Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Sick Baby

As a Mom we have scary moments in our lives.  Times when our children get sick and there is nothing we can do to help.  It's terrifying.  It's the times that you thank the good lord that you don't have a really sick child.  That this isn't your daily life.

Last March my kids got very ill.  They had a flu bug where they were vomiting up to 20 times a day.  I sound like I'm exaggerating here, but I really am not.  It was awful, and it went on for days.  They would get better & then get worse all over again.  However, Aubrie didn't get better.  I took both kids to the Dr. & saw his physician assistant after 3 days of constant vomiting & improving only to get worse.  She said to give it one more day - try Gatorade - the only thing I hadn't tried b/c we did everything else + pedialyte (which my kids HATE).

Well, Everett got better.  Much better in fact.  That 4th day Aubrie was fine.  She looked like holy hell, but she was up in my bed, drinking red Gatorade (why don't they make clear?) and watching cartoons.  So I went to work.  I work at 8 AM.  By 9 - my mother in law called & said Aubrie needed to go back to the Dr. - that she was really bad.

So I rushed home & she was bad.  I've never seen my baby this sick before.  She was limp & couldn't walk.  She was so very dehydrated.  In less than an hour she went from talking to a limp rag.  I was terrified.  I loaded her in my car as my Mom & mother in law were crying & hugging her goodbye.  I'm sorry Mom - I just wanted to yell at you both that day to get out of my way so I could fly to Effingham, but I kept my mouth shut.  I knew you needed your time.  (Also, Mom you may want to abandon this blog - there are pictures & you'll cry again.)

I prayed the whole way there for my baby.  I was going to fight the Dr. today if need be - we weren't going home.  Jade was 45 minutes from home - an hour and fifteen from the doctors office.  I had to carry my baby in the office, wrapped in blanket with her puke bucket.  She was so sick she laid on the floor while I paid the nurse.  She threw up 2x in the waiting room & I spilled the puke bucket on the chair - oh well.  When we were called back she laid on the exam table.  It took them an eternity.  The physician assistant felt terrible that she was so sick & she had to get the regular Drs. approval to send her on.  Aubrie threw up probably 5 more times ice chips while we waited to finally get news that we'd be admitted to the hospital for IV fluids.  Praise the lord.  By the time we were finally done, Jade was at the doctors office.  I was so relieved to see him, he always helps me when I'm a wreck.  I had made it so far without bawling - I didn't want to scare her.

Off we went to the hospital. My baby was so sick that they put in her IV and she didn't flinch. She didn't even open her eyes. I was dreading it - thinking I'd have to hold her down - but not even a blink of her eyes - she was so sick. So we did IVs and Xrays. I believe after 3 IVs - she finally peed.

You probably think - why are you smiling here you goon.  Well - she was finally getting better & eating a popsicle - this was late in the day.  This was a huge improvement for her.  I slept in this bed with her that night.  Jade thought it was bizarre, but I think most moms sleep in bed with their babies in the hospital.  I just needed to hold her.

Here she was able to get up and sit on Jade's lap to watch Little Bear.  They thankfully had a huge library of kids' movies & she did love that.  She was still very sick, but no longer vomiting.

Finally my baby is back!  This is the 2nd day in the hospital. She was smiling & talking.  She ate as many popsicles as they would bring her.  I was so happy she was back to herself.  By the time we were released - around 6 PM that night, she was singing & dancing - big time showing off for the nurses who also adored her.

It was definitely one of the scariest Mom moments I have ever had.  However, we are very blessed to live in a country where she received the care she needed & that it was a temporary stay.  Anytime we get the flu bug - I now fear a hospital stay!


  1. Oh mama, I've been there! When Rachel was 11 months, she got that same type of flu, and ended up hospitalized. It was horrible, thankfully hubby stayed so I could go home and sleep, as I had been up for about 5 days straight with her.

    Hoping this doesn't happen again for either of us, lol!!


  2. that sucked so much. I had national board exams that weekend and I couldn't come back to see her. i hated it.

  3. Scary! Jackson had a hospital stay when he was 1 1/2. Nearly killed me (I think Hubs handled it even worse)
    Glad she was able to make a quick recovery!!! She looks like she was quite the trooper!

    Jackson drinks Gatorade all the time! Stay away from the RED! LOL

  4. It was awful, and Amy - we definitely learned that red gatorade is dangerous when it comes back out!!

  5. Oh, that story hurts to read. I'm so glad she's better!! I've got one who's having stomach distress. We've been through a bunch of tests and are waiting for some blood results which will hopefully be in on Monday. God bless you!! Take care of yourself, too!

  6. Gosh I adore that little girl.. You just wait- hard as it is to see your daughter -its a different hard when it is your baby's baby!! Darlene, prayers for your litle one's tests to be good results.

  7. Annie, I recall those days back when my kids would get real sick.. It was sooo very scary!! Still is too when any of them get sick, and they're all grown adults now! I am so glad Aubrie is better.. My goodness, that would have been so scary seeing her be so sick as you mentioned she was... I've had my middle son Jamie be sooo sick when he was in high school, around 18 years old and he laid in his bed in his bedroom and asked me.."Mom, I'm not going to die, am I"? Oh my goodness, I took him in my arms and hugged him tightly and told him there is no way that he was going to die..that he was just sick from having the flu.. I was sooo scared for him though, but never have told him that! I've not seen Jamie ever be as sick as he was at that time! He really did have me scared there for awhile!

    Aubrie sure did look like a lil "big" trooper and did wonderfully after being soo very sick.. She sure is a little sweetheart!! I can very well understand how the thoughts of a hospital stay can come cross your mind when the flu bug would happen to call.. Hope it stays away from all of us for a really loooong time!!



Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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