Thursday, November 5, 2009

Home On The Range

I thought I'd give you a fall view of our home.  We have done lots of landscaping this year.  It's been really a new interest for Jade and me.  I NEVER knew I would love trees like I do.  Again - I'm a weirdo.  We have went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens two times just this year - mainly in awe of the trees & hanging baskets - seriously it's to die for gardening there!  We have purchased all kinds of landscaping books, planted gobs of trees (a new favorite is the American Beech tree - we don't have it yet, but oh man we're dying to get one), and we've finished the East side & North sides of our home.  The south side - that you see here we paid to have landscaped - our big splurge - we wanted to make the front right b/c we can always move our own diasters around later!  Spring 2010 will be a tough one for us!  We have plans for a cute brick paver patio off our back porch, and a fire pit/landscaping dream off our walk-out basement patio!  Lots of work and achy muscles are in our future!  We can't wait!
See tiny Trudie in the picture - she's fabulous!  Also - did you know RED was my favorite color?  Who knew!

Here is a view of our front porch.  It's all falled up right now.  I have a love of all things gourd-geous - ha ha I'm an idiot!  It's actually covered in hundreds of dead asian beetles right now.  I have to literally get out the leaf blower once a week to get rid of them it's disgusting!  I'm very anxious for Christmas - I can't wait to get out the wreaths and lights!  I LOVE Christmas!
Also - super big thanks go out to my cousins - they are masons & did the stone work for us - I love them like brothers!  They even included a plaque with our family name & anniversary by the garage - what a wonderful surprise from them!  If you need a mason or concrete work - they are the best!!


  1. I love the red! Very classic and midwest! The yard looks awesome - it will be so beautiful when the trees grow and fill in!

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait for our trees to get big. We planted about 20 this year! We hand picked them for their spring or fall colors since I'm obsessed with the trees! We have a lot of trees, but we're on an island peninsula in them. I should have taken some pics of the views around us - very open and pretty - maybe a future blog :) I can't wait for everything to fill in so we look like we've lived here longer and we don't have that new house look!

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog! I have enjoyed reading yours and have to tell you, I LOVE the red of your house. I gre up in the country in a red brick house. I am now redoing my foreclosed bargain in town- I have a link to it on our business blog.


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