Monday, November 30, 2009

A New Level to Christmas

A glitter Jesus bank - yes we went there!

Thanks Abbie!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Elf on a Shelf

There is a Christmas tradition with elves - Elf on a Shelf - maybe you have heard it, maybe not. Some families have an elf that reports to Santa on how the kids are behaving at Christmas time. The parents move the elf throughout the house and their kids look for these elves each day to see where it has moved. I don't go that far b/c I know I'd forget. However, it is a great idea, and if it makes your kids behave - even better!

I have a small elf collection.  I'm not entirely sure where they came from.  I think my Mom - maybe my Gma Toots.  I really think they are fun and cute!  I like to place them throughout my home.  They add a bit of Christmas throughout my home.

Here I have an elf on some greenery to bring a little Christmas bling to the basement.  I also have an elf perched up on a small tree in a fabulous santa boot onmy kitchen island.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


As always I have different collections.  Most people collect snowmen.  Even a few collect Santas.  I collect reindeer.  Sorry cousins - I believe I have fully cleaned out Toots' home!  So prepare to feast your eyes on my many reindeer.  (Also, this will make you sick, but I had count them 8 Christmas tubs, and 3 or 4 I didn't even open to decorate with for fear of my bratty kids & their constant breaking of things.  So this collection may appear small, but there is a gob of things safely stored away for a time with bigger more appreciative kids!)

Hmmm a giant turquoise glitter reindeer?  Who knew right!

A little bling in the glass doored kitchen cabinets - a must!

Oh I love these two wreaths so very much!  Top them with old reindeer & I'm in love.

Bringing a little Christmas to my very old TV Cabinet - another gray treasure I own!

A reindeer with ornaments in the antlers - fab with a shiny Santa! 

We have a U shaped staircase & the base is pretty deep on the stairs.  Perfect for a chair & a table.  Here I have an ornament wreath that I love with another perched reindeer.

I was able to get away with some of my vintage reindeers & ornaments here - I HOPE they don't get broken!  Sorry couldn't help myself!

Mom got me this blingy hot pink wreath.  It's perfect in my laundry room as you go into the garage.  It has a Santa & a full sleigh of reindeer.  My camera as always is terrible, but in person you can really see these babies.  I love it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree - how lovely are your white branches!  Wait!  That's not how the song goes, however it's all about the white tree in my house!  I love that it just glows!  It's gorgeous - if you have ever considered a white tree - DO IT NOW! 

FYI - I love my reindeer pillows - thanks Mom!  They are harder to keep clean with grungy kids & pets, but they are too cute!

This ornament was my favorite ornament.  Notice how I say was - because my kids are rats.  This chicken has no legs now!  I hung it on the top of the tree because it was so special to me, and still they managed to climb each other like cheerleaders and break it.  I got this chicken for my very first married Christmas.  My husband made his co-worker stop at Hobby Lobby to pick me out a special ornament for my stocking - we only did stockings that year.  It was so special to me.  I still hung it on the tree, but it has to be hidden now because the lack of legs!  It just cracks me up that he stopped at Hobby Lobby - shopped the endless aisles of ornaments & got me the chicken one.  Which was actually perfect!  It was glass with some glitter & I love chickens.  We even tried to raise 13 once - that's a whole different story ;)

This is a new ornament I just picked up with the kids.  I have a thing for reindeers & always a love of glitter!  He's cute & better yet plastic!  Do you think I like turquoise and glitter? 

Since I have young kids that don't appreciate the love of ornaments I have all plastic balls right now.  I have have gorgeous vintage glass balls saved for the future.  Until then I have bright fun colors in glitter.  Then, these glitter peacock feathers are to die for!  They are great to add some dimension to the tree!!
Another great find - some beaded silver disk sticks.  I have about ten of these through out the tree too.  Lots of fun!
The stockings are all hung on our bannister.  I love our bannister.  It was hand made by my Great Uncle Bob.  Very special touch to our home & it looks great - picture doesn't do it justice!  We have 4 stockings for our family, and one for each dog.  I love that I can hang them right here.  It just adds another touch of Christmas flair - because we (as in us Fox women) tend to go a bit (a lot) overboard for Christmas!

I didn't know where to include this picture.  It's another fabulous tree in my home.  That's right - peacock feathers!  This is the foyer area of our house.  I have a great vintage pine cone poster that goes up for the winter.  Then I fill the wooden bowl with all our beloved christmas cards.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Well I'm off to celebrate a day of thanks with Jade's family!

Ruby is a great cook.  I will be eating a bird just like the one above!  I can't wait to over indulge my waist - I may have to break out old maternity pants - not really, but that is a brilliant idea!

Have a wonderful day with your families & thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Typical Todays

My kids are TV heads.  They love to lounge in their most hideous recliners and watch hours of Noggin.
Diego, Dinosaur Train, Wow Wow Wubzy - all precious in our home. 

I'm happy to say that come Christmas - these two mismatched nasty recliners will be out of my home.  Trust me - I've tried to move them without the kids noticing - they always notice & freak out!!  So - I splurged.  The kids are getting two brand spanking new leather recliners that match!  Since they have to sit in the middle of my living room as features for all my visitors at least they will match & be some what attractive.  However, you have to feel for my kids - who really wants a recliner for Christmas?! 

I forgot the funny story - so I have edited the post & added to it.  They also fight over whose chair sits closer to the TV (in the picture above the left chair is closer which is Aubrie's chair).  One day one of the grandma's traded the chair positions.  Aubrie was NOT happy that her chair was further from the TV - the entire 2 feet.  We made them sit in their own chairs & Aubrie continually complained she couldn't see the TV (no her glasses don't impact this at all - she's just a pistol!)  We kept catching her watching the TV though - Jade would say, "Hey Aubrie what are you watching?"  She would respond, "Nothing!  I can't see the TV!"  She would say it over & over!  Talk about - that's my story & I'm sticking to it!  Since the big argument, somehow her chair has regained it's throne position.  Now poor Everett can't see the TV!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


OK you guys will probably think I'm nuts, but I NEED  treehouse.  No not for my kids - they wouldn't appreciate it!  However, Jade & I would love one!  We bought the neatest book ever at our last visit to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.  It's all about Treehouses all over the world.  I couldn't find the exact book we purchased, but this gives you an idea of what we want to build.

It detailed the interiors & how to build them.  It was soooo very interesting!  Great coffee table book & future dream of ours.  Until then - I told Jade we will be collecting old scraps & old windows to create our paradise in the trees.

We have the perfect location with lots of trees & open air.  Plus, no one will know it's there - except you readers b/c you've read this ;)  Trust me ladies - if I ever get this done - it will have electricity, will be painted super cute on the outside, and the inside I think will be all white!  Just for you Mary - I'll be absolutely loving it & I will know that my black dogs and messy kids can't destroy any of it!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ten Things I'm Uber Thankful For

I thought since it is Thanksgiving - except in my home - I would share with my devoted readers the 10 top things I'm thankful for in my life:

1.  My salvation - because I believe in Jesus - I will have an eternal life.

2.  My husband - I have loved him and grown up with him since age 14.  We think alike, we laugh alot, we bicker, but we always have fun together.  We are a team & I look forward to a lifetime with him.  Plus - he built my house.  He's handy, and he's not too hard on the eyes!  As my family says - he's Man Pretty.  He is the only thing that helps when I have a bad day.  Super cheesy, but he completes me.

3.  My kids - they stress me out.  They don't always appreciate me, and they create a lot of work.  However, they make me so happy.  Their actions & words never fail to crack me up.  So many nights I have to turn my head at the dinner table to laugh at their inappropriate antics - I can't help it!  They are super sweet & I love that they still love to kiss & hug.  Everett just started to say I love you on his own.  Your own babies melt your heart.  I never dreamed being a Mom would be this great, but it is!

4.  My Mom & Ruby my mother in law - They keep my kids 4 days a week.  They rotate days and spend all day wiping butts, picking up toys, and cleaning up the house.  They provide endless hours of entertainment & educational learning for my two kids.  Since I can't be home full-time they are the next best thing.  Shoot they raised me and Jade & did a great job!  My kids wouldn't be 1/4 of who they are today without these two amazing women.  My kids are crazy, loud, hysterical and over the top - much like these two Moms!  They do anything for Jade & I and I don't think they have any idea how grateful we are to have them in our lives!

my mamajade's mama

5.  My Dad - he's one tough man.  He's big and strong, but he's such a sweet heart.  He treats my mom like a princess - love notes and everything - people would shocked to hear that.  He is a farmer & has work ethic like no one I know.  He can do any job all by himself, but he truly enjoys mentoring young boys and turning them into helpful men - just like my hubby & brother in laws.  He's a great grandpa & I couldn't be more lucky to have him in my life.  As he has said many a times - he'd walk through a mower blade for us girls - there is an actual tractor title of what that thing is called, but I can't remember it - and he truly would.  *Jade's Dad Rick is fantastic too - I'm also thankful for him*

nothing is better than a pa on a fast gator!!

6.  My sisters - they are my best friends & my business partners.  We tease each other to no end and team up 2 against 1.  We have so much fun together and laugh until I snort - literally.  I can't imagine my life without them - it really wouldn't be the same.  They are fabulous each in their individual ways.  They help me out when I need it.  They are to die for Aunts!  What more could I ask for?

what an old picture of them, but they are still just as weird

7.  My two best friends - Melissa & Elly - I rarely get to see them, but it doesn't change a thing.  It's like we saw each other yesterday every time.  We crack each other up and know all of each others secrets.  They have become beautiful & amazing grown women with some of the sweetest children ever.  I wish I got to see them both every week!  They make me a better person & I adore them both for very different reasons!

melissa center, Elly at the right - they are too pretty!

8.  My house - it's totally my personality.  We built it from the ground up and dreamed about every stinking detail in it.  It's not made for other people, but made for us.  The floor plan is perfect as are my insane colors and weird decor.  I know it's not typical, but that's why I love it.  It's our home.  It's where I used to camp in high school.  I love the land it is on.  Even better - some day both my sisters will build homes in the woods next to us.  Can you imagine anything better than being neighbors with your sisters?  I can't wait for Fox Crick - as I joke to be a reality.  And yes I know it's creek, but when you life in BFE - crick is a real word!

9.  My complete family - I have a huge family.  I have at least 100 family members.  Jade has a smaller family I'm also very thankful for.  We all live pretty much close to each other and those who don't we are still very close to.  We grew up treating our cousins as brothers & sisters.  We can lean on them whenever we need a helping hand.  I can't put into words how helpful my family was when we built.  They are hard-working and continue to teach it to their children.  I am very blessed.  I was very close with several of my grand-parents - hence the kids' names.  I can't imagine life without the memories of them.  I can always picture Gpa Everett with his green thermos & black snow suit with the butt burned off b/c he got too close to the salamander heater,  Aubrey with his blue pants & his hats - he was such a sweet man, and Blanche playing cards and cursing to get Colby all worked up.  It's seriously endless, but they shaped who I am today, and for that I thank them.

10.  My future - it's very bright.  We have some SUPER exciting news to share in the next few weeks with the world.  And no Mom or sisters - I'm definitely not pregnant.  I'll leave you all hanging on this b/c I can't put into words how excited Jade & I are.  Our life is moving up and improving year after year and we share it together.  Hooray!

So I ask my readers - what are you most thankful for?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gaga for Gray!

Lately I have really been digging me some of the color gray.  It's really weird for me since I'm such a color-holic.  However, I have realized that some of my most favorite pieces are old - and gray paint.  Weird huh! 

I think gray is just stunning with pink (which who doesn't like pink?!?).  FYI - I also heart orchids.

Apartment Therapy

OH the come back of wallpaper.  I always said I would NEVER have wallpaper in my house.  However, now I'm drooling - wishing I did!  I'm dying over this pink floral wall-paper - I LOVE it!

Apartment Therapy

I'm really digging it with yellow too!  It's modern and punchy - so much fun. 

Apartment Therapy & Skona Hem

I wish I had 10 homes because I'd design them all differently with things I love and different styles.  Luckily, I think I'm not the only person who dreams of this.  I know others are out there too.  That's the beauty of appreciating so many home styles - you love them all, but live with the one you love the most!  So for all you blog readers - I follow you, because I also dig your style even when I don't live with it.  Especially, the all white homes lately - if I ever have a beach house I may have to go all white.  I really like it especially with old tarnished things - fab!

What do you think?  Are you on board?  Are you fanatically painting pieces in your home this new neutral that's storming the design world?  Are you throwing out brown in favor of gray?

Also, Lonny Magazine - please make a note that I want you in print - in my home - on my coffee table ASAP.  Thank you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jade & I are getting "More Married"

Aubrie is a story teller to say the least.  She decided that she wants Jade & I to have another baby.  Not just one though - she wants a boy and a girl!  (Scary thought considering my Mom is a twin, my brothers were twins, and 2 of my first cousins on my Mom's side also have twins - it obviously is rampant in my family!)

Aubrie told Jade & I at dinner that in order to have more babies we must first get more married.  She obviously doesn't know how this works!  To get more married we ride an elevator up to see Jesus.  There we do a one legged spin dance & that makes us more married.  (Yes - I can demonstrate this because we practiced).  Jesus will then give us the boy and girl babies.

She then proceeded to tell us that the girl will be named BaRecipe & the boy will be Morris.  I know - super hot names huh!  Jade told her he didn't think her brother & sister would like her because of their names she has picked out.  She responded "Oh they will have to.  Jesus will make them." 

Yes - she is wearing her underpants on her head.  We were at the hospital waiting for baby Caroline to arrive - she took days of labor - it was terrible for me as a big sister to wait - can't imagine what Maggie felt like!  Aubrie had lots of chocolate and got to stay up until mid-night.  This is what chocolate bars and a room to entertain looks like!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Sorry Pilgrims

OK - tried.  I really did try.  BUT - I cracked.  Christmas is my favorite time of year.  The stores have their trees up - why can't I?!?  I'm not hosting Thanksgiving - so why wait!?! 

I'm very thankful for all the blessings poured out on my life, but I'm sorry Pilgrims.  Christmas trumps Thanksgiving.  Four intense hours of decorating and Christmas is in season at my home.  I have to put in a few more hours on the outside, and I'll be set.  Pictures to come soon!

FYI - My kids are PUMPED!  Everett was running around yelling WOOK WOOK Grandma at all the new things this morning.  I feel the same way though - I wonder where he gets it?  Couldn't be from me!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dying for Christmas!!

Every year I think it starts sooner for me.  I am just dying for Christmas!  I can't wait to put up the tree and my many tubs of decor.  Us women (meaning my 2 sisters and Mom) tend to go a bit overboard!  I have made myself wait, but only until the day after Thanksgiving.  Then - it's on!

I can't wait to share the pictures.  I have an old reindeer collection, vintage oranments from my Grandma, and the best white Christmas tree ever!  You may be thinking - woah a white tree - seriously wtf!  Just wait - you'll be all over that business soon!  Can't wait to share - the countdown is on!!

I also can't wait to see the many other blogs I adore posting their Christmas style!  It's my favorite time of year!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Workspace

With my recent journey in the blogging world & the new business of Ethel Edith, Jade & I realized that we needed an upgrade in our life.  We had a computer from 2001, and we didn't even have the internet at home.  So we have a brand spanking new laptop & the wireless internet on its way!  I'm so excited!  This will also give me an opportunity to work at home when my kids are sick - which is often!

I quickly realized that I needed a place to work!  Yes I could sit on the couch and work, but if I happen to work from home - I really needed a desk!  So my brain went to work.  I went down to my basement to my plethera of things & drug up a cute little green desk & a bright orange chair.  I decided that I'd build this workspace in our bedroom.  We have a really large master & it was holding a chair that we really didn't use much.  Plus, if I'm actually working - I need a space that's away from the TV and the kids - somewhere quiet! 

I already had the lamp next to the chair that used to sit here.  I then hung our wedding picture above the desk & placed my most favorite picture of Aubrie on the desk.  She was a very difficult newborn & she cried a lot.  She's actually screaming on my shoulder in the picture, but that's why I love it so much!

Then, I headed down to my Mom's.  I needed something on the other wall that was unique and fun.  I found a fabulous cubby cabinet!  It's covered in old newspaper.  I was immediately drawn toward it!  Then, Mom and I dug some more, and found a bunch of old clocks.  They were perfect.  I placed them in the cubby cabinet & on the desk.  I'm thrilled now.  It's the perfect little workspace that I needed.

I also wanted to show you the rest of the room so it makes more sense.  This is the view you see when you come in the door.  We have 2 big double windows that provide lots of light.  I really like my curtains - they are white with printed hydrangeas on them.  I don't have a lot of white in my house, but I really like these!  To the right is our walk in closet, master bathroom, and the desk.

One of my favorite things in this room was made for me by my Mom for Mother's Day.  She traced both of my kids' hands & made wall hangings.  They are so cute and meaningful to me.  You see them immediately to the right when you come in our bedroom.

Another favorite thing in our room is Trudie's bed.  This was a gift from my Mom as well.  With a fun bold Ikea pillowcase - it's the perfect place for a queen like Trudie.


Our armoire has loads of storage!  It hides the TV & has 3 drawers for more clothes.  It used to be a hideous wood tone that was splattered with black paint so it looked aged.  I can't put into words how ugly it was.  I LOVE red, so one day it just came to me that duh - this thing needed painted!  So I painted it and aged it and spray painted the knobs black.  I really like this piece now.  It's large and substantial, and actually good looking now!
Here is our bed.  As you can tell - I like bold prints & colors.  I also love pillows so we have count 'em - 10 on the bed!  We also have a vinyl decal about marriage above the bed that is true to our marriage. 

Our headboard is painted red to match the armoire.  Jade actually built the headboard with a solid wood door, 4x4s and decorative trim.  It's aged as well and matches the armoire quite nicely.  He did a great job buildilng it for us when we were first married.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Our master is very unconventional, but that's pretty standard for our home.  It makes Jade & I happy, so that's what counts :)  I can't wait to blog more to you in my new workspace!!


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