Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ollie Update

I just got off the phone with STL Children's and feel much better about things.

We moved her blood work up to yesterday (the 24th).  Her numbers were improving but her Dr. wanted to have hematology take a look at it just in case.

Hematology doesn't feel that her numbers are a huge concern but to be cautious we are going to go in to see them and do some more blood work.  

I'm super thankful to live near a major hospital capable of taking care of my sweet girl & that they are proactive enough to take a second look to be sure all is well!

Keep praying but things are looking up!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Prayers for Ollie

Friends, I'm coming to you again for prayer for my sweet girl.

She had some routine blood work done and the results aren't typical.  Jade & I don't want to breathe life into a what it could be situation...we know what her results could be but we know we have no control and we really don't have answers at this point.  And worrying about a what if will drive us mad.  We have walked this line before with accepting Down Syndrome and handing her over for Open Heart Surgery.  We know all we can do is submit it to God and let HIM rule in our home.

So we ask you please storm heaven in her name.  Share her with your friends, families, and prayer chains that on March 11th when we revisit labs for bloodworm that all is A OK and that she is healthy and strong.

*****The doctor has changed her opinion and we will redo her blood work Monday February 24th and if it's still off we will see a hematologist in STL Children's within the week.  I'm counting on an awesome follow up and no appointment in STL.*******

~Jade & Annie


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