Friday, May 30, 2014

Lucy Claudette

We had to put down our beloved pug this spring.  She was having some major health issues and living in pain.  It was terribly hard.  She became mine when I was 20.  I adopted her from an abusive home. She slept with me all through college and was our first baby.  She welcomed all our babies home and was the best dog ever for kids!

We still miss Trudie Claudette!

I didn't think we'd get another dog, but the kids were certain the Easter Bunny was bringing a puppy.  So I searched high and low and found this girl - a Boston Terrier!

I picked her up and officially became the #bestmomever!!

Her name is Lucy Claudette.  She's 5 months old this next week.  I thought I was getting a dog for my kids - truth is I got a dog for myself.  I absolutely love this girl! 

She's super sweet, doesn't shed, sleeps in my bed, and spoons me all night!  Plus her nose is freckled - I love it!  Life is good with Lucy.

Plus, I get to say "I Love Lucy" all the time - that is worth it right?!  Yep I think so!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ultimate Reset - 21 Day Vegan Cleanse/Detox

So Tuesday the 27th I kicked off the Ultimate Reset for the 3rd time.  

Why?  I just have fallen off the wagon too many times to count this winter & spring.  I needed to refocus and this gives me just that - 21 days of focused meal plans & recipes to detox & cleanse my body so I can hit my workouts again with more energy & more excitement!

Day 1

What is it?  It's a 21 day whole foods vegan cleanse.  It kicks off with some eggs, salmon, chicken, and yogurt but after the first week it's a completely vegan diet.  It sounds miserable doesn't it?  It's honestly not.  I have huge portions - tons of clean food & solid recipes to get me through.  The toughest part is mental.  That clearing of the children's plates where there are left over goldfish just begging you to eat them.  And tossing them in the trash because they aren't on plan.  Oye that's always tough!

So what are the benefits?  For me I just as a whole feel a lot better.  I wake up without an alarm refreshed and ready to hit the ground running without coffee - it's amazing really!  I typically lose up to 10 pounds in 3 weeks - everyone loves a little weight loss & lack of belly bloat!

I'm also fairly certain I have some food intolerances - I feel so amazing after this then I quickly blow it and eat some gluten or dairy.  This time I'm going to work hard to pinpoint what foods are triggers for me after this reset so I can continue without them!

I included all the pictures & stats of my starting point.  So far I'm down 3 pounds & getting past the caffeine headache withdrawals - that part stinks!  I'm looking forward to feeling amazing & will be sharing some meals/supplements here soon!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You Better BELIZE It!

So Mother's Day...not to sound like the worst mom ever, but it never goes as planned in our house.  Usually it's the one weekend my kids decide to go bat sh*t crazy & fight like mad.  I host cookouts and am generally exhausted when the day is done.  #truth

So almost every mother's day I have proclaimed that the next mother's day I'm spending the day all by myself at a spa or mall.

Oh I'm a hateful Mom, but for real when you spend 24/7 with your kids as a stay at home mama - sometimes you just need to get away!  Feel me?

So this year I did.  The day after Mother's day I took a #girlsTrip -(note capitalize the T on that or it takes on a new meaning when using Instagram!)  I flew out with my coach, mentor, and dear friend for a week in Belize!

It was magical!  It was refreshing!  It was just what I needed to get reinspired in life - to be a better wife, better mom, better friend, better business woman.  We all need balance and sometimes balance comes from the outside - by getting away, unplugging, and re-engaging with life!

In all honesty I wondered what in the heck we would do for a full week to ourselves - how would we entertain ourselves?  We with a condo smack dab on the beach in one of the most gorgeous places in the world - there was no time to be bored!  We had a stunning view, incredible front porch on the beach, and the nicest resort staff to boot!  We laid out, listened to music we can't play around our kids, enjoyed adult beverages, kayaked, paddle boarded, at our fill of chips and salsa & GAUC!!!! 

 We took a day trip to Belize City - hopped in a van and took off almost to Honduras to tour a mayan ruin (the history nerd in me was geeking out!!!).  Then we went zip lining and cave tubing through Jaguar Creek and saw real LEGIT Jaguar foot prints - creepy cool!  Our friend was crazy brave and tasted termites - I opted to jump into a cave river off a rock - I'm not one for legs in my mouth but she proclaimed they tasted like carrots!  What?!  How?! 

We took in all the glory that Belize had to offer & Facetimed our babies at night.

It was incredible.  I'm incredibly blessed to have a husband that fully supports my business, dreams and aspirations and that says honey - take a week off and I'll handle the house!  I came home to a fully cleaned home with all the laundry and dishes done - I have trained him well <3 a="" allows="" amp="" and="" dear="" do="" experience="" fortunate="" friend="" good="" have="" i="" is="" job="" life="" m="" me="" nbsp="" nd="" od="" p="" so="" that="" to="" travel="" with="">


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