Thursday, November 12, 2009


My Aubrie Grace is a dreamer.  She adores stories and has quite the imagination.  You can tell her anything and she's sold on the idea, and she'll talk about it for hours.  My Mom is the same way, and together they are quite the pair!

Aubrie has a new fascination with fairies.  She believes there is a fairy named Pixie that watches over her and Everett while they sleep.  She loves to go outside in the summer nights to shine a flashlight believing that the moths flying at the light are fairies.  She even thinks that when my mom lightly taps the windchime that the fairies are coming to her.  It's so cute to watch because she just gets so very excited!

For awhile I have been eyeing terrariums on Etsy.  I saw this this today and immediately thought of Aubrie.  How beautiful would this be in her bedrooms with this fairy house in the terrarium as well.  It would just make her imagination go wild!  Maggie just recently purchased some huge jars when we were out junking so I'm hoping perhaps she'll gift one to me so I can create Aubrie a beautiful fairy jar!

I hope Aubrie continues to be a dreamer and keeps her creative imagination as she grows.  It seems like so many people lose that as they become adults, but the ones that keep it transform into truly unique and inspirational people.  They also make wonderful decorators - like my Mom!  She sparks the imagination in my children because she still has it herself!  It makes her home so unexpected and cozy.  It is a haven.  It's full of treasures and super cool finds - all with a story.  Hopefully in the near future I can feature the house I grew up in for you all to see.  It's eye candy trust me!


  1. those are pretty cute, but i can do better. just wait till i get done with a giant jar. aubrie's going to die! pixie and her pixie dust come to life!

  2. oh yeah! I can't wait to see what you come up with - Aubrie will die over it!!


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