Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween & Furniture Moving Madness!

My kids were sooo very excited about Halloween this year.  It was fun as a parent to experience for the first time.  Yes, they have been trick or treating before, but now that Aubrie is approaching 4 so many things are actually like firsts to her b/c she actually knows what's going on!  So in honor of the day, they both like twinks, wore matching shirts all over town!

That night, Aubrie could hardly contain her excitement.  We had to do fairy makeup and fairy hair!  She was so stinking cute!  I had a blast too getting her all fairied up!

Everett wants to do everything his big sister does.  So - he had to wear eyeshadow too!  Luckily it worked out with his costume.  He also had a black tooth, but you couldn't really see it in any pictures.  He was so excited about the candy!  He LOVED it!

Here is your enjoyable kid story for the day.  Everett is starting to potty train...can you hear the trumpets sounding when I said that?  He actually is instigating it this time - amazing!  He tells me when he needs to go, and it's always a mad dash to a bathroom.  This weekend he needed to go at a store.  I have never in my life been around a little boy potty training, nor a little boy in a public restroom.  Good lord, it's nothing like little girls and it's HARD!  I got him on the potty - it's not easy to get the boys' junk pointed in the right direction with his hands not touching the potty!  We had success and he went, however it shot right out the toilet crack, down his pull up, and all over my knee.  So for the rest of the day, I had pee knee, but I didn't care!  My baby is going to be out of diapers soon!  It's worth pee knee anyday!

Since you've seen Ethel Edith I also thought I would share my favorite parts of my house with you as well.  I have a different style than most.  I love bold colors and you'll see that throughout my home.  I also have a new love of anything rusty.  It's kind of an industrial look I've been pulled to lately.  I have noticed I have a lot of gray or silverish pieces in my house lately - weird since I'm drawn to color, but all the same I'm digging the new look a lot!

This is something I just threw together.  I was hating what I had in this awkward corner of my house.  It was a sagish green trunk which is gorgeous in Aubrie's room, but it was so out of place here.  I went down to my Mom's shed of stuff and found this gray cabinet.  It's really my Mom's, but that's how all us women operate.  We swap and trade out furniture all the time.  I had the to die for "For Sale" sign that I bought at a sale for a mere 5 bucks.  At that price you can't afford not too!  I loved it and it finally has the right home.  I also found this container bin in the top of my mom's machine shed.  I had eyed it many times, but never had a good place to put it until now.  It's a simple look, but kind of fun, and I'm happy with myself!

The best part of this setup?  Oh that's right - it holds all my beloved magazines, and even better - my kids' books.  My kids LOVE to read and we have books everywhere in baskets.  It was overflowing in my living room.  Now we have a nice tidy place to keep them all - and also teach them how to put them away.  Hooray!  I'm so loving this corner now and so glad I switched things up!

Oh - this is Trudie.  She says hi and thanks for reading!  You'll learn more about this hot beast later!


  1. Hi again...we show at the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL. I have friends that do 3rd Sunday...the Iowa Junk Gypsies...they love it! And thanks for the sweet comments about my pieces. I have been in business for 10 years in April...YIKES! that is so great to hear. You know how exhausting doing furniture can be, so positive feedback is always welcome! ;o) Which are you in the sister trio? Annie is it? ~mary~

  2. Oh Kane County Flea Market sounds great! We have mainly just been to 3rd Sunday and local shops on our "junking" adventures. Now that we're in business I'm sure we'll be out and about more. 10 years is really amazing! Congrats to you!! I really hope we do well and can say the same someday! Furniture is definitely exhausting, but it's so much fun going for the find and getting everything to it's finished look. So thrilling! I am Annie in the trio - the oldest of the 3 girls.


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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