Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ten Things I'm Uber Thankful For

I thought since it is Thanksgiving - except in my home - I would share with my devoted readers the 10 top things I'm thankful for in my life:

1.  My salvation - because I believe in Jesus - I will have an eternal life.

2.  My husband - I have loved him and grown up with him since age 14.  We think alike, we laugh alot, we bicker, but we always have fun together.  We are a team & I look forward to a lifetime with him.  Plus - he built my house.  He's handy, and he's not too hard on the eyes!  As my family says - he's Man Pretty.  He is the only thing that helps when I have a bad day.  Super cheesy, but he completes me.

3.  My kids - they stress me out.  They don't always appreciate me, and they create a lot of work.  However, they make me so happy.  Their actions & words never fail to crack me up.  So many nights I have to turn my head at the dinner table to laugh at their inappropriate antics - I can't help it!  They are super sweet & I love that they still love to kiss & hug.  Everett just started to say I love you on his own.  Your own babies melt your heart.  I never dreamed being a Mom would be this great, but it is!

4.  My Mom & Ruby my mother in law - They keep my kids 4 days a week.  They rotate days and spend all day wiping butts, picking up toys, and cleaning up the house.  They provide endless hours of entertainment & educational learning for my two kids.  Since I can't be home full-time they are the next best thing.  Shoot they raised me and Jade & did a great job!  My kids wouldn't be 1/4 of who they are today without these two amazing women.  My kids are crazy, loud, hysterical and over the top - much like these two Moms!  They do anything for Jade & I and I don't think they have any idea how grateful we are to have them in our lives!

my mamajade's mama

5.  My Dad - he's one tough man.  He's big and strong, but he's such a sweet heart.  He treats my mom like a princess - love notes and everything - people would shocked to hear that.  He is a farmer & has work ethic like no one I know.  He can do any job all by himself, but he truly enjoys mentoring young boys and turning them into helpful men - just like my hubby & brother in laws.  He's a great grandpa & I couldn't be more lucky to have him in my life.  As he has said many a times - he'd walk through a mower blade for us girls - there is an actual tractor title of what that thing is called, but I can't remember it - and he truly would.  *Jade's Dad Rick is fantastic too - I'm also thankful for him*

nothing is better than a pa on a fast gator!!

6.  My sisters - they are my best friends & my business partners.  We tease each other to no end and team up 2 against 1.  We have so much fun together and laugh until I snort - literally.  I can't imagine my life without them - it really wouldn't be the same.  They are fabulous each in their individual ways.  They help me out when I need it.  They are to die for Aunts!  What more could I ask for?

what an old picture of them, but they are still just as weird

7.  My two best friends - Melissa & Elly - I rarely get to see them, but it doesn't change a thing.  It's like we saw each other yesterday every time.  We crack each other up and know all of each others secrets.  They have become beautiful & amazing grown women with some of the sweetest children ever.  I wish I got to see them both every week!  They make me a better person & I adore them both for very different reasons!

melissa center, Elly at the right - they are too pretty!

8.  My house - it's totally my personality.  We built it from the ground up and dreamed about every stinking detail in it.  It's not made for other people, but made for us.  The floor plan is perfect as are my insane colors and weird decor.  I know it's not typical, but that's why I love it.  It's our home.  It's where I used to camp in high school.  I love the land it is on.  Even better - some day both my sisters will build homes in the woods next to us.  Can you imagine anything better than being neighbors with your sisters?  I can't wait for Fox Crick - as I joke to be a reality.  And yes I know it's creek, but when you life in BFE - crick is a real word!

9.  My complete family - I have a huge family.  I have at least 100 family members.  Jade has a smaller family I'm also very thankful for.  We all live pretty much close to each other and those who don't we are still very close to.  We grew up treating our cousins as brothers & sisters.  We can lean on them whenever we need a helping hand.  I can't put into words how helpful my family was when we built.  They are hard-working and continue to teach it to their children.  I am very blessed.  I was very close with several of my grand-parents - hence the kids' names.  I can't imagine life without the memories of them.  I can always picture Gpa Everett with his green thermos & black snow suit with the butt burned off b/c he got too close to the salamander heater,  Aubrey with his blue pants & his hats - he was such a sweet man, and Blanche playing cards and cursing to get Colby all worked up.  It's seriously endless, but they shaped who I am today, and for that I thank them.

10.  My future - it's very bright.  We have some SUPER exciting news to share in the next few weeks with the world.  And no Mom or sisters - I'm definitely not pregnant.  I'll leave you all hanging on this b/c I can't put into words how excited Jade & I are.  Our life is moving up and improving year after year and we share it together.  Hooray!

So I ask my readers - what are you most thankful for?


  1. thanks for making me cry you stink butt!
    i'm thankful for you sister and your husband. he's truly is like my brother. he's been in my life more than not, and i love him. your kids are fantastic and i love how much they love me. you have a wonderful family and a beautiful house and i love you so much. xoxo

  2. What a great post! I am thankful for so many of the same things! There are just too many to is good! ~mary~


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