Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keep Your Silver Safe

QVC always has the goods...

If you are any kind of jewelry addict like me you love their Diamonique - google it - you need some.  You also REALLY need this jewelry cabinet.  At this price, you seriously can't afford not to buy it (feel free to quote this to your husband anytime you get one heck of a buy).

(Prepare yourself - you are walking into my closet - it's pretty organized, but in now way is a closet like mine pretty!)

*Please see the height chart to the right - I LOVE this - it's amazing how fast my babies grow!  Yes that top line is me & I added an extra inch to it to make people think I'm thinner!*

First, this thing is lined with a silver safe keeper.  That's right ladies - your jewelry won't tarnish in this baby.  Secondly, it's a full sized mirror - nice I know!  Top it off with the fact that it easily mounts to your wall, locks, & looks like a mirror - no one really knows what's inside.

Until now...

I have a fair amount of jewelry, but this baby isn't even full!  My mom's cabinet, well she could have 2 of these - shocking I know!  Share the love Mom - purge some of that jewelry to me!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

For The Love of Purses

Damn you purse party!

You draw me in with your fancy bling & over-abundance of hand bags.

Why can't I say no to you?

Probably because Dolce and Gabbana has the business I need every time.  And - you make me look good.

This girl has now joined my collection of amazing hand bags.  Perhaps she's a bit over the top.  But that's me - I'm over the top and I heart her!  And the storage she has - oh me oh my - fabulous!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Serious Ugly

When I got married nearly 6 years ago my Aunt Judy gave me a dresser, armoire, and a night stand.

They were great sturdy pieces, but what I call some serious ugly (sorry Aunt Judy!).  They were straight out of the 70's and they were a stained wood with a black splatter to them to imitate worm holes - really - why?!?

This is the dresser.  It sits in my walk in closet so it's never been refinished.  There isn't much of a point because no one ever sees this baby, but Jade & me.

You're jealous aren't you!

When we moved to our new house, these babies were still wood.  I finally realized paint them!  Paint them now!

So I painted them big bold, and red.  I love red.  I don't know if I'd want a red room, but I love a splash of red.

The hardware wasn't easy to replace because of where the holes were and the thickness of this wood so I just spray painted what I had.  Then I did a lot of distressing.  It's hard to see since it's brown underneath - but in person up close they are really aged.

So much better.  When you walk in the front door you can see a slight angle into the master bedroom and you see this baby, proud & bold in my room.  I love it.  Trudie also loves her little dog bed - soon to be painted maybe a different shade of green - still picking a color here.  However, it must be patched up first because Everett, I break everything, Reid stood in it and broke it.  Poor Trudie can't have anything nice!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dog Tired

Do you ever have one of those days where you can barely keep your eyes open?

Where all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a big pink fuzzy blanket.

Where you just want to lay on the back of your much larger friend and snore loudly together?

Trudie (the pug) & Duke (the coon-hound) are quite ridiculous together!  However, I envy their deep love of each other & sleep.  Plus, they can lay together on one couch.  That's something Jade & I haven't quite yet figured out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiny Farmer

Everett is my tiny farmer.  He comes from a long line of farmers & rough & tough men.  He got his name from my dearly beloved Grandfather - Everett.  (This is the crazy old man that smoked lots of cigars, always carried a green coffee thermos, and lovingly called Jade a pussy - he was a riot).  My Everett's Pa Stuart (my Dad) is also a grain & cattle farmer.  Everett will truly learn from the best, and as soon as he's potty trained - I think he'll go with his Pa a lot more often.  Who doesn't enjoy a fast gator ride in the woods with cows chasing them for feed?

Second, to his love of all things cattle & tractors, is trucks.  He adores anything on wheels & his favorite activity is scooting around trucks or tractors around the staircase.  He'd do it for hours.  So his room is a truck & equipment bedroom painted barn red & topped off with denim tab curtains hooked like bibs.

I love his bed.  It's heavy duty & large.  It came out of the top of my Mom's shed.  Don't you love amazing finds that are free!  When we got it, it was very discolored & in poor shape so we spray painted it a bright yellow.  It works well in his room and he loves his bed.  He even likes to "fake" getting stuck between the slats so he can yell for help.  He's something else my friends!

These pillows are his favorites!  The square one was handmade by the lovely Jillian.  He also adores the large stuffed tractor & concrete truck.  His Pa Stuart has many tractors & is part owner in a concrete company - very fitting for Everett Mason's room.  He even scoots these pillows around like they have actual wheels!

Here is another fox, an old metal box I adore, a bulldozer just like his Pa's & a collection of bed time reads.  Top that off with an old traffic sign & he's thrilled.  Don't you love this antique old paint gray table?  I do!

This cubby side table holds some more of his collections.  Old toy tractor pieces, an old metal truck I adore, and his Cardinal pitcher bobble head - (what's with my kids LOVING these?).  I also heart this old gray side table - it's a true antique with old paint - fabulous!

This is Everett's armoire.  I'm really in a personal debate with myself on this one.  Like everything else wood in my home.  To paint or not to paint - I'm just mulling it over still.  It used to be Maggie's & the thought of painting it for some reason scares me a bit since it's been this way in my family for so long.  However, I think it'd be really amazing in another color & perhaps more me.  It's very handy though.  It holds a lot of clothes & the right side could eventually fit a small TV on a shelf.  It's topped off with some vintage suitcases for more storage & a hard hat from his Pa.

I hope you enjoyed Ev's bedroom.  It is one of the rooms in my home that I feel needs the most work, but as I'm out junking I always tend to find him some more treasures to add to his spunky collections & personality.

PS - Post Update - I have painted the armoire - check it out here!  Fabulous!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Never Too Young To Collect

Aubrie's room is one of my favorite rooms.  I don't know why, I think because it's so girly and this girl has some wonderful collections.  Things I have collected and handed to her for her future home.  I figure it is never too young to start collecting & decorating.  She feels the same way & loves to tell me when I have poorly decorated something, or when she LOVES something I have done!

She loves this monkey & her bedding - so do I!  Even better is her old iron bed - it's fabulous!

She wanted to pose in this picture.  Her pjs are the best - thanks Mom!  She's pretty sweet too - see that Care Bear - she's taking it back 80's style - she LOVES the Care Bears!  She has a lot of old vintage floral prints in her room - I love them!  She's also rocking a Cardinals pitcher statue on the top of that corner cabinet - she loves it and it cracks me up!

This shelf is great in pink & it holds so many treasures.  I love the old baby pictures & the old shoes.  The button planter is my favorite, but I also love the old baby cup too!  Sorry the coloring of this photo is a bit odd.

Here is an up close and personal with the button planter - isn't it fabulous - I know it really is! 

This cabinet is actually 2 pieces - they didn't come together, but they look like they were made for each other.  This holds Aubrie's prized collections.  She started a snow globe collection - see them on top - yep Ev can't reach those babies!  I also have a stork plate on the wall & in my pink bathroom (it also holds a baby collection - I have a large 2' stork - LOVE!)

That little sign says - "My Prince Did Come, His Name Is Daddy"  Jade adored it when she got it as a gift - I love it too!

I used to collect elephants of all kinds.  I have always loved elephants - why I do not know.  So Aubrie now keeps my collection in her room & loves them too.  See the Little Fox book - my maiden name is Fox - too perfect!  You'll see little foxes a lot in my home.

I also have a fairly decent sized baby collection that Aubrie keeps for me.  I adore these things.  Two old vintage baby books, a cross from her baptism day & baby boot planters.  They are all perfect collections for a tiny shabby chic little girl.

So this was an up close & personal view of Aubrie's collections.  I hope you love them as much as she does.  To see more of her room, visit here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub

Rub a dub dub, three cousins in a tub.

Caroline wasn't having any fun.

Everett looks like he couldn't get over Maggie's new haircut.

While Aubrie, just like her mother, couldn't stop talking long enough to get a still photo.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Perfect Pillow

Over at Ethel Edith I have been very busy.  We have a new, amazing client that is a photographer.  She's very talented & she brought us some project pieces.  I'm currently working on a precious small crib for her photo shoots & she also needed some pillows to fit in the crib.

Voila - a trip by my two lovely sisters - and I had fabric.

Sew (pun intended) - I began sewing.  Luckily the crib perfectly fits a standard pillow, so I made envelope pillow cases to help the photographer in washing these pillows.  Since I have had babies, I know if they are nude on a pillow - lots of things can happen!

I was lucky enough to have enough extra fabric to make my babies their own pillow as well.

They were both thrilled to say the least!  They sleep in bed together in Everett's room & they each have to have their new pillows & all their blankets piled on high!

Jade wasn't aware that I was snapping his picture too, but I captured it at just the right moment & it's pretty sweet!

You may not catch this, but this photo is a perfect example of why Aubrie wears glasses.  Her left eye is slightly crossed in this photo.  It's easier to see when you notice that white glare on her eye is in two different spots when looking at you - if her eyes did not cross you'd have two eye glares in the same position.  So, my constant rant - take those babies & get their eyes check - worth every cent you'll pay to know they can see!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kids Bop 17

The title of this post says it all. 

That's right, we now own Kids Bop 17.  So if you see me rolling around town jamming - I have probably forgot the kids are not in the car & haven't realized I'm singing to Kids Bop still.

The best part is - when Aubrie opened her Valentine's package & found this CD - she almost screamed in excitement & said "Oh my - I have always wanted this" - yes I'm that good with gifts!  Plus, if you know me - I say oh my a lot!  The second best part is that Everett bobs his head to the beat with a huge grin while Aubrie tries to sing and trill her voice like she's Rhianna - it's fantastic & I love it full time!

She also told me, that she would go anywhere with Kids Bop on.  Yes - hilarious!

P.S.   The front speakers in my Jeep are dead - so we play all music in the back & for me to hear it, it must be loud - so literally I am bumping like a 16 year old with a new amp and subs!  Besides - in Shelbyville - it really is a Party in the USA!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground

It's finally here - Everett is finally using the potty.

However, we have a different approach with this boy.  He's completely pantless.  With Aubrie we did the thick cotton training pants - worked like a charm.  Everett prefers to have his junk out in the open air.  He likes to "free ball" it if you will.

So be warned - if you come to visit you'll see full frontal nudity at my house from my son.

I'm cool with it.  As long as he's using the potty - I can handle naked.  I won't lie to you, I was a bit shocked to see him attempting the splits last night.  This was after Aubrie got home from dance class and was showing him her new skills.  I was really glad though that he didn't try the bridge back bend.  That may have been too much for me to handle.

His prize - when he's able to wear cotton underwear & is potty trained he gets a Thomas train set - woot woot!

Pray for me friends - that this weekend I can handle all the nudity without turning my head in laughter.  Also, that he makes it to the potty most of the time.


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