Monday, April 30, 2012

The Songs of Babes

Little Miss Muffet by Cline Daniel:

Miss Muffet went on her tuffet
eating her turds and whey
wong tame a pider
went down awhide ah
eating away

Grandma Janie taught it to her - perhaps Caroline needs a new babysitter because Grandma Janie's interpretation is much to be desired haha!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Healthy Baby...

This post has been rolling around in my head since before I had Ollie. I recently saw something briefly on Facebook that promped me to pour it out, so bear with me.
Since my pregnancy I've been around numerous people expecting after me including two sisters.
There is one comment that always stands out. It's meant to be a positive statment, but is it really??
People always say, "All I want is a healthy baby." or "It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl as long as the baby is healthy."
Think about that for a second. What does it really mean?
If I were to have a 4th child at some point - I'm afraid I'd get that comment all the time, because people association Down Syndrome as a defect, so they view Ollie as unhealthy. Which granted her heart was not healthy - I know that & don't wish it upon anyone. BUT her heart was fixable & she's healthy now, and we grew as people tremendously through that event. She has Down Syndrome, but it doesn't make her unhealthy.
To me when you say all I want is a healthy baby - doesn't it kind of slap me in my face?? Doesn't it kind of insinuate that anything less than "typical" is less? What does it really mean if your baby isn't healthy?? Does it change your decision?? I hope not.
During my pregnancy when nothing was certain anyway I received I'm sorry statements from everyone. And don't get me wrong, people mean well when they say they are sorry, but I was still thrilled by Ollie Faith. To this day I'm still thrilled with her. It would have helped my heart so much if instead of I'm sorry, I would have been told congratulations, your baby is a gift from God or congratulations just left as simple as that.
I'm pretty sure most of the apologies I received were really focused on Down Syndrome & this preconceived notion in peoples heads that my life with Ollie was going to be harder, that she may live with us forever & it made them uncomfortable, that they were happy it was me and not them...that sounds harsh, but I know that's the truth - for some people anyway.
Maybe you disagree, but then again you most likely haven't walked in my shoes and you don't have the perspective that I have on all of this.
All I'm trying to say is that perhaps we should just be THANKFUL that we are having ANY baby. That we should accept what God has given us with open hands. That we shouldn't apologize for something God has planned in our lives even if it's an unexpected gift in any form and we shouldn't just expect & want healthy babies.
In my case what people see as a genetic defect is by far one of my greatest blessings. Sometimes this unexpected journey is what makes us who we are and makes us grow into better people.
Besides if you saw Ollie's sweet face now, you have to admit - there is absolutely nothing to apologize for.

***I also want to admit that pre-Ollie I have said all I want is a healthy baby, in fact I probably said it about her because I didn't care if she was a boy or girl. BUT now I know better because all I wanted was MY baby, healthy or not.  I said it because I didn't really think about what I meant & assumed I would always have healthy babies.  In fact I delivered a very unhealthy baby with a broken heart.  My parents lost my twin brothers at 17 days after their birth because they were conjoined and shared a heart that couldn't be fixed.  I know what an unhealthy baby is & honestly I do not want anyone to  have to walk where we have walked in fear for your childs life or mourning your loss.  I wouldn't want those heart aches passed onto anyone.  That being said, I don't want people that are getting screened for chromosomal issues to view DS as unhealthy, to abort because DS is unhealthy.  You can in fact have a healthy child that doesn't have the typical amount of chromosomes.  I don't want a lynch mob upset with me over this because I seriously understand the want of a healthy baby, but we don't get to choose.  God gives us what we need & what he gives us is for a reason, a reason we can only wonder or ponder until the day we are called home.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pix for the Hubs!!

I'm so blessed to have a good friend that is also a wonderful photographer. 

She took me and the kids out recently and took some new photos to surprise Jade.

They are fabulous!  Thank you as always Jamie!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Chronicles of Aubrie & Everett

The bigs went on an adventure this week with my camera...welcome to life through their eyes.  They took the pictures, I will chronicle it for them...

Shadows are still mysterious - thanks to Peter Pan.


Max the rabbit can't be trusted - he has red eyes - never trust people with red eyes.


When you venture out to the limits of where you are allowed to go in the yard without leaving the yard, the sky is truly bluer on the other side.


and the house looks better this far away...


The yard seems enormous when you are under 4' tall.


Your brother is your very best friend, even if he's on your purple bike.


Always, always, always, document the wasps' nests because you never know when they will do a surprise attack on you.


Overfeed your cats & put them in the choke hold if they do not obey.


Every legendary day includes a glamour shot of yourself!

*Sidenote - ha look at how strong her glasses are here!!*


Stay out of the woods it's a rule - so just photograph them instead.


You gotta admit girlfriend has good perspective here.


Our favorite flowers!  Too bad they didn't pick them for their Mom.


I spared you the hundreds of blurry random photos.  To be honest I'm quite shocked no one mooned the camera in this set - must be a new record for them!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I love surprises!

There are some things in life that just is Jade to a T.

Mowing is one of them. 

He is Captain Manicured Lawn.  Graduate of Golf Course Academy 401.  President and CEO of Wind Rows Aren't Cool.  Lawn Lover Extraordinaire.

His blood may just be green.


He has always, and I mean always dreamed of a big time mower.  This year he found his dream mower, and I told him no.  I told him not this year that we needed to wait.  We kept getting fliers from the mower store & he'd fall in love all over again over the little sales flier.  I stuck to my guns, no we can't afford it right now.

Then, I put a plan into place.  You see I normally couldn't have done this, but now that I'm a Beachbody coach - I can afford it!  The fact that Beachbody has opened new doors for me to do things like this for my love - priceless.

So I setup everything on my own.  Maggie & Kylie split it with me since they  have a football field lawn too.  Then I had Dad take in our old mower and make the trade & pick up the new mower.

I called Jade at work in a faked panic.  I told him the tub faucet had just fallen off & that a jet of water was spraying water like mad all over the bathroom.  You could tell he was shitting himself over the thought.  He told me how to shut off the water for the whole house & rushed home from work.

He couldn't believe it.  He slapped on his perma-grin & took the new ride for a few passes on the lawn - and that baby mows like a stinking go cart - FAST!

He's still thrilled & so am I that I pulled of such a big surprise for the man that does so very much for me!

~Annie Reid

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A New Normal

We have arrived.


Better late than never.

Life is dare I say "normal" again.  It's hardly typical for others but for us it's a new sweet normal.

Our world doesn't revolve around doctor appointments, tears, worry, stress, needles, pulse ox levels, colds, GERMS!!

100_5660 (2)

I'm able to attend Aubrie & Everett's t-ball games without cringing when someone with unwashed hands heads our way.

I can put Ollie down in the grass at the park.

We can go to chuch, eat out at resteraunts.  I can hand her over to someone that doesn't have antibacterial cleaner attached to their hip.  When someone sneezes I don't think are they sick.  She gets to be charming her, and let me tell you people dig Ollie Faith hard core!

I can breathe again.  I feel like me.  I'm no longer focused on the what ifs of Down Syndrome.  In fact I don't use the word Down syndrome multiple times a day - and probably several days I don't use it at all!

We can relax & enjoy God's blessings!  I'm busy but we're doing what is us.  Family, friends, junk trips, decorating, blogging, just normal.

I am thrilled - I feel like me - a new better me.  A me with fresh eyes for the beauty in life.  A me that can slow down and appreciate the three blessings I have.  An exceptional life that I'm not taking for granted.  A life with big dreams & even bigger thankfulness for all that we have!

I hope you are happy I'm back to blog world.  Now that I'm regularly blogging I have SO much to tell you - buckle your seatbelts - it's time for a wild ride with the Reids!

~Annie Reid

PS - you MUST check out the sweet chub rolls on Ollie's arms.  We have worked HARD for girlfriend to gain weight - and clearly it is no longer an issue :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Living Room Redo...

You are all going to think I have lost my mind.  Like seriously, hopefully people get this new look!

 I used to have two black leather sofas.  They weren't the most comfortable because the backs were tall and shoved your neck out.  To top it off at less than 5 years old the backs were starting to peel off - and yes that ticks me off because even with a warranty the company wouldn't fix it for us.

So I was forced to get creative.

A few years ago at a store I purchased two funky old sofas for like $75 total.  Cheap cheap.

100_5640 (2)

Last week me, Mom, & Maggie decided to move the black sofas out and bring up the funky old ones.  Let me tell you - these babies are heavier than a mother!!


In 2 hours or less we carried 2 sofas down stairs and these bad boys up.  I have a U shaped staircase.  It was a circus.

  There was a lot of cussing, pinched toes & fingers, and I'm pretty sure we all peed our pants laughing at least twice.

100_5648 (2)

We all like the look.  It's funky.  We dig it.  We're weird like that.  They are super comfortable & very long.  My room feels bigger & not as dark.


Jade came home and gave me the "What the hell were you thinking look??"

Then he laid down and was like "Oh these are pretty nice."

Which goes back to my statement I keep reminding him of - I am always right - ha!

100_5654 (2)

It also gave me a new spot to setup an art wall.  The family portrait is by Abbie, Trudie the pug is by me, the cat is Aubrie's and the blue blob is by Picasso-ish Everett.  I also have a spot to keep all Ollie's books separate from the bigs books & the stools are handy for the kids in the kitchen since it's an open floor plan & the kids love to taste & cook.

So what do you think?  And if you hate it - keep it to yourself - ha! 

~Annie Reid

Monday, April 16, 2012

Because She’s Famous

You guys are hooked on this girl in a bad way.  Like addicts - you are in love with her.

And I have been mistreating you.  I know, I know how unfair.  Are you having withdrawls???

You want to know what she's up to...

Well she can rock a sweet new pony.  And I've been fighting off the boys with sticks because let's face it - she's a keeper!


She has also sprouted a mouthful of teeth.  One week she had 2.  The next she had croup, a double ear infection, and six new teeth.  Now she's working on 2 more.  A grand total  of 10 teeth in a month.  Yes that was one hellacious month.


She can stand up and lean against the couch & thinks it's hilarious.  She's working on crawling on all 4s.  She still does the inch worm but gets on her knees more so that's a bonus.  She's completely weaned & takes a bottle & a sippy cup.  She REFUSES to let me feed her at all.  She is stubborn.  SUPER stubborn already.  She has decided that she will feed herself & so she does.  She eats all kinds of food - remember the 10 teeth.  She says Dada constantly.  We work on Mama constantly.  Remember she's stubborn - well then she pats me and says Dada again and laughs.  She's dancing.  She's signing some words.  She's getting big and toddler-ish.

She's a riot.  She laughs hard & makes everyone else laugh too.  She's just fantastic in every sense of the word.

Perez Hilton needs to put her on his radar because girlfriend is taking the world by storm one day at a time!

PS - ignore the dirty bib - when you sling food in your mouth like a muppet it's bound to make every bib you own look disgustingly piggish.

~Annie Reid

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some of my favorite things…

It’s apparent when you walk in the front door that I am a collector.  If it’s old & thrown out by someone else, chances are this girl digs it.

One of my favorite things – color!  I don’t do neutral well.  I like bold, bright, color.  It makes me happy.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.


Chippy paint – if it’s old original paint I swoon.  See this pink dresser – killer right – $40 score!  You can’t afford not to buy at that price.  Ah-mazing!


Industrial items – if some old man used it on a farm or in a shop – I dig on it.  Rusty metal oooo la la baby!


*Oh and see those little glass boxes - perfect to hold keepsakes of your kids - Ev's old pacifier, Aubrie's first pair of glasses, and Ollie's medical bracelet & Lasix syringe.

When I find things I love, I collect them.  I can’t just have one – no I need an odd number – and at least 5.  Hoarder – kind of.


Metallic paint - well any kind of bling I'm a humming bird -  We call this dresser the tin man.  This is my bedroom dresser.  One coat of spray paint – and trust me it’s fabulous.  $85 at an auction – sturdy, old, solid – piece of American sweetness right here baby.


Original artwork by my sister Abbie.  Yes - my family as googly heads - Love!


A funny man - he's in our bedroom and he's giant - like 3' tall.


A giant framed plunger for the shitter room - pardon my french - I had to do it.


Matching paintings for above the toilet plus an old teeny tiny sink plunger - yep baby!  That's how we roll & no it's not a used plunger!


So if you run into a pile of junk and you are local - I'm the girl to call - between my sisters & my Mom we will most likely find a way to turn that trash into treasure!

Annie Reid

Vegas Baby!

This handsome man has taken on my couples challenge.

Challenge accepted!

The two of us are taking a couples only trip.  The first real vacation longer than a weekend get away post kids - and we've been married 8 years!!

We are going to the bright lights of Vegas.

I have a Beachbody convention & he's tagging along to hang with his favorite gal.  The thought of poolside with fellow Beachbody coaches has him in the throws of whey protein shakes & lean protein - 9 months of my transformation & hubby is on board.

Wish us luck.  He's been kicking butt with the free weights & I've been kicking his butt with cardio. 
Don't tell him - I secretly like smoking him.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The perfect name for a rabbit: Roger...

Have you ever looked out your window, not once but twice & said "What the H-E-double toothpicks (as my Mom likes to say)"

For Easter my gracious (I'm being nice here) parents delivered 3 rabbits to my kids.  AKA to me to take care of right - ya you are with me.

They were ecstatic - can you tell?

They quickly named the rabbits the best names possible - Roger, Kevin, and Max.

Approximately 30 minutes after the rabbits arrived I was changing Ollie's diaper (her changing table is in front of her window) & I look up to see a white rabbit topping 60 mph, chased by two kids pumping their arms up to their noses, and Trudie the pug huffing behind them, topped off with frantic screaming.

Fortunately Jade is the cattleman that he is and the kids herded Max directly into Jade's hands & he saved the day.  He could have worn a cape & mask that day - the kids thought he was such a hero!

*And no we didn't keep the rabbit cage smack dab in the front yard.  It's now moved to the side of the house under a large shade tree.

After emergency 101, I walked in my bedroom this week & saw Roger running free on top of the cages.  I was yelling for help when swift footed Maggie saved the day by running outside & catching him before he darted into the huge vast woods a mere 10' away.  Can you imagine living the life of a rabbit - seriously caged up 10' from the woods.  Rough life huh?!?

Anyway, the culprit in every situation...Everett Mason.

The cages are now properly wired shut & Everett Mason has received a speech on more than one account from his big sister on the proper cage shutting etiquette. 

God help me, and the rabbits.

Oh and for those of you wondering, yes pay back is a bitch.  Stuart & Janie Fox may be receiving a pony for Father's Day - but you didn't hear that from me.


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