Friday, October 30, 2009

The Scoop

OK! So I'm completely new to blogging. My sisters & I recently went into business revamping furniture. Our blog is One of my friends - thank you Jane - suggested we give it a more personalized feel by injecting our life stories into the blog as well so here we go!

The Title - The House That Jade Built - well it's only fitting b/c my husband, and yes he's a man, and yes his name is Jade built our home. Yes that's right he really built our home - with lots of help from family members, but he did it himself - amazing! I kind of stole the idea from the house that Jack built nursery rhyme.

Who am I? My name is Annie & I'm 27 years old - mind blowing I know! I am many things, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend & most recently - exciting - an Aunt!! I love to change my hair often, thanks to the stunning sister Maggie. My other passion in my newly aquired me selfish time is our furniture business. I've always had a love of shopping for my home, but I'm having a blast hanging with my sisters and Mom and doing this together as additional income - BONUS! You can have fun and make more money too - who knew!

So to get down to it - you want some funny today? Well here is the scoop. I have 2 kids that are named Aubrie & Everett. Yes they have old people's names, but that's because we ADORED our grandparents and spread the love to our kids. Aubrie is almost 4 and Everett recently turned 2. Well this summer when Aubrie was 3 1/2 she had a good one. I seriously mean it was hilarious! I actually keep a notebook to write down these funny kid moments so I can't forget them b/c I will forget - it happens already!

Well here's the story. Jade was being outrageous about something. So when he went outside to grill our dinner I said Aubrie your Daddy is a ridiculous man & thought nothing of it. I then went in our bedroom to put away laundry when Jade comes in all worked up. He said what did you tell your daughter about me? Well this had been about 10 minutes later so I have no idea what he's talking about. Apparently when he came in the house from outside, Aubrie stated - Daddy you are a dickless man! Talk about mispronounciation! PRICELESS! I couldn't have planned it better! To this day it's one of the funniest most shocking things she has ever said. I think that is why we had kids - to make us laugh and share our stories with others!

Also - my blog disclaimer is such - I write like I talk. I'm random and I use insane words that most people don't throw into their daily conversation, but ask my co-workers it spreads & soon you'll be talking like me! Also - grammar - who needs it! I know there are errors in my writing so just groove with it!


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