to her! My niece, Katie, swears there is a monster in her bedroom, so I thought Heather could use your mom's tactic. Absolutely LOVE IT!!

  2. Thank you! It is pretty hilarious! Aubrie believes almost anything right now, and she truly remembers stuff from when she was 2 1/2 so this type of thing works every time!


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