Monday, February 28, 2011

My First Jewelry Creation

I am SO excited!  Maggie taught me the ropes & I have more supplies ordered.

This is my first necklace.  I'm working on an Etsy store called Ollie Faith Designs.  It's basically empty until everything I'm working on arrives and I can start showing off my work.  This shop will help me stay home with Miss Ollie until after open heart surgery...supplemental income basically.

Personalized Latitude / Longitude Sterling Silver necklace $36

Where is your special place? Where you were engaged? Where you promised forever & always? The place you call home?

This necklace is a unique way to capture that memory.

If you need to look up the coordinates of your location visit the website below for more information

Growing Like Weeds

Ollie is sweet, as is my Jade.  He looks exhausted, and he was.  Not from getting up in the night, but from working cattle.  Ollie looks exhausted, and she was, but just because she loves to sleep!

Everett...well he's just hilarious.  This picture was taken by Jade asking Everett to pose.  It is hysterical.

These two have been a great time.  They fight a lot.  Trust me - a lot!  However, they are still the best of friends.

Aubrie bosses Everett.  He typically obeys.  They are hilarious like that.

This piggy piggy is chubbing up!

She goes to the pediatrician this afternoon for a checkup.  I'm anxious to hear her weight!  She is almost out of the newborn diapers, so I'm guessing she's over 8 pounds.  I'm praying for uber chubbiness to get closer to that 11 pound goal.

So far I think her heart is doing just fine.  I haven't noticed any symptoms of heart failure.  I'm praying I'm not missing something, but I think it would be noticeable.  So far she eats like a pig every 3 hours, plays just a little bit each day, and sleeps like a zombie.  Her smile is infectious, and everyone loves her!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ev-E Mason

My Ev Mason is a mama's boy.  He adores me.  I am his everything.

After we brought Ollie home, I wasn't.  It made me really sad.  He ignored me.  He liked Ollie, he was just too busy for me.

In 4 days time he grew huge.  He wasn't a little boy anymore.  His legs and body got heavy and thick.  He went from 3T to 4s.  He turned into a big boy.  His speech changed.  It was shocking how much he changed in 4 little days.  However, he still ran around like he was on Mt. Dew diet - crazy.

We've had some time at home, and he's getting back to his old self.  He is sitting on my lap again.  He's hugging and kissing and rubbing his head on my like he's a cat again.  He tells me he "lobes me bery bery much".  Thank goodness he's coming around! 

I need my little boy as much as he needs me!  I missed him!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bath Time

Now that Ollie is finally done with her Bili bed and she has lost her umbilical cord - she can take real baths & use lotion!

My other two babies used to scream after baths.  Typical Ollie never cries.  Loves the bath, loves the towel, loves the lotion.

She has the most hilarious hair ever!

The front looks like it has been buzzed, half way back on her head starts the Mohawk.  When she's sparkly clean it sticks out everywhere.

She's a doll, and says hello!

Oh and she is nursing more thanks to you friends & nipple shields.  Aubrie is thrilled she's nursing on my "bibs".  At least if she drops the word bibs at school or out and about people won't be shocked and appalled!

Friday, February 25, 2011

First Sewing Job

I heart Amy Butler fabric.  The colors & patterns are just fantastic.

My first sewing job is complete!  Pillowcases for a sweet little girl.  She has bed shams with her comforter so she just needed a fun punch of color for her regular pillowcases. 

Her room is hot pink and she has an old turquoise bed that's to die for.

These were fast & easy & they are super cute!  I hope this little girl loves them!!

Thanks Mom for your sewing machine - it is amazing compared to what I was working with!!

Wild Kratts

My kids are obsessed with a PBS  show, Wild Kratts.


Yesterday Aubrie built a "creature power suit".

This is her making the face that Chris makes on the show.  Yeah...I know!

She went all out & cut and taped everything by herself.  She made a boot.

and a glove - why not pairs - I do not know.

The feature was the anteater vest.  That's right she's an anteater.

Then, she put on a play about the creatures.  She's something else this little lady. 

They ask every single day when the new show is on.  Everyday I say 4:00.  Everyday they argue with me on when 4:00 is.  When it's 4 - pure joy for a new episode about a new creature.  Thank you PBS.

She's growing up way too fast!  T-ball this spring, kindergarten this fall, big helper/sister.  Geez - too much too soon!

PS - Everett calls it Wild Craps - oh yes he does!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big News

Jade & I made a huge decision this past weekend.  A big important life decision, one we didn't see coming until now. 

We decided that I am going to stay home full-time until after Ollie recovers from surgery.  We aren't entirely sure how long this will be.  I'm guessing surgery will be around 4 months, but we shall see. 

Originally I had planned on a typical 8 week maternity leave, and really thought I could do it.  Now that she's here, and she's in my arms.  There is just no way.  Thankfully, I am blessed to work at one of the best companies.  My bosses truly care about my family & want the best for us.  They secretly expected this to come from me, and understand the need right now.  I'm sure they want me back sooner, but they are willing to work with me to allow me this important time at home.  For that I'm forever grateful to them!  I'm sure my co-workers miss my ridiculousness because I miss theirs!  If you think I'm ridiculous on my blog, you should know me in real life! 

For your curiosity, I work at a top notch agricultural (mainly grain elevators & fertilizer dealers) software company.  I am a customer support representative for the accounting area of the program.  I specialize in inventory.  If I completely lost you there - think Quick Books - but WAY better accounting software.  I'm the gal the talks about purchasing to our customers...and other accounting areas.  Most people in the support department are not fans of inventory and product costing, but that's my specialty and for some reason I really really like inventory!  It's a great company that services customers all over the US.  We are based out of my tiny little town in central IL, and our customers are thankful for that.  We always surprise a few people that we aren't in a foreign makes answering their questions much easier since we all speak English!!

From now until surgery it is my job to keep Ollie healthy, and to help her eat and gain weight.  I know when her heart failure begins it will be hard to keep her awake and eating.  I don't feel like that's a responsibility I should put onto the Grandmas.  Yes they could handle it.  I know they could and I trust them very much with my kids, but they shouldn't have to worry about her oxygen levels & ounces eaten a day.  Plus, these few months are special.  They are priceless especially if our worst fears were to happen.  I won't ever get this time back, so I'm going to live it up for now.

So I'm staying home with all 3 kids and 2 wild dogs.  I'm going to be a full-time hermit other than preschool & tumbling drop off and doctor appointments.  When I emerge this house in several months - my hair may be to my chin.  We shall see. 

In the meantime I'm going to dabble in sewing for extra cash.  I have comissioned some baby blanket jobs & some curtain jobs & will share as I go along.  I'm anxiously awaiting a fabric shipment so I can get started!  Maggie has also graciously given me her stamped jewelry business as well.  So if you are local and want a baby blanket or stamped something - e-mail me.  I'll work you in!  Mother's Day is coming up!!

Oh and pray for us.  This is a big deal!  We have prepared financially.  And hopefully I have prepared my sanity.  Being a stay at home Mom is hard work! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sister Wife

They always say a good man has a good wife right beside him...some say behind him, but let's be realistic they are side by side.

Well what about a good woman?

I am a good woman & it's because I have a sister wife...(Jade is great too!)  That's right a sister wife.  We are wives & sisters.  Mom doesn't dig that phrase, but Mags and I think it's pretty funny.

Me & Maggie

Please note - we do NOT share our men - that would be disgusting.  I love Kylie, but not that much.

I am enjoying my Maggie.  She helped me clean this weekend.  It takes me 3-4 hours to clean upstairs & down - BEFORE we added on their two bedrooms & anyone used the basement bathroom.  This weekend it was done in no time flat.  I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed, she dusted & mopped.  Done.  Amazing.  LOVE it!  She's home on Mondays & most of Thursdays.  We pal around in our PJ's with no makeup - we are pretty.  Our hair and it's ridiculousness rivals each others on these days!  Hers is wild crazy curls & mine is snap on Lego man helmet hair.  We are stunning.

We co-parent.  She has no problem chewing my kids' butts and trust me it's needed.  We are quite the pair.  We have nearly matching mini-vans & people think we are twins.  Talk about a confidence boost for being 5 years older!  Boom!  We are stupid in a good way together.

  Now, if I could just SHRINK back down to my old size - I could wear her darn cute clothes.  Trust me she has REALLY cute clothes & I'm sick about it!!  I want them to fit my butt.  She loves to cook & prepares massive meals.  Which isn't helping my butt.  Luckily my feet grew another half size so I MAY be able to steal her shoes now.

Uh huh I have a house wife.  Yes!  It's fantastic!  Seriously every woman deserves a house wife.  I'm going to be sick about it when they move out.  I may move with them, or sneak into their house every evening to eat.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Twin Talk

Forewarning - This post is going to talk about nursing.  If you are not interested in milking NOT proceed.

Boobs are mysterious things...

They really are.

You'd think that nursing would be an easy job right?  We were born with a pair of feeding utensils - it should be easy.  Well that's what I thought when I had Aubrie.  It was not.  She took a good 2 weeks to get the hang of nursing.  She screamed, I cried, I was topless most of the day.  Most of my family witnessed this terrible sight, some of them even man handled me trying to help.  It was quite the ordeal.  I lost every bit of modesty I had during that time.  Dad said it was fine - he's seen a million cows "tits" - thanks Dad.  However, I had success & nursed Aubrie for a good year.

Aubrie Grace 12-20-05

Everett was born & immediately nursed like a pro.  The only problem with him was the pain.  I seriously believe nursing maybe worse than labor.  They don't tell you enough about this in lactation classes.  And it doesn't get better with each baby - it's the same terrible pain.  It lasts a good 2 weeks.  It feels like your baby has razorblades for teeth.  You crack, you bleed, you deep breath for the first 20 seconds every time you nurse.  Then, on top of it you have contractions.  It is awful, but totally worth it.  Eventually that goes away and life is good.  I nursed Everett until he self weaned around 10 months.

Everett Mason 8-16-07 & Miss Aubrie at 20 months

With both my kids when I'd go back to work, my milk production would drop because I'd pump when I was away from them.  I'd take Fenugreek, an herbal supplement - and like 15 a day - it was ridiculous.  I'd smell like maple syrup & so would the baby.  It was part of it, but by golly it'd work like a charm.  I'd take my pump with me to work daily like a sack lunch.  I hated my pump.

Ollie Faith 2-10-11

Miss Ollie can't nurse.  She did in the hospital, and then it became just too much.  She's too tired and uninterested.  Every now and then I can get her to latch on for about five minutes - and I am THRILLED!  I was really sad about this, and now I'm OK with it.  I just pump full-time and she takes a little bottle.  I now hate my pump.  I date it every 3 hours during the day and once in the middle of the night.  I had a lot of milk issues this time around that I've never had before.  My milk didn't come in like normal.  It wouldn't let down, I had a low supply.  I never knew this was possible!!  Probably because of the stress, the lack of sleep, the lack of eating & drinking well in the hospital.  So I called my lactation lady, and my goodness we have the BEST lactation resource ever in our area.  She's seriously spectacular.  You call her pager anytime & she's on it, and she's full of knowledge.  I heart her in a big way!  Pamela Hood you are fabulous!!

She suggested oatmeal.  One serving per day.  Then, eat and drink like I'm pregnant.  That's it.

I thought really..oatmeal...I also thought really when she suggested cold cabbage when I had a blocked duct, but that worked like a charm.  Ladies - cold cabbage bras are the best!  So I'm religiously eating oatmeal.  My milk supply has DOUBLED!  I am thrilled.  Ollie is growing chubby & eating like a pro so far.  I have quite the milk stash growing in the the point I finally may get to freeze some!  It's like liquid gold - every drop lost makes you sad - it really does.

I also ordered a special needs bottle.  It allows you to dial up the resistance to teach Ollie to suck harder.  My hope is after her heart surgery she'll finally nurse.  That I can finally say hell to you pump.  We shall see.

For now, I will date this pump religiously.  It's great nutrition for Ollie, plus for those that are unaware - I'm burning a ton - I believe 500 if memory serves me right - calories per day by breast feeding.  Boo ya - I can't wait for my old jeans to fit again!

Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Kids - 1 House

So you wonder - what are we up to?  Well Maggie is off on Mondays & Thursdays until the late afternoon.  So my house is crazy with kids.  Maggie and I are quite good at co-parenting.  Maggie also makes delicious food.  I love having a house wife.

This little sleeps 99% of the day.  She can sleep through the LOUDEST noises imaginable.  When she's awake she's a big flirty ham - she's hilarious.

On the windiest day ever...Aubrie decided it was perfect timing to fly a kite.

Her owl kite was whipped like a mule.  When she lost control she ran after it in a skipping run type of way screaming "AH AH AH".  I wish I could add an audio clip - I was dying.  Then it flew into the trees & oh my gosh.  She ran into the house screaming for if Maggie is a giant and could reach it.  Maggie came running out like it was an emergency only to find me wrangling the kite in the tree and laughing.

When she's not roping the wind, she's begging to hold her sister.  She's a big helper.  She picks out clothes, brings diapers and wet wipes, and gives lots of hugs & kisses.  I have to watch her like a hawk.  She would carry Ollie by her head if she had the opportunity.

Everett loves his new sister, but really has more important matters.  He's into playing tea party & watching Wow Wow Wubzy or Wild Kratts.  Kylie's WII is also a HUGE hit with this boy.

In the midst of sleepless nights, I still have to get up early and prepare kids for preschool.  Today was horrible hair day.  She thinks she had the best horrible hair ever.

Rumor has it the teachers did not brush their hair today, but they looked quite beautiful as always.  They must have some secret hair product that I am unaware of.  I wonder what she tells them about me...

Caroline enjoys tea parties as much as Everett.  Today she was all about the makeup party. was Everett.

With some mascara he'd be quite stunning.  Blue is always a great eye shadow right?

Caroline has full lips...they go all the way to her chinny chin chin.

Aubrie was quite lovely & even wore a crown.  She later had hearts painted all over her face.  She was sad that Grandma Ruru couldn't paint a unicorn! 

Even Ruru got in on the action.  Aubrie did a surprisingly good job on her nails.  Then Aubrie did Ru's makeup.  It was removed before she went home.  If she would have been pulled over or in an accident...they would have tested her for drugs!  I think she had on 4 different types of lip gloss & lipstick.

So our house is wild and crazy.  But it's a good time.  Someone is most likely always in time out, someone else is eyeing something they shouldn't be, and the other one is zoned in on the TV.

Ollie slept for 4 hours straight last night.  I feel like a million bucks!  I got up today and put on real clothes and makeup.  I made all the beds, did laundry, and dishes.  It's amazing how you can go from 8+ hours of sleep to a mere 4 at a time and think wow I slept great!!


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