Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hotter than a mother...

Ironically I am a mother & it is hotter than one here in Central IL.  To make matters even more enjoyable - I'm having major car issues.  My car has been paid off for a good year or so - I LOVE that.  I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee - I don't love that!  It's kind of purplish maroon & purple is my least favorite color, but it's 4 wheel drive and got me and the kids around fine.  We originally bought it for Jade then he needed a truck & I some how got the Jeep.  My dream Chrysler 300 was sold.  Stink!

So it's been acting up lately.  All the dash alert lights come on, then all the gages go to zero.  This is exceptionally handy when you want to know how fast you are going - or how much fuel is in your tank.  Nice - I know.  I could deal with the lights & gages - I drive about 10 miles a day mainly in the country.  But the newest thing is REALLY trying my nerves. 

I told Jade we'd keep this hunk of metal until baby 3.  Planning that when I go back to full-time salary I would immediately trade it.  April 10th is the exact date I trade this Jeep.  I can fit 3 kids in this baby, but trust me it won't be pretty - it is tight & I'm sure I'll cuss - sorry kids.  So the Jeep has made it a mission to make a liar out of me now.  It's new fit is that the AC won't kick on.  The fan will blow, but no cold air.  To make it just a little bit more enjoyable - ta da - the windows WON'T roll down.  So there you drive in extreme heat with no air and no windows.  I took it for about 2 blocks today thinking I was going to die.  I can't do this with my kids!  Then I run into a store to grab lunch, come back out and ta da - AC and windows work again!  What the what?!?

Our auto body guy is perplexed & ladies - he is good!  He's looked at it twice with no luck.  So our option is to go to a dealership of Jeeps & pray they know a cheap & right fix.  Or trade it.  I am REALLY thinking about trading it.  The timing isn't great, but we have to upgrade with a baby soon anyway.  This darn Jeep just HAD to test me!

So if I trade it my next decision, Van or Pacifica?!?  Or SUV & 3 rows of seats - ugh how to decide.  I think a van over SUV.  Then, I've loved Pacifica's for years & I looked at a few & I still love them - what is a girl to do?!?  Anyone have a Pacifica - love it - hate it?!?  Give a girl some direction.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Dear friends - I have been busy!  Busy but at the same time lazy for me.  At home I'm constantly working on something, but definitely too lazy to take a picture of it and to post a blog.  What can I say - I'm pregnant & that's how I roll - at a much less productive pace :)

So instead...I thought I'd share some funny stories from my kids.  You haven't heard a lot of these & I have TONS more.  I just can't remember them.  They are wrote in journals at home - thanks Mom!

(Before tumbling - Aubrie had a band aid to cover her stitches so Everett required one too!)

Aubrie's Greatest Sayings:
One day she thought my Mom was sick & she wanted to take Mom's temperature.  So she said "Hey, Grandma, open up your butt!"  She had no idea adults don't take rectal temperatures (at this point Everett was a baby & we still did his rectally - both kids have an ear thermometer now - thankfully!)

One day I told Aubrie her Dad was ridiculous - I can't remember what the situation was, but trust me he was.  So she told him while I was out of the room "Daddy you are a dickless man".  The ridiculous part is - he thought I really told her that!  Talk about ridiculous and the perfect mispronunciation all in one!

When Aubrie was a newborn she was difficult to say the least.  We wore her around in a sling often because she would stay calm in it and sleep.  One day I took her from Jade to change her diaper & on her changing pad it looked like smeared blood came off the back of her head.  I started freaking out thinking Jade whacked her head on something while he was slinging her around the house.  Then I smelled her head & uh huh - he ate chocolate chip cookies above her head & one chocolate chip went into the sling & got mushed in her ultra thick black hair.  Nice Daddy.

Aubrie is a animal Wikopedia & needs to know every detail about everything.  One time she was having an argument with my Mom about the importance of seat belts.  She was probably 2 1/2 or 3.  Mom explained that it's illegal to not wear a seat belt.  Aubrie couldn't get over it - she didn't understand how the seat belts were Eagles!  Every time Mom said "No, it is Illegal" Aubrie would say "Eagles?!?"

Everett is just starting to say funny things - his moments are growing.  Aubrie still has a good zinger about daily!  I'm one of those Moms too that can't help but laugh so I have to turn my head or leave the room. 

My kids are all about the animals - and "aminal" facts as Aubrie says.  Just recently a flock of geese flew over at dusk while we were watching for bats - again Aubrie Aminal Wikopedia - and Everett pointed & said "Eagles!"  Jade said no those are geese & he stubbornly argued - "NO, Eagles!"  My kids apparently love some eagle talk.

Last week Everett snuck outside naked after his bath.  We live in the middle of nowhere far from the road.  So I found him by the front porch - pooping no less in the yard.  I said Everett what are you doing, we poop on the potty.  He goes "Sorry Ma, I gots the poops."  Enough said - he was right.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Talk

Since I found out about my tiny grape my mind has been reeling...

It has been decided that Baby & Aubrie will share a bedroom.  Mainly because she's adamant that she wants to share her room, and since we currently have two finished bedrooms for the kids...I agreed that would be fine.

My next thought is how will I make this work if it is a boy?  I have some ideas, but just can't decide.  I think first things first is - what is this baby?  I think I want to wait until delivery to find out, but Jade just HAS to know - or so he says.  I think it would be good for the kids if they knew ahead of time - so we didn't have them both bawling if it's a boy - they both oddly enough are begging for a girl.  At the same time - people used to never know and they'd get over it.

So tell me this friends - did you find out the sex of your baby?  If you did not - would you do it again?
(Mind you - we found out with both Aubrie & Everett & I have kept every single thing they have owned in the basement - I'm all stocked up on blankets, clothes & bottles for either sex).

Basically I'm looking for a very convincing argument to flip Jade to my side!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Blog With Substance - REALLY!?

Look what Megan over at 1 Funky Woman gave me.  I'm so honored!  I love this girl - she's funny & you must check her out.  I can't believe I have substance - that's exciting :)

In order to accept this award, I must:
• Thank the person who gave me the award
• Sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words, examples: WRITE HEART PEOPLE LIVE HAPPY
• Pass it on to 10 other blogs which I feel have real substance.

Annie's philosophy, motivation, and experience in five words
1) Journal  2) Laugh  3) Open  4) Random 5) Friendships

1.  My blog is a journal of my life.  I started it because I loved the decorating blogs.  However, I can't just focus on decorating on my blog.  I write this blog for me - and will have most of it bound into a book yearly so I can remember these stories about my kids that I'll otherwise forget!  I still love decorating & those blogs, but decorating doesn't define me like my family & friends do.  If I only share my home, you miss a huge piece of me.  So I lay it out all out there for you.  I've found my favorite blogs are now the ones with substance - about peoples lives.  I'm nosey so I have to horn in & blogs let me do that!

2.  I love to laugh.  I'm a very happy person.  My kids are crazy & unusual, so I think they are hysterical.  You'd be extremely sad if I didn't share their stories with you!

3.  I'm pretty open on my blog.  I share my life with you - which is the good, bad, and the ugly - grammar included!  I'm not afraid to let you know I'm human and even though I love my kids more than life itself.  I do yell and threaten them with their lives on occasion - it's just the way it is!  No one is perfect right?!

4.  I may be one of the most random people you'll ever meet.  I can't help myself.  My mind goes 100 miles a minute and I just have to get it all out there.  So that means long random blogs with funny stories.  I have to keep you on your toes right?!

5.  Blogging has opened new doors & windows for me.  I'm pretty shy in person.  Through blogs I have made some new friends that I never would have known otherwise.  Shannan "Flower Path Farmgirl" is my new bff since she sent me a periodict table of elements after reading I HAD to have one.  She'd never be my bff if it weren't for blogs!  I feel like I "know" these blog friends now.  So when we do get the joy of meeting in person - my awkward shyness is gone & it lets me be the real me.  I like that!

So onto 10 of you to share this with - oh me oh my.  I can't pick so any of you that read my blog & comment to me are my friends & I honestly visit you and read your blogs.  If you take your time to read my randomness you can bet I'm reading yours too :)  So you are awarded today & I appreciate you very much!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


OK so here it is.  It's standing on it's head & then the big circle you see is the egg sack.  It's pretty tiny now, but will grow fast.

Pregnancy is such a miracle - just amazes me!

Now that I know I have one healthy baby - I can get to work on planning the nursery.  Aubrie desperately wants to share her room so that's the plan.  I'm working on Jade - I'd like to not find out the sex this time & I found the perfect bedding to make it work. 

Friday, July 16, 2010


The ultrasound was great!  I'm having one baby due Feb. 24th.  I'm 8 weeks 1 day today.

Playroom Fixup

I am just thrilled!  My basement playroom is no longer an eye sore! 

This room is at the bottom of our basement staircase to the right. It's not obvious from the upstairs, but it is definitely a large piece of our basement.

We have two old school house doors mounted on the wall - one holds an old chalkboard.  I painted the insets & put letter decals all over the doors for the kids to practice letters.  They LOVE this!

 I got this fabulous work bench from a blog friend.  It was handmade by her grandfather & I purchased it from her after he passed.  It's just a treasure in my eyes!  I purchased 8 laundry baskets & spray painted them in fun colors.  This holds gobs of toys & looks so much better!

The kids have a small seating area equipped with bright sock monkey prints.

They have a hoop to play with.  Then, the table has a top that lifts off.  The under the top is a full car track.  So Everett is in LOVE with this table.  They have little chairs & could play here for hours.

Isn't this work bench a beauty!  Some people won't see it that way, but I see it for the old man that worked here and hand built it for his jobs around his house.  Bonus, it stores TONS of toys!

It has two big outside drawers that hold puzzles & games while the center drawer is neatly divided so all their flash cards & card games are stored here individually.

I am so glad Jade finally brought this baby down to the basement for me!  It's nearly 7' long & just has made a huge difference in the toy storage.  I am thrilled!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Bump

Umm yeah - Mama is 9 weeks pregnant and rocking the belly!

Apologies for the flash!  I have an ultrasound Friday so prepare for an update!   Is there a pool out there on my due date & baby count yet?  You'd better hurry up and get on that!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Evening at the ER...

Being a parent is so hard.  Seriously why isn't there a manual on this?  I wish my parents would write me one...

Last night Everett threw a rock that some how found it's way directly into Aubrie's forehead.  Why does this always happen when he's around?  So this time I thought we needed stitches - super glue wouldn't do so off to the ER we went. 

Here is a summary of my night:
First, Jade drove like her arm was seriously cut off her body to the hospital - he's something else.  Second, we waited in the ER for 2+ hours next to an old man that they tried to give a catheter to 4 times - that was awful in itself.  Third, I was STARVING by 7 as was Aubrie - thank the lord for pretzels in vending machines.  Next time I will ALWAYS take snacks with me to the ER.

Finally, in walks the Dr., a plastic surgeon was luckily in the ER and they thought he was the man for the job.  It wasn't a huge cut, but it was on her face & they thought it would scar.  Well let me say friends that plastic surgeons aren't really pediatric doctors and their patience with kids just isn't there.  So they proceed to strap Aubrie down on a hard board with Velcro straps because the moment they said stitches she started bawling.  She screamed and screamed blood curdling screams and begged for us to save her the entire time.  It felt like an eternity.  It was awful, and I hope that is the worst thing we ever have to do b/c it's done and I don't want to go there again.  She was a bit over dramatic - as was the Dr.  Jade wanted to shove him by the time we were done & it took the entire drive home to calm my husband down.  Aubrie was fine as soon as they released her and she got a sucker.  

I thought we had the worse deal hearing the man get a catheter, but now I know his family had it worse hearing our daughter scream in agony.

Seriously WHAT a night.  I pray I don't do that again anytime soon! 

Basement Bath Goes Bold!

My basement bathroom was one of those spaces that we decorated when I moved in with just something I had.  Which at that point in time I had a very large baby collection from Aubrie's nursery.  So we painted the bathroom a pink that you can visit here.  I love pink, but it just didn't fit with the bright yellow basement walls and the overall look I had down there.  Plus, this is Jade's bathroom - away from everything!  So a grown man in a pink bathroom daily was a source of constant harassment from anyone that knew him.  To save him some grief we went with a bold Caruso Blue from Color Place (Wal-Mart) #91433.

I have a large ship collection.  I don't know why, but I love old ocean prints with ships.  I buy them when I see them so they were in storage.  It was only fitting that they show up in the Caruso Blue room & they work perfectly in here.

I used orange accents to bounce off the blue which I really like.

A lot of my prints are in old gold frame which I dig - they are pretty ornate and I just really like the look of this bathroom now.  I need a few more accessories, but it's almost there!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kids' / Guest Bath Goes Fabulous!

I had updated the kids' / guest bathroom recently.  However, when we built I painted it tan.  Here is the before.  Tan isn't me, so I recently talked my wonderful husband into repainting.  We went with a bright emerald / jade green called Arugula 91322 from Color Place (Wal-Mart).  I'm just in love with the bathroom.  It relates so much more to the rest of my house now & my funky signs just pop against the wall.


I at first was a bit unsure of red accents with the green because that makes everyone think of Christmas - but I like it.

I love all my hilarious signs & the old print on the wall.

Perfectly placed above the TP - this sign is one of my favorites!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sneak Peek

The cell phone doesn't give these rooms much justice, but here is your sneak peek of my paint work this weekend.

The kids'/guest bathroom went from tan man to Arugula green.  You know me - I'm not much on tan.

The basement bathroom went from pepto pink with a baby collection to Crusoe Blue with all my ships displayed!

I promise better pictures to come soon.  I'm in LOVE with the new colors.  I also married the best man ever who joined my team and helped me crank these babies out in turbo time!

Where's Waldo

OK I'm really alive, but I've been BUSY!

Jade & I painted two bathrooms this weekend (hint the tan went to Arugula & the pink went to Crusoe  blue) and oh my gosh I LOVE them!  I can't wait to share. 

We also redid the playroom & it's fabulous!  So organized & much more eye appealing.  So I promise for those of you who read me for my house - I have new fun stuff coming soon!

However, we have a busy week.  My best friend Elly & her family are in town and staying with us.  Then I have our ten year class reunion Saturday night & I'm hosting a family barbecue for our classmates Friday at my house - so busy busy & very excited about the week. 

I'll get you pictures soon :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Love Cows

I'm going to put on my Queen of Random crown for this post and share some knowledge.

A word in advance - if you are a vegetarian - please leave now.  I'd rather not offend you.

OK so I had to share something with you all because SO many people are unaware of the opportunities they have in a farm community.  So dear friends secretly or openly stalking me - I am talking to you.  I am especially talking to you if you live in my town - po dunk farmland USA.

So you know my Dad is a cattle farmer.  He's not just any cattle farmer.  He's like the pied piper of cattle.  You think I'm joking, but drive by when the man is moving cattle.  He loads up on his John Deere gator & sings & yells & his cattle chase him like dogs.  They obviously know who is the farmer, and who is taking care of them AKA feeding them their meals.  All he yells is "Si Cow" and they come a running.  It's truly an amazing sight.

He's a great cattle farmer.  He cares about his herd.  He works his butt off to make sure their iced over pond has a hole in the dead of winter for them to drink from.  He makes sure when it's hotter than ever that he has enough hay baled to provide them winter feed.  He really cares.  He hardly ever fights the cows, but he's been known to poke them in the eye if they knock him down.  Which is funny - and if you've ever faced off a cow - you'd completely understand b/c their mass would win in a heartbeat without a swift eye poke.

The best part about my Dad as a cattle farmer is the meat.  Yes!  We eat these cows, and NO steakhouse can compare.  Seriously - I've dined at some fancy top of the notch steakhouses in my prior career, and they don't even come close to Dad's rib eyes with Lawry's.  It's just the truth.  His cattle are corn fed (some aren't even Angus - gasp - PS I can name several kinds of cattle from my college days) and they are delicious.  And he doesn't feed them anything that isn't good for our family to eat - so it's safe meat!

Now here is the part you locals need to know about.  You are (or most of you are) driving the meat market once a week & paying for meat that is expensive - period.  And then people just RAVE to me about how amazing it is.  Which yes compared to the grocery store it's probably good meat.  However, you honest to goodness have the POWER to talk to a cattle farmer & buy direct.  Cut out that middle man!  My Dad sells quarters or half of  beefs to families & takes it to the locker for them.  So if you have a friend - you split a beef & it's amazing!  You pay the farmer by the pound based on the beef's weight & market rates, then pay the locker for processing.  I get half a beef & it lasts my family an eternity.  Imagine a deep freeze FILLED with steaks, roasts, and hamburger patties - yes my friends - life doesn't get any better than that.  I have had several parties this year & I feed my guests quarter pound delicious hamburgers - it's fantastic.

So this isn't really a plug for my Dad although I'm sure he'd sell to you if you called.  But it's a plug for cattle farmers (or hog farmers) like my Dad.  People that are hardworking in the USA - raising their families off the sweat and back breaking work it takes to run a real farm - not a factory farm.

Oh - and the 4H fair I believe is coming up or I've missed it and am blissfully unaware - but when they are done showing these prize animals.  They sell em!  Go buy one (which the money goes to that kid so you'll do something great there) and they take it to the locker for you - you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Showing The World

Well it's official.  Today I am 8 weeks pregnant...or that is what I think.

My baby still looks alienish & is the size of a pinto bean.

My uterus is the size of a grapefruit - or that's what my book says - I have to admit I can't see it so I really don't know!

Most Moms do not show yet.  However, I am unique.  I am short waisted and having my third baby.  So I am packing QUITE the belly all of the sudden.  One day it was flat (or flat for me) and the next day - Ta Da - baby gut or to most people it looks like what Jade calls a pus gut - nice I know!

Next Friday the 16th is the big day.  I get an ultrasound & a head count.  Since my Mom is a twin, my brothers were twins, and two of my first female cousins on my Mom's side have twins - the chances are high for me.  *Twins pass down on the women's side of the family & fraternal twins are genetic - 3 of the 4 sets were fraternal in 2 generations*   I'd be thrilled to have twins, but I'll also be a bit shocked, but God has a plan right!

Oh and I do feel pretty good.  I'm more tired now, a little sick feeling at times, and definitely moody.  So really pray for my Jade because he's the one that has to deal with sweet little old me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Whim

Have you ever gotten a call from your kid begging you to leave work & do something crazy?

Monday Jade decided to work for the morning. When you own your own business - the normal holiday rules don't apply! So around 10 he got that phone call. Aubrie begged him to take her to the zoo, and he came home.

Oh a whim, we decided to head to St. Louis for the afternoon and visit the zoo. It was a great split second decision!

You are NEVER too old to carousel.  Jade rode the hyena & Aubrie the snow leopard.

Everett rode the zebra while I stood by him.  I was under strict orders NOT to touch him.

Can you see the two monkeys hiding under the blanket?  Everett does!

Train rides were a must!

A little sweaty, but a nice breeze.

Aubrie couldn't get over the lions!  She rocked her prescription sunglasses all day!  Thank you Zenni optical!

What kind of parents are we?  We promote pictures with huge snakes!

Elephants - check!

Smudged sunglasses - check!

The cool atmosphere of the penguins - priceless!

A limited amount of visitors in the penguin house at a time - EVEN better!

Up close & personal viewing of the penguins swimming was sure to get lots of giggles & even splashed!

It was a perfect day!  Top it off that my kids were VERY well behaved!  I think Disney will be a piece of cake now - other than the fact that I'll be roughly 7 months pregnant!


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