Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bedroom Redo #3

Well tomorrow is June 1st.  That shocks me.

Today Mom & I finished up a job we have been working on.  We flipped 3 bedrooms for 3 little girls & had so much fun on this project.  You can see the last bedroom redo we tackled today here.

Ollie's surgery is quickly approaching.  June 9th will be here before I know it.  I have so much to do, but yet it's not close enough to do it.  Lots of packing for me & Jade, Ollie, and the big kids.  We will be busy.

We have finally nothing to do this week.  School is out.  So we are going to enjoy each other.  That means PJs all day, movies and popcorn in the afternoons, snuggles on the couch.  The kids can sleep in - yeah right.  The laundry & vacuum will take care of themselves - mm hmm.  It's gonna be a good week!

Exciting news to come :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A sweet, sweet day...

Today Ollie Faith was dedicated at our church.

She was all dressed up in a beautiful hand me down dress of Aubrie's.  It was sweet.

Pictures with 3 kids, was interesting.  For some reason they never all 3 cooperate at once.  So we did the best we could.  We have too many pictures of ridiculous poses, and one picture where all 3 are for the most part looking at the camera.

They love their baby sister & she adores them!

She was rocking the hair, and the baby blues today.  There wasn't a heart she didn't steal at church.  They all prayed for her heart & prayed for her to love Jesus.

We promised to raise her in a Christian home, and teach her about our heavenly father.  We promised to show her his love, so that she will know the God's power.  She is one of His.  I always tell her that Jesus loves his little children, and she is treasured by Him my friends.  We are in the perfect church to help us do this!  We love New Hope.

At church several of my family members came.  We had a big crowd.  My family is massive to say the least.  We also met several people which was nice.  Our church is huge so meeting people & hearing their sweet words was really a blessing as well.

I was very touched to see some co-workers come to support our family as well.  They miss me daily & care about my family.  My job is filled with the most compassionate, amazing co-workers you could ever wish for. It's truly a family first team & they showed that, by allowing me all this time at home with Ollie - no questions asked.  My co-workers think I'm hilarious, and sometimes I think I am too.  It was good to see them.  I have made amazing friends in the five years I have worked there, I miss seeing them daily because they are funny too.

Jade & I were proud today.  Proud to show off our family & proud to dedicate sweet Ollie Faith to the lord publicly.  She is amazing & it is easy to see her strength in her tiny smile.

God is good & we are blessed beyond measure.  And yes she looks like I feed her only butterfat in her cheeks, but she is a wee little thing.  Ten pounds of fighter this girl!

My grandma wrote in her card, Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.  It made me cry.  Ollie has more challenges than typical kids may have, but she's going to take them all on & show us all how special & strong she is.  First open heart surgery, then she's going to take on physical & occupational therapy.

  I am proud to be her Mama today, and every other day.  She is awesome.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tough Talks...

As surgery approaches, I am doing really well.

I don't feel scared.

I am excited.  Excited to get a healthy heart.  Excited to see Ollie thrive post-surgery.

She is so full of life right now, I can't imagine what she will be like when she feels great!  I know I will be nervous as the date approaches.

I can honestly feel the prayers surrounding my family.  All 3,000 prayer postcards are gone.  They went fast, unbelievably fast.  So if you have any left pass them out, get them on fridges, hairdressers counters, and stores so people can see her face and pray over her name.

After we passed out all the postcards, Aubrie started asking questions.

Trust me, talking about open heart surgery with your 5 year old is just something you never want to do.  She was scared.  She wanted to know if Ollie would die.  It hurt my heart.  It hurt for myself, but it hurt a lot for Aubrie.  She's 5 & honestly this journey we are on just really sucks sometimes.  That's not the nicest & most faithful thing I can say, but yes open heart surgery on your baby with other little kids in your house that understand what's going on - well it just does suck.

I did my best.  I reassured her that yes, Ollie could die, but I don't believe that she will die.  I don't want her to be scared.  I told  her that without this surgery Ollie would die so this surgery will save her life.  I told her that Ollie has the best doctors in the world.  She will be at the hospital where my brothers were & they had the best doctors in the world taking care of them, and they truly did.  She was worried because my brothers died because their heart was broken too.  It told her they couldn't fix Danny & Doug's heart & they live with Jesus celebrating in heaven, but the doctors can fix Ollie's heart.  That her heart is different than Danny & Doug and that they fix hearts like Ollie's every single day.  At the end of the conversation she gave me a hug & skipped off.

I think I did a good job calming her fears.  I just pray that when we are in St. Louis with Ollie and my family that Aubrie & Everett are not scared.  My cousin, Ellen, is taking care of them for a few days since Maggie & Kylie will be with us.  Ellen is like a big sister to me & I know the kids will have a blast with her and her 3 kids.  I just hope she's up for the task!  Everett will keep her on her toes for sure :)

Oh and tomorrow is all about Ollie! First she gets dedicated at church - then a lunch at Mom's to celebrate!  Prepare for pictures because she's going to be super cute tomorrow!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Be The Match...

Who needs you? 

What if there was a person, a real living breathing person out there somewhere that needed you, needed you to help save their life, & you didn't even know it?

Read my sister Abbie's blog & take the step.  It is super easy & you never know who you could save.

Toddlers with Down Syndrome are much more likely to develop leukemia within the first few years of life than typical children.  As if their list of medical concerns needs to be any longer, some how throw leukemia in the mix & you have some of the most amazing toughest kids in the world.  So I ask you for my Ollie.  Take this step today.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hair is serious business in these parts with Maggie the stylist living in your basement. 

Since Ollie has been born, her hair has grown more than her body...dead serious

It's amazing how long her hair is on top!

It also does a flip a dee doo da to the side.

Then she discovered wowsers - it will fit in a ponytail & her once buzzed short bangs are now fluffy so they look like a puff - nice.

Imagine my surprise when I woke her up yesterday morning & her hair was smoothed over like an old man comb over for the first time ever - what the what?  A storm was a coming & her hair was the first thing to run!

PS - yes these are crappy cell phone photos - no I do not have a photography blog - I am not that skilled :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rotten tooth...

Aubrie recently went to the dentist & came out with count 'em 4 cavities!

Jade & I were shocked - what the crap - how did that happen?  Then, we closely watched her brush her teeth - and we knew.  It doesn't help that we have well water & you forget the benefits of city water with fluoride in it for your shiny brights...so now we have fluoride supplements & anti-cavity wash to throw basically down the drain because the kids like to consume as much as possible at any given time.

So anyway, today Everett & I had our turn at the dentist. 

Why is it that when you get in a dental chair your kids go wild?  I'm leaned all the way back with my mouth open wide & hands in it.  I start to see the blinds opening & shutting.  Everett was messing with them...of course.  I was dying of embarrassment.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.  I finally tried the silent pinch to make him behave - then I got the ouch Mom why are you pinching me...kind of defeats the silent pinch purpose.  The rest of the time he sat between my legs on the dental chair about 3 inches from my face watching her clean my teeth - talk about a visit from h-e-double toothpicks as my mom says!

Ends up I have a cavity - I had 2 this fall.  Jeez no wonder where Aubrie gets it - I have rotten teeth.  Jade has never nada not ever had a cavity...of course he'd be that perfect darn it.

So when it was finally Everett's turn I went up front to nurse Ollie.

I could hear him the entire time.  He.never.shut.up.  I kept thinking gosh how are they cleaning his teeth?  Well they couldn't.  Then, I hear him touching the tooth brush thing & it's going rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr and the dentist said please doing touch that and it goes rrrrrrrr again - then Everett says what is that?  Again, I was mortified. 

So the dentist eventually comes up & tells me that Everett has a place that could become a potential cavity too - fan freaking tastic.  So much for a week with out doctor or dentist or eye doctor or ear doctor visits.  Next Wednesday I get another cavity filled...boo.

Cheek Meat

Ollie is getting quite the personality lately.

She smiles with her whole body.  It is awesome.

Her cheeks - well they are addictive.  I am addicted to her fat cheeks & her sweet almond eyes.

She's constantly signing - Boom - I don't know what that's about.

As surgery approaches, I am feeling great about things.  For once I'm feeling calm - I think we are getting a lot of prayers and God knows I needed the strength right now.  I am not as scared as I was to lose her, but I'm actually getting excited to get this done so she can just explode out of the shell that her heart has her in right now.  When she is fully healed, she will be able to start therapy & start kicking developmental butt!  I am very excited about that because her doctor says she has great tone - we are ready to build some more!

If you see us out and about, please know it's because we must run that errand.  Since she nurses exclusively and her heart burns my breastmilk so fast - she literally is with me everywhere.  She nurses about every hour during the day!  Sometimes I have to take her places I don't want to take her - I wish I could leave her with a grandma so she wouldn't be so publically exposed, but alas I can't.  So please, please, please...I know she is hard to resist, but please don't touch her.  With so few days until surgery time we don't want any new germs - if she gets sick - surgery gets post-poned - or she gets hospitalized possibly from the germ she gets.  People touch her constantly & I then have to wipe her tiny hands down with sanitizer because she chews her hands now so those germs go straight to her mouth.  Just think about all the things you touch in a day - it's a lot - car keys, dirty cell phones, carts, doors, light switches...plus you just shouldn't touch a baby without asking.  So anyway, that is my small rant today - don't touch the baby - for the love of God - don't touch the baby!  Just smile at her because she'll smile back.  Oh and no worries to the elite few that do get to love on her - you are still allowed, but only if you are not sick & you have freshly washed your hands.

Oh and a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has passed out a prayer card for us or that is praying for us.  All 3,000 prayer cards are gone - I have one for her baby book - that's it!  You are all awesome and we feel so loved right now!  Remember that where two or three come together in prayer - God is there as well!  You are doing amazing works with your prayers & he is listening & we will forever be grateful for this community we live in and that I blog in!  God is good!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Saturday night was the big tumbling recital.

Aubrie and Everett tumble together.  Aubrie loves it! 

I always seriously wondered how Everett did...now I know.

he runs around like a wild man.  No wonder he's so exhausted after tumbling!

Aubrie did great.  She pointed her toes.  I could tell she pays close attention to her form to make sure she does everything like they tell her to.

She got to wear some makeup & was thrilled about it!  Her eyelashes are seriously un.be.lievable.  They looked fake - I'm her mother & I still CAN'T get over how long they were.  I am jealous.

Everett did not wear makeup, but he did get hair product in his mohawk.  During the show we realized that he mainly pesters his sister, plays "kissy girl" (yikes he's 3), and wears a spandex leotard.  All the girls love him...oh dear.

Luckily he's cute so they let him hug on them!  Hopefully tumbling pays off for Ev.  Jade swears it will make him more limber so he is a better wrestler - again he's 3 and Jade's worrying about how he will wrestle...one broken arm so far - many more I fear...

I just hope he's not the next Jake the Snake - which I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life - yes my life is that glamorous & awesome.  Jealous much??

Oh and the song was 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' - hilarious.  One day Everett will kill Jade & I for this.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Please Help Albina!!!

Albina is an orphan in Eastern Europe. Because she was born with Down syndrome, she is considered a burden to her society, an outcast to be hidden away.

What if that was my sweet Ollie?  It very well could be & I would do everything in my power to save her.  And right now the only thing I can do for Albina is blog & plead to you to help her.

An anonymous family has committed to matching dollar for dollar donations for her up to $5,000. So far, through the generosity of so many like-minded people, she now has $2,873 in her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow. If she receives $5,000, her grant fund will be $10,000. Enough to entice a family to step forward to adopt her.  Awesome...I think so!!

Go here & leave a comment to win an awesome...I mean I'd love to have it...camera!  All you need to do is donate a small amount - $10 to her fund, or blog, or facebook her cause.  Seriously you blow $10 a week at McDonalds - so do it for Albina!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Aubrie is a Tiny Tech graduate.

I always knew she was 5 going on 15.  They grow too fast & her years have flown by me!

She told Everett he was graduating too so he wouldn't be sad!

She told Ollie about how one day she would graduate too!


She was proud, she said her parts loud.

She said she was beautiful...and she was.

She smiled great big & hugged all her friends & family.

She got sick of pictures fast - lots and lots of pictures.

She celebrated like a big kid!

She is officially out of school for the summer - hooray!

I am proud of Aubrie.  She is smart & sweet & a top class student.  She will love love love kindergarten!

The American Farmer

My Dad is a farmer.

Yes a real life, working the dirt kind of man.  He tills the soil, or sometimes he uses no-till.  He always plants & harvests it.

In the spring he worries about rain & getting the crops in on time.

In the fall he worries again about rain & sometimes snow & getting the crops out on time.

His hands always...always...look dirty.  Even when he washes them.  He works hard.  Gloves are optional.

He grows corn, sorghum, soybeans, wheat, and my personal favorite - beef cattle.  I have eaten at some amazing steak joints in my high profile job days - never has one touched the flavor of my Dads.

He doesn't have a college degree, but he's smarter than anyone I know.  Sometimes using your hands is the best way to learn.

He drives big tractors with cabs, and sometimes tractors without cabs. 

He works in the blazing heat, pouring rain, and icy cold.  I have personally seen snot frozen on his nose.

He always carries a hankie.

He doesn't get sick days, or vacation days.  Someone still has to feed the cattle no matter what.  That is dedication.

He gets kicked in the nuts...literally...and gets up and walks it off.  He is tough squared.

He likes when the grand kids tag along.  I used to tag along when I was a little - I did not enjoy it. 

 It was hot, buggy, and always stinky and dirty.  I prefer Moms pedicures and shopping trips.  I did however like the snacks.  There were always...always...snacks with Dad and Grandpa Everett.  Ice cream, Snickers, Little Debbie's - always snacks.

Everett loves to farm.  He loves to fix things.  I hope he becomes the next American farmer.  We need more men that understand the value of true hard work, breaking your back for a dollar, working hard for your family.  There aren't enough of these amazing men around & I'm proud to be the daughter of one!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Prayer Postcards

It's been one heck of a great morning!

I was running around town rocking these bad boys!

Everyone seriously needs a pair - ultimate comfort - bonus good cause!

Passing out these...

I ordered 3,000.  by 11:15 I had passed out my 2000.  Mom was mailing a bunch in the box of 1000 I gave her & Abbie wanted 500 of those.  I'm guessing we've passed out about 2500 prayer postcards today.  Thank you everyone who took stacks for your churches, friends, neighbors, schools, hairdressers, etc.  Thank you to Jamie my dear friend who took the pictures & put these sweet postcards together for me - your talent is going out today to everyone we know :)

No matter what the Simpsons say...Shelbyville is pretty freaking fantastic.

Oh and of course the guest of honor was in tow.  She was eating up all the prayers in her name!

20 days and counting...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet Innocence

Don't let this handsome devil fool ya.

He's cute I know - trust me I know.

He has me wrapped around his pinkie finger with his "I lobe you to the moon & back"'s.  He is sweeter than sweet...

and super duper ornery.

He's smart.  He fully assembled this & turned it on.  Luckily no giant hickies were left behind...

He plays hard & is a tornado...then he crashes even harder - in his gum boots.  I didn't dare move him because he'd be back up at full speed again.

No matter what time he goes to bed - count on it - he'll be up at 6 AM.  He lives up to his name Everett.  Just like Grandpa he's an early riser.  He loves fixing things & I see a mechanic or farmer growing deep within his soul.

Today we had a MAJOR catastrophe.

You see.  We got these for Christmas...

Sadly - Tuna & Patty died.  So we got Dyson (the sucker fish) & then two new fish - Goldie (a plain goldfish) and Fannie (a fan-tailed goldfish).  Aubrie named these fish.

Anyway...today I heard a crash & Everett hysterically bawling.

And it took time to process...what the crap was going on.

I realized holy shiz-nit.  Everett spilled the fish tank!!!

Half the water was gone - rocks on the ground - Dyson the sucker fish wedged between the wall & the woodwork...oh my gosh it was BAD!  I cleaned it all up & sanitzed the bathroom praying it won't smell like fish & still managed to get the two kids to town by 8 AM - again Everett is up so stinking early we had time to kill!!

So we had one casualty today - Goldie has died.

Aubrie will be mad.  She will probably spank Everett - or he thinks she will.  For some reason if she tells him she will spank him - he believes she has the authority to do so.  Reminder - she is 5 - he is 3 - and no we don't allow her to spank and discipline - she's just something else in her own mind!


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