Tuesday, November 24, 2009


OK you guys will probably think I'm nuts, but I NEED  treehouse.  No not for my kids - they wouldn't appreciate it!  However, Jade & I would love one!  We bought the neatest book ever at our last visit to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.  It's all about Treehouses all over the world.  I couldn't find the exact book we purchased, but this gives you an idea of what we want to build.

It detailed the interiors & how to build them.  It was soooo very interesting!  Great coffee table book & future dream of ours.  Until then - I told Jade we will be collecting old scraps & old windows to create our paradise in the trees.

We have the perfect location with lots of trees & open air.  Plus, no one will know it's there - except you readers b/c you've read this ;)  Trust me ladies - if I ever get this done - it will have electricity, will be painted super cute on the outside, and the inside I think will be all white!  Just for you Mary - I'll be absolutely loving it & I will know that my black dogs and messy kids can't destroy any of it!!!


  1. that sounds fabulous! you can decorate it all the time with the different styles you like because it will less expensive to change all of the decor!

  2. Holy cow! That is one fabulous tree house, I have to say! I had one at my paren't farm when I was growing up, and I LOVED it. No stairs, you could only get up with by walking backwards up the slide or by climbing a rope! It was perfect because none of the adults were agile enough to get up there! heehee! I think you should build one, and show us step-by-step! ~mary~

  3. It's in the plans! I think we have to build a 2nd garage first b/c my love of junk is taking over the basement in a bad way! We are going to start collecting found items for our future project. At least Jade is in on this plan - it's usually just me with crazy antics! It will be fabulous and I can't wait! Whenever we actually get it done I'll be sharing. I may even host a tea party so you can all enjoy it with me ;)

  4. I totally get you! I LOVE treehouses as well. Ever since I watched Swiss Family Robinson :) Very nice!

  5. Oh geez I forgot about Swiss Family Robinson on this post - one of my most favorite childhood movies. I REFUSE to leave Disney World before I go in the treehouse there. I am so happy you guys all get me!


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