Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Office To Enjoy

So I blogged about Jade & his business partner's before office & the decorating plan here.  Well I forgot to share the afters!

It came together very nicely.  Now, I will say it is the office that perpetually shrinks!  It's not very big, and as they got more and more equipment it became smaller and smaller!  It's on Main St. in our town right behind Maggie's hair salon.  The guys love this because they can get a hair cut any day of the week (I secretly think they get an eye brow wax too!)  They also like to joke around with my sister & pull pranks on each other as well.  Imagine walking into your very girly purple bathroom (that they share) to find a huge UFC poster on the wall.  Or walking out of your manly office into a curtain of beads - they liked that too!

So here is a waiting area.  To the left is the door.  They have an antique surveying tripod that they are proud of.  I'm not sure the books will stay in the window, but at the same time they do not have room for bookshelves either.  I really like the gray walls & the laminate flooring they put in.  Such an improvement from the befores!!

This is their other waiting chair with a magazine rack.  To the right is the door & to the left is an old replica map of our town.  It's very cool to look at all the changes since the 1800s. 

To the left are the 3 big metal desks & the huge printer.  I scored 2 desks for $55 total & spray painted them black.  They had a 3rd desk for free that I also sprayed black to match.  This helped pull the desks together since they were different non-matching desks.  We then took some nice black & whites of the town & matted & framed them.  I didn't take pictures of the work space.  It honestly is more functional than wowingly decorated.  They love their office & have been working diligently since the start of the month.

  Please keep praying for lots of clients & for our families.  So far we are getting clients and calls, plus the guys love working for themselves!


  1. LOVE the color on the walls! Manly without being too "bachelor"...and those chairs are fantastic! The whole thing looks great! Oh, and I am excited to see your big metal washtubs from yesterday. I vote for sticks and white lights! No maintenance...and who else would have that??? Besides me, that is. ~mary~

  2. Thanks Mary! Those chairs were from Wal-mart! I did all the office furniture, floors & walls for less than $700 - it was great!

    I too vote for the sticks & white lights - I definitely can't kill them! Plus, I need some height down there to make a statement so they would be perfect! A fern would be toast in 2 days in that full sun. It just bakes down there for some reason :)

  3. After looking at these pictures - I think I need to flip the magazine rack & the little table - after they brought the tripod in - it has just too much on one side. Ha ha - I'm such a perfectionist!

  4. wow you did an amazing job! congrats :)

  5. Wow the office looks really great. Good job Annie!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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