Friday, February 5, 2010

That Girl

I am becoming "That Girl".

*Source - Google Images*

Not in a bad way, but in an awesome kind of way.  I'm "That Girl" that everyone is suddenly donating their old furniture to.  I am loving it.  I even keep these freebies, and move them into my own house after giving them some love!  Everyone thinks I'm nuts because I pick up some very peculiar pieces, and I haven't really bought much furniture from real furniture stores ever. (Except sofas & mattresses - you don't just pick those up from the side of the road - well sometimes you do, but very very rarely you do and consider sitting on them!  I like to pick them up, and put them in friend's yards as pranks instead - that's fun!  I need to blog about that sometime!)

I have been "That Mom" for some time.

  That's right, I think my kids are the smartest, cutest, greatest at everything ever.  For the most part they are.  They make me constantly turn my head to chuckle in inappropriate situations.  I can't help it!  I'm "That Mom".  They are just hilarious and loud.  I think because they hang out with my Mom & Jade's Mom.  They are both loud and funny women - so my babies get it honest.  Just ask my Mom and sisters - they will agree that my kids are fabulous too!  I also think my niece Caroline is right up there with them.  Plus, who doesn't love a baby that isn't' afraid to rock a killer mustache?  I love this smiley baby so much!

If you are ever looking to unload on someone - call me - call me fast :)


  1. oh man, I love that picture of Ev, he looks so serious.

  2. haha, that's awesome! the furniture just comes to you:O)
    and of course you're "that mom"!
    i am too:O)

  3. Don't you love it! I get lots of "donated" stuff and calls from everyone telling me about furniture on the curb.

  4. That sounds like alot of fun being "That Girl"!
    I am another one who loves old furniture & old items, and especially if I can have them for free! I'd say that's really pretty dog gone neat!!

    Have a great day and wonderful weekend too!


  5. Annie, I also wanted to tell you that each one of your children look absolutely adorable!! I especially love the picture of the little one with the mustache!! Thanks for the morning chuckle! That mustache and expression on your little one's face is sooo darling!!


  6. LOL!
    Love it!
    Such cute kiddos.
    I need to let you girls know when our town does city wide clean up... junk EVERYWHERE... you would just die!

  7. LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!! I just luv how you use old pieces and do awesome transformations on them. Your kids are soooooo CUTE:)


  8. Ok, the mustache photo cracks-me-up!!! Love it! ~mary~

  9. HAHA - the picture with the moustache is priceless :)

    I wish my friends would give me free furniture!

  10. Be still my heart...that bed that someone gave you! Here in the east, I think the antique business has destroyed any hope of freebies, especially great stuff like you have. My mouth is watering and my eyes are just a bit greener than usual. Have a blast and a half putting those gems to great use.
    Oh, and one of your cutie pie kids needs a serious shave. Maybe someone will donate a razor and clean that little doll up. Or, as ALVIN wrote, is it a distinguished look you're going for?

  11. wow-

    can I buy some of that furntiture??

    super cool!



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