Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ollie Updates

Ollie is pretty well famous - in fact google "Down Syndrome Tattoo" & go to the images - you find her all over those pages - hilarious - yes!
Girlfriend is 21 months old now and a light in our lives.  Her smile brightens any room and she smiles a lot!
Her vocabulary has taken off.  I have a word list because she says so many!  Communication was always my biggest fear with her, but so far she's coming along!  Her favorite words are:  Daddy, Everett, Aubrie, bye bye, oht oh, doggy, kitty cat, up/down, baba for her bottle, and most recently no.  Please take note she does not say Mama.  She's rotten.

Girlfriend is still working on her gross motor skills.  She climbs like crazy, she cruises furniture & walls, and LOVES her walkers.  She isn't walking independently but we think by Christmas she will have it.  That is VERY exciting!!

She was recently blessed with a gift from a kind neighbor - she received an IPAD and she's in love with it.  We're focusing on fine motor skills like using her pointer finger, she loves the pages that have animals & make animal sounds like traditional flash cards.  She also loves the books because the autoread books make lots of sounds & have action to them.  This is by no means a way to replace other therapies, but it's a huge tool for her & we are incredibly thankful for it!
And one last update - this is the kids for Halloween - I'm a bit late with sharing, but alas I'm terrible at updating the blog!  Everett was a skunk, Aubrie a raccoon, and Ollie an owl.  Ollie fell asleep on the way to town so not one person saw the cuteness she was exuding!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You!

Here is a short song from Everett to thank all our Veterans for their service!
*ignore his messy shirt - he had just had dinner and spilled some of his drink!  And his hair - oh his hair - I'm not allowed to touch it - so we cut it shorter this weekend!*


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