Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Worth The Drive

If you live anywhere near St. Louis, you must go see their Botanical Gardens.
Jade & I have been twice and every time we are more in more in awe of this place each time!  I am dying to go this spring to see their bulb beds.

So - since we're expecting more snow in central IL - I thought you'd like to feast your eyes on some tropical plants & what is to come later this year!

Their Climatron is just filled with the most amazing tropical plants!  We have never been to Hawaii so this place is a little taste of what I think Hawaii is like.  It's just awesome!

Hand blown glass is all over the place - stunning every time!

A HUGE palm tree.

Gorgeous waterfalls and ponds filled with fish.

I don't like tomatoes, but even I could appreciate the huge size of these.

The size of their hanging baskets are amazing!

Another enormous hanging basket!

Displays on how to create beds around your mailboxes.

A huge hand blown chandy at the entrance - this thing is amazing!

Gosh - I never dreamed in my younger years that one hot date for Jade & I would be a day at the Botanical Gardens.  I don't know if this makes me officially old, or if plants are the new hip thing!  However, I'm digging it!  Abbie - I call one of your donated Abbie days to my kids to be this spring so Jade & I can go see some tulips - thank you in advance :)


  1. Lovin' those hanging baskets! There is a nursery here that sell them...but $60...yikes. Maybe this year I will have to get just one of them. The glass sculptures are unreal! ~mary~

  2. i adore the Gardens!!!
    have you done the thursday night thing where they have dancing, live music and food?
    i really want to go!

  3. this made my day, i am longing for spring!

  4. I think those beautiful glass pieces might be by Dale Chihuly.

  5. You are right - they are Dale Chihuly - I enlarged a picture so I could see it. They are fabulous!

  6. love love love that place.
    in the summer they have a weekly concert evening--I can't wait to go!


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