Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playing Doctor

This is a funny one.  My mom & mother-in-law keep my kids for me 4 days a week & they go to daycare once a week.  Like I have mentioned before, we keep a journal of the "kidisms" so we can remember the funny things they say or big things they do in 20 years.

Just recently my mom called me cracking up.  She said that she was playing doctor with Aubrie.  They have a play medical set where you can use a stethoscope, fake bandaids - all that good stuff that we all had as kids.  Well Aubrie claimed to have a fever so my mom as the good doctor checked her out.  Aubrie then thought maybe my mom had a fever.  She insisted that she should take Mom's temperature & blurted out "Grandma - open up your butt!"  Ha ha!  I seriously haven't used a rectal thermometer on my kids since they were babies.  I invested in a handy dandy ear thermometer after I had Everett.  Yet again - Aubrie remembers EVERYTHING!  Too funny!

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