Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice & Snow - OH NO!

Oh the joys of Illinois weather.

This evening we are expecting lots of freezing rain.  All day tomorrow we are set to receive even more freezing rain - a day of freezing rain - joyous.  Then bless our hearts, Wednesday we get snow and winds.  Then, we'll end the week with freezing temperatures so nothing melts off.  Right now, it's to the point they haven't even attempted estimates in our area.  The weathermen seriously this time have no clue what we will actually get - not that they are ever right, but I'd like an educated guess!

I normally don't mind the snow and ice that we have.  I hate it for my Dad that works cattle in this weather.  He deals with freezing waterers & feeding cattle in this mess.  I also hate it for my husband that works in the middle of interstates and highways performing surveys, and then has to have enough firewood ready to heat our home.  Men who work outside in this type of weather are amazing dedicated men!  I'm luckily inside and it's pretty out the window so I can deal.  I'm used to driving in it and handle it just fine for the most part.  However, being very pregnant with a baby that must be delivered 2 hours from home - I am not excited about this storm.

So dear weatherman.  I know Northern Illinois is set to get 18-24 inches of snow, but can you send them our ice too?  I'll take some snow off their plate if you can spare us the ice!  Sorry in advance Northerners, but I must pray that you get the brunt of this storm!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bloggy Friends

It's so funny how this blog makes you become friends with people you'd honestly never ever meet otherwise.  I have been very blessed in the last year to become friends with some wonderful women.  Women who pray diligently for my family & especially Miss Ollie, friends that e-mail me hysterical letters that make me laugh hard, and friends that also write amazing blogs that open my mind and get me laughing so hard I cry at times.

I have received two wonderful gifts in the last week I wanted to share.  First, Jessica sent me this heart she crafted.  It's perfect in Ollie's room and oh so appropriate...a heart!  Thank you lady I adore it!  Friends, she has an adorable son Aidan, and has sent me so many fabulous ideas about nursing & Ollie since it may be a struggle for us.  I so appreciate her!!

Then, I received a package from Cara, and oh my gosh my kids were SO excited!  They LOVE mail!  Cara is such a sweet heart and made me this special frame with the bible verse I've been running through my mind a lot lately.  I about died when I opened it, and now it's in my bedroom to remind me every day to stay strong to my Faith with Ollie.

She also found this little string doll, named of all things - Ollie!  I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  How often does anyone actually see or hear the name Ollie?  Aubrie about croaked and wore it on her backpack a few days to school to show it off.  Now it's on Ollie's diaper bag.  On the back of the tag it talks about this doll helping you overcome obstacles - again perfect.

Cara is a big sweetie with some adorable girls.  She also shares fabulous recipes if you ever need help in the kitchen.

So I want to thank you ladies, you went out of your way & thought of my family & I just can't believe your thoughtfulness!  Thank you thank you thank you again - I am so blessed to have "met" you in my life.  You both send me lovely notes, pray for us, and touch my heart with your friendship.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I never knew that at 3 and 5, my kid would be gamers...

but they are. 

Thankfully they have educational games they love to play.

These new toys also make fantastic punishments.  Thank you electronic world!  Top of the fridge toy take away land has never been more effective.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chicken Legs...Not So Much

My mom is ridiculous.

If you read this probably agree...and you know where I get it.

This post left my sisters and I reeling - what in the world is Mom talking about.  We've known her our entire life - daytime vs. nighttime underwear - what?!?

She enlightened us.  I seriously never knew she did this.  I don't think she always did.  I think it's a new trend in her life (mid-life crisis) started by easy access to the Jockey outlet in Tuscola.  She now can pour over undergarments never before seen in these parts. 

So I decided recently, mainly because all my underwear are shrinking which is weird - why would they all just shrink like that...that I'd try on this idea.  However, I took it a step farther.  I got into Jade's drawer & whipped out his boxer briefs.  That's right ladies, my skinny legged, tiny butt of a husband's boxer briefs.  You know what?!?  They fit like a glove & are uber - that's right uber - comfortable.  I think I may have to buy my own so I don't have to share with him!  I may have to try on his A shirts tonight to see if the combination is even better!

He however was shocked by this new trend.  He came into the bedroom and since they are shorts that are relatively long on me since I'm a short gal, I feel like I can walk around in them openly (until Kylie is in the basement - if it was just Maggie she'd get the treat of this).  Jade's jaw hit the ground & he just started laughing - laughing hard.  Then he proclaimed - that I - 37 weeks pregnant Annie - look like a Muay Tai fighter.  I said thank you!  I think it's a compliment Muay Tai fighters have muscular legs.  Apparently, that made him laugh harder, he didn't describe the junk in my trunk as muscular.

I found this picture here & thought oh my gosh it looks like me...with a goatee!  His belly is SO comparable right now!

Men should have to be pregnant at least once to understand...that would treat 'em right!  He's lucky I think he's funny too & love him despite his ridiculousness.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Slinging Paint

Basement progress has been kicking booty at our house.  I have wonderful men & women in my family that are so handy & capable.

I on the other hand, have been slacking on my updates...and forgetting to take pictures.

To catch you up, the drywall was finished & textured.  I like to hang my pretties, so the thought of smooth walls and me living here 60 years - well that's just scary what they'd look like after a life-time of decorating!  So we use knock down & love it!  Dad pulled through and his texture application was flawless!

Jade then used a sprayer to spray paint the walls and ceilings with primer & then painted the ceilings white.  Painting the walls was a snap with a quality primer/paint combination.  Well I shouldn't say snap, because I just watched, but one coat & they were done so I can kind of say snap right??

Caroline's room is a sassy greenish yellow.  It's called Goldendale A29-4 from Ace Hardware.

As the paint dried, Daddio went to town with the electrical work.  He said he'd be at my house until midnight.  He finished up at 9.  He's the master - I said it - the master!

Kylie is the master at cutting - he did a fabulous job around the ceiling.  Luckily with no trim  or carpet - paint slinging is fast & easy!

Abbie was in charge of Maggie & Kylie's mega room.  They went with a spunky turquoise color called Peace River A38-3 from Ace Hardware.  Abbie & Jade rolled and did the ceiling cutting.  I believe Jade left Abbie hanging for most of the job.

When the paint was dry, Dad threw up Caroline's light fixture - after I turned the shade so the seam was to the corner - it was perfect.   I'm so very happy I bought this fixture from Lowes!

Kylie learned how to wire when the painting was done & he worked on closet ceiling fixtures.

Dad moved onto more electrical outlets in the big bedroom.  Maggie & Kylie have 4 recessed lights since it's such a big room & we aren't sure the purpose yet recessed lighting works.  Jade wants a theater room wome day, so it makes sense in here.  We put the lights on a dimmer.  Kylie was excited, and I then made sure they knew we weren't mirroring any ceilings or putting smooth jazz on any type of surround sound in this room.

Jade cleaned up paint supplies in the bathroom tub.  Tonight, I cleaned the bathroom tub!  And yes, he has cut the sleeves off his t-shirts - notice plural there - t-shirts.

I watched while all the work went down and grabbed you not the best picture of Ollie.  Old mirrors are fabulous, and the blur of my flash has hidden my newest accessories - my nose and lips - they are so swollen - and definitely not mine.

So what's left you ask?

Painting & installing white trim - we use 1x4s and 1x6s so it's easy and fast
Painting & installing closet doors
Installing closet systems
Wiring up the TV thing a ma jigs that are in the walls
And finally the carpet - which we are hiring out & the man is coming Tuesday & Wednesday to install!

Woo hoo -  next weekend they move!  Talk about close timing eh!

A Public Announcement..

Somehow I completely forgot to announce this, but Mama hen is blogging.

Check her out here.

Once you read about her life, you'll understand where my ridiculousness comes!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's A Date!!

We have an induction date!  February 10th at 9 AM -  St. Louis - Barnes-Jewish South!

So excited to meet baby Ollie!  Today her ultrasound measured her at 5 pounds 8 ounces & they can tell she has a lot of hair.  We could only see the back of her head since she's so low, so it may be a mullet of hair, but that's OK too!

Jade & I are very excited, and can't believe how little our Princess may be.  Everett was 8 pounds 11 ounces and Aubrie was 7 pounds 12 ounces, so Miss Ollie will most likely be a tiny bundle of joy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parenthood + Naps

I love my sleep.  I relish the fact that both kids sleep all night long pretty much every night.  When they are sick it nearly kills me to be up and down in the night.

Well this weekend it hit Everett.  Friday night he had a bad breathing episode and was shaking so hard.  Jade left to take him to the ER.  I was terrified.  I sat in my chair crying, and realized that Ollie may kill me with her little heart.  I was so upset over Everett going to the ER and well it doesn't compare to what my future holds!  I then decided that since I was up, I would clean.  I stayed busy until Mom & Dad arrived.  Then, cell phone coverage was lost in our area so Dad decided he'd just take me to the ER.  By the time Jade got Everett to Effingham, because I insisted he go there over our local hospital...Everett was perfectly fine.  We were half way there by then.  Seriously, how do kids do that?  How can they be so sick, and twenty minutes later they are fine.  He woke up and said Dad what are we doing, where are we - I just wanna go to bed.  Seriously being a parent is hard. 

He was fine most of the weekend.  He ran a low grade fever off and on and had a barky cough.  Then, he got pretty sick again Sunday night.  He had a high fever, coughed all night, and just didn't sleep at all - neither did I.  Yesterday I took him to the pediatrician and he confirmed Everett has croup.  We're praying the steroids work and he doesn't get pneumonia!  Apparently croup has turned into pneumonia for many kids this year & we don't need that.  Overall it was a really good appointment.  I had a chance to discuss Ollie's care, and I'm confidant our pediatrician will be a good fit for us.  He's a very nice man, and has a love for kids so surely he'll love our Ollie too especially when he sees her so often! 

Everett was of course as good as gold at the doctors office.  He had them all fooled.  They went on and on how sweet he is.  Which he is very sweet, but he's usually hyped up like he lives on Mountain Dew.  Typically he's into the tongue depressors, the garbage, then he's pulling out the leg stirrups on the table for OB visits.  It's never ever quiet.  In fact they have said before boy it's not quiet in here when I take him to the Dr.  Small rooms + Everett = Me on the brink of a melt down.  Yesterday though, he sat perfectly still, answered their questions, and said thank you as sweet as he could.  It was shocking to say the least.  He was obviously very very sick!

So I took him home, and thought he's so tired if I put on a movie and lay with him on the couch he'll take a nap.  Wrong - I took a nap - he played around me.  He looked terrible with dark circles under his eyes so then I thought, we'll get in my bed with a movie & pull the blinds - he'll surely take a nap then.  Wrong again - I took a second nap.  Seriously - what the what Annie?!?  I may not survive a newborn the way I like sleep!  How did I do this before?  I don't know - that was 5 and 3 years ago - oh dear! 

On a positive note, I did a load of laundry, mopped the floor, baked cookies, & made dinner so I wasn't a complete slacker!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

36 weeks

Wow!  Time flies doesn't it?

Today I am officially term, officially 36 weeks! 

I just can't believe it's going so fast.  This summer when we found out, we were so surprised and excited.  We were still debating the 3rd baby with the other two so "big".  We were out of diapers and into sleeping through the night regularly.  We were having conversations that made sense & everyone had a booster seat now.  The thought of starting over, was a bit scary.  However, we still thought 3 was the right number, and that maybe this fall or winter would be the time if we were ever going to take the plunge. 

They say make a plan and God laughs right?!  So in June - Father's Day weekend to be exact - Jade & I realized we were becoming parents again, and oh my gosh we were excited.  And we realized Ollie was a miracle.  She was God's plan, not ours and we were so happy we were blessed with her.  We decided that we wouldn't find out her sex because it didn't really matter.  We wanted to be surprised.

And man, she has not stopped surprising us!  In September, I dreamt she was a girl with Down Syndrome.  I'm weird like that, but I always dream and know what my babies are.  I just know.  In October we saw the specialists and life crashed down - just temporarily.  October was Down Syndrome Awareness month & all the bloggers were posting daily blogs - 31 for 21 (Trisomy 21 is the real name of Down Syndrome).  It was a wonderful time to read about all these families & a big help emotionally.  Since this fall we've been on an uphill climb.  We've grown in our faith, and we've grown in our marriage.  We are stronger than we have honestly ever been, and after 14 years, we were pretty darn strong to start.  At this point, I don't know how Jade could be any better for me, but I know every year he gets better and better!  I heart him friends.

It's amazing that this one baby, that we debated over, has been such a blessing to us.  Such a joy, and we haven't even met her yet!  I am so excited and I know the next 3 weeks will fly by.  I can't wait to announce Ollie Faith to the world & I know so many people are praying over her and loving her - it's really quite unbelievable. 

Today I go to the OB in all the snow and wind (with Jade as my driver in a 4x4 big truck)!  It's just a checkup so everything should be well.  I do know that Ollie's head is locked & engaged!  How do I know?  Well the belly/crotch of all my pants are now too tight.  Her head is so low, that sitting in pants just shouldn't be done.  If I have 3 more weeks of this, I think I'll be sporting some unattractive yoga pants to work daily - apologies in advance!!

And don't worry - I washed the face off already!  If I paint that face on and whistle while moving my belly just right my kids laugh and laugh and laugh.  It's so worth it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bring Your Banjo

When your greatest friends come over, they bring their banjo!

You see this man in the middle, well it's John Heiserman, and we are beyond blessed that he repeatedly shows up to save our butts.  He is in tight with my Dad, and God love him for putting up with Dad's antics...well probably more like Mom's antics.  John's wife is a great friend to my Mom, and I'm sure double date nights nearly render Dad & John deaf with these two cackling ladies together! 

John builds homes for a living & when we built our house, he continually showed up with Bob Villa helpful hints to help Jade & Dad out.  This time when he showed up he brought his banjo!  This banjo put the drywall tape & first layer of mud on our walls in no time flat.  It's seriously amazing how fast he could throw up the tape & mud!

Aubrie was thoroughly impressed with John's skills.

Jade is still sporting the rally beard & I finally got a picture of it!

When men Dad's size fall down it's not usually graceful.  Somehow this man perched himself on a piece of drywall on top of a garbage can & sawhorse.  When he came crashing down I seriously thought they were throwing ladders.  He has a full arm scar to prove he's tough.  I still can't believe he thought the drywall would hold his weight - hilarious. 

PS - don't ever tell Dad I said this, but why are his forearms so massive?  He's 51 - really, really dad!?  I think he has one of those shake weights or something.

The kids, well we tried to keep them out of the way.  They tried to shampoo their own hair...didn't Aubrie do a great job?

Caroline ran around in her PJs after her bath and even cleaned her belly button!

The next time I checked on the men, John grew substantially.  He had also finished taping Caroline's room!  I'm telling you he's good, and since he runs his own business I'd like to point out that if you are in the area & need construction work, he's the man for the job!!

Dad wanted me to be sure I got a picture of his Fox Redi-Mix shirt from the back.  Yes he sells concrete when he's not farming so we can provide for your summer concrete projects!  If you order from them you may get to speak to a European model, I mean Kylie.

These men are hilarious together & I won't repeat their discussions about stilts, it was inappropriate to say the least!

Give John Heiserman a room and thirty minutes, this is what you get!  Perfection!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Plea, A Prayer...

I come to you today with a plea, with a prayer.

You see, a family committed to Olga, and just found out they can no longer proceed with her adoption.  So, once again, Olga waits to find a home, to find a family.  This month she reaches her fifth birthday.

This month she moves from an orphanage into an institution.  She leaves what she knows as home, and is cast aside the rest of her life alongside the criminally insane.  As a parent - can you even imagine this?  Can you even imagine the place this tiny innocent girl will be sent?  I have seen the images, and they are horrifying to say the least.

My Aubrie just turned 5 in December - I can't imagine if this was her.  My sweet Ollie may have DS, I can't imagine if this was her being cast away - ignored - marked as useless to society.  It literally breaks my heart to think of it.

So what can you do?  YOU can make a difference.  Post a blog, share my post on facebook, pray hard, tell your friends & family about Olga, donate to her fund, do ANYTHING you can to spread the word about Olga & let God work to find this little girl her family.  You can do something today - one thing - to make a difference for helpless little girl - make it this. 

Olga has over $12,700 in her fund to help with her adoption fees.  Beyond the monetary help, there are many praying hard for her and her future family.

Olga is capable of learning.  She can contribute to a family, she has a HEALTHY HEART!!  She displays strong life skills and confidence.  These are all things that parents wish for in their child & she has it, she just needs a home.  She just needs a family to hold her in their arms and kiss her sweet cheeks at night.

Maybe you aren't this family, but you can be something to Olga. Again, please donate, please pray like you haven't prayed before.  Pray that her family steps forward so she doesn't experience one day of institution life.  Pray that if she does face that horrid place, that she has strength and courage, that she can cling to the memories of what was before and dream of her family to come. 

Help Olga find a home.  Please do the most significant something that you possibly can.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drywall Dust

My family is the boom-diggity. 

All the framing, electrical, and cables were completed & now the drywall is completely up!  Phase II drywall begins tomorrow night - taping & mudding.  We are getting close friends!!

This room is Caroline & baby Pinto's.  This is the view from the door & into the 8' closet!!

This is the view back to the door.  It's a good sized room.

This is Maggie & Kylie's future bedroom from the doorway.  It's very large & has a window to the walk out basement patio.  I thought it would be really dark, but honestly the window does a lot for it.

This is the view back toward the door - nice and big!

Oh and Maggie's favorite part - big walk in closet!  Boom!

So the progress is moving forward.  Hopefully this week we can get the walls mudded, finished, & textured - then onto painting and trim work!  The final details should hopefully go fast!  The carpet man comes February 1st and 2nd, and Ollie not long after that so we have to crank this baby out fast!

Thanks again to my fabulous family - without them this wouldn't be possible.  Also, if you see my Dad out and about, I swear I didn't push him down.  He fell and got a nasty scrape and bruise on his forearm.  I told him if he really hated drywall he didn't have to throw himself to the floor in a mad fit, but he did it anyway.  He's a tough man though - he walked it off & has a new battle wound to flex around town!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rally Beard

Jade once was a clean cut man.  He was quite preppy really when we were younger - he wore button up shirts, spiked his hair, and couldn't grow facial hair if he wanted.

Summer of 2007 - Everett in the belly!

I on the other hand like him a bit more scruffy.  I always thought I'd marry a man with tattoos and what not, and instead I married my man pretty husband.  I wouldn't trade him though.

In the last couple of years, he started sporting a goatee.  I prefer it actually!

In recent weeks he has decided he's growing a rally beard for Ollie.  At least that is what he says.  Keep in mind he had a goatee first.  Now he has his form of a beard and a really bushy goatee since it had a week or so of growth before the beard. 

Today I am 35 weeks and they will induce me in 4 weeks.  I seriously wonder how big this rally beard will be the day Ollie arrives - if he's still sporting it.  Will he scare her, will he forever be captured in her birth photos like a lumberjack.  Only time will tell...

So lady friends - gather your men - rally the team - get them to grow rally beards - let's start a new fashion in this town!  I tried to capture the rally beard, but he said no photographs.  So if you are local - stop by his office for a cup of coffee and witness this form of awesomeness in the flesh.

P.S.  - I love that man, he makes me laugh & he's a good dad - he's quite fantastic isn't he!


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