Monday, May 31, 2010

How I Miss You...

OK sisters & Mom - you need to stop here before you read ahead and cry a little.

Yesterday, on my drive home, I started thinking of my Grandpa Everett.  Probably because some little old man with gray curly hair drives a turquoise truck every now and then on my road.  When I see him, I think it's Grandpa for a second & then I remember that Grandpa is gone.

Then, that bad feeling hits.  It makes you miss him and makes you want to bawl, but you pull yourself together so when you get home no one thinks you are crazy.

That's grandpa Everett on the far left.  My other grandparents are fabulous too, but they are all alive so I get to spend time with them still!

Grandpa has been gone 6 years this August & I still can't believe it.  I miss him terribly some days.  You see, he was a farmer & farmed alongside my Dad every day of his life.  He got up every day, hit 3 gas stations & was at our house by 7 AM to get to work.  We didn't know he hit 3 gas stations until his visitation.  The gas station attendants honest to goodness came to his visitation because they adored him.  It was then that we found out he went to one for his snack cakes, then another for his cigars, and another one for his coffee every morning.  He brought them joy every day!

He was a hilarious man.  He always made me smile.  We have the best stories about him that our family laughs about.  He used to wear a black snow suit in the winter & would always melt the butt off of it because he'd stand too close to the salamander space heater.  He always had a box of Twinkies in his truck, and smelled of his cigars.  He even let me try chew when I was 5 - I remember it distinctly because he did it while Dad was in Ace.  I loved going with him and Dad, only because we'd get an ice cream cone or candy bar in town.  Not because we'd scoop hog crap and move cattle around - it wasn't pleasant work for a 9 year old girl who liked makeup and swimming.  Grandpa used to sit in a lawn chair in the machine shed & our pug Wally would always pee on his leg - too funny I know.  It'd always get Grandpa worked up!  I'll also never forget the time they tried to band our Great Pyranese dog - and Griz bit Grandpa - he had it coming that day!

At my wedding they dedicated "She thinks my tractor's sexy" in his honor & we danced.  He thought it was the best thing ever & so did I! 

I miss this man so much when I think of him, and will never forget how truly painful it was when we lost him.  It's my honor to have a son named after him, and to share the stories of grandpa with my children.  We even have a few of his treasures in Everett's room - how special.  I wish he could have met my babies because I know he'd be so proud.

So this Memorial day I remember my lost Grandfather.  He wasn't a veteran, but to my family he was a hero all the same.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Pictures

My friend Jamie nailed it.  She took family pictures of us, and captured our personalities through & through.  She took all these pictures on our land & even included Duke & Trudie - our hairy family members!  I'm amazed she got any of Everett - he was soooo busy that night - but she captured him perfectly - always on the go!  Please enjoy her art!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Obviously when Jade & I combined our gene pool - something went wrong in the creation of Aubrie...

She starts swimming lessons on Monday.  This required prescription swim goggles.  Can you even imagine trying to swim when you can't see a foot in front of you - scary thought isn't it!  They didn't have her prescription so we rounded down from her +5.75 to a +5 in each eye.  Then, to protect her ear tubes we had to get her a hot pink Ear Bandit & ear plugs.  So a whopping $55 later, she's ready to learn to swim!  Add another $25 a week for swim lessons and you quickly realize she's definitely our high maintenance child!  Then the bonus - Aubrie has her annual eye exam June 7th so we'll be purchasing her next pair of frames - me oh my the money is flying out this month!

*See how HUGE his eyes are from the prescription!!*

Little did I know that prescription swim goggles would be a huge hit at our house!  A huge fight quickly ensued so I had to allow Everett to try on the goggles as well.  It's a wonder he didn't run into a wall because I also tried them on and wowsers my daughters eyes are bad!  In return, I had to promise to purchase him a pair of regular swim goggles.  His will be coming from Wally World!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sorry to all the hubs out there, but I HAD to share...

You guys don't know this, but I LOVE shoes!  Since I've had kids - I've sadly put away most of my fabulous heels.  Plus - my feet grew half a size with each child - so my dearly beloved best friend got a garbage bag of amazing shoes.  Long gone are my size 6 1/2 feet that I used to rock in fabulously tall heels.

So now days I dig on wedges.  I can carry a kid in a wedge and not roll my ankle - which I am FAMOUS for!  So, at our Ethel Edith spring show, I ran into a high school friend who was rocking the cutest shoes!  I had to know about them & she gave me the details.  She said they were Madden Girl shoes & so comfortable!  So after the show - I of course searched for these babies & found them here.

I of course ordered them immediately & I am in love.  They fit great and look even better! I have wide feet, but no overhang on these babies.  (Which PS - I hate when peoples toes or heels hang over the edges or sides of their shoes - isn't it uncomfortable - why do you wear them like that?!?).  Bonus, they can go with brown or black & are super cute!  I am digging these shoes.  So I had to share the wealth!  I apologize to your husbands in advance for making you shoe shop, and get a great pedicure. 

Oh and be sure to hit for coupon codes.  I got 15% off and free shipping!  Woot woot!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Favorite Project To Date

So LeAnn at Vintage Sassy asked me - What is your absolute favorite piece of furniture that you found and painted?????

I realized - geez that's a tough one.  I've done a LOT of projects in my house.  I love to take ugly & cheap to fabulous!  Here are some of my favorites:  my bedroom set, Everett's armoire (I think this is a favorite by other bloggers because it's not as bold as I usually am - it is pretty fabulous though!), the turquoise desk, my pink coffee table.  I like to take on a lot - it makes me happy to see something transform!

However, my favorite piece by far is probably my coat armoire right when you come in the front door.  I don't know why I didn't paint it sooner!  The yellow just makes the space & I love it!  It's bold, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  I believe I paid around $75 or $80 for this when I was building my house - Mom spotted it & she was right - I needed it for an entry hall "coat closet".

Before - hideous cheap dark wood:

My oh my - LOVE the after:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Aubrie adores my Mom.  Although lately she has confused the word with attracted.  Aubrie is now attracted to my Mom, she is also attracted to Trudie.  I believe this goes back to learning about magnets at preschool & how they attract to things.  In any case we've been explaining that "attracted" is absolutely the wrong word!  It cracks me up every time though!

You haven't seen this beauty without her glasses have you!

So she moved on.  She's not attracted to my Mom anymore.  Now she likes my Mom more than love.  Isn't that so sweet.  She thinks she is the most clever little girl ever and most days - I have to agree :)

Also, I am out of blogging steam lately.  If you have a question - want to learn more about me, my family, my house - please post it so I get back into blogging on a more timely manner!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I CAN NOT do it...

So do not ask me to participate.  I can not lift my elbows above my shoulders.  So I will not engage in a slap fight with you because there is no way I could possibly defend myself!

Last night, Jade & I completed P90X Chest & Shoulders as well as Ab Ripper X.  Let me tell you - I can't do about half of the exercises, but I do everything I possibly can.  I can't imagine what the workout is like if you really can do military push ups & diving push ups - insane!  Multiple times during the exercise, Jade & I laughed so hard at ourselves.  We had fun together & it was a great workout!  Today I have the burn in my arms still to prove it.  Love that!  Tonight we do Plyometrics - I don't even know what that is, but I imagine I may need a Poise pad to get through it! 

Thank you all for the encouragement!

You Gotta See This!

If you don't follow our furniture blog, Ethel Edith, you must pop over today and see the kitchen we just staged to sell.  I so wish we had the befores so you could see the dramatic transformation that took place!  However, it's pretty darn cute in the afters & I think it will sell be a huge plus for buyers looking at this house.  We completed it on a really reasonable budget as well - always a bonus!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh boy!

Seriously guys - my entire life my Mom has worried about her weight.  And I always thought she was nuts.  Why did she care because she had Dad & he loved her no matter what size she was?  I never got it because I tumbled, I was muscular and thin, & I ate ultimate meals for lunch like it was nobodies business.  I never gained a pound.

I have become my Mom.  I'm not heavy by any means, but for me I'm out of shape.  I know if I don't get a handle on it now, that it will get worse & then I'll really have some work to do.  Last fall I lost about 8 pounds from working out and running - then I got out of the habit & it's all back now.

Here is a random before & after that is all over google images, but seriously - wouldn't you LOVE a before & after like this!?!

So tonight Jade & I start P90X, Shakeology, & watching what we eat.  So say a prayer for us that we stick to it and make exercise a part of our daily life.  He's 30 and fairly fit, but he has high cholesterol so this change is needed for my I love double cheeseburgers every day for lunch husband.  Plus, eating healthy forces me to cook healthy - good for the entire family!

So far everyone has told me I will hate P90x or I won't be able to do it.  So I'm really hoping to prove them all wrong & start my way to a more fit me that can rock the shorts again!  Wish us luck!  Tonight we do pull ups and push ups!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Helluva Afternoon

Being a parent can be one of the scariest jobs I've ever had.

Tonight while picking up toys - Everett got the wild hair to hit Aubrie on the back of the head with a toy hammer.  It was one of those moments where one kids is screaming & you are so mad at the other kid you are overwhelmed.  As Jade was laying down the law to Everett I realized - oh my Lord - she has a gash in the back of her head gushing blood. 

So as Everett bawled in his room for greatly being shamed while we tried to decide - stitches or no stitches which made Aubrie cry harder.

So I went down to see the man who knows it all, my Dad.  He looked at it and decided we didn't need stitches, but to help seal it up we should super glue it.  You're probably thinking we are nuts, but after cleaning her scalp up, we used the glue & it has been much better ever since.

I then came home, still upset with Everett and sick about it all.  However, for the first time probably ever - we got to him.  He came out of his room with big red puffy eyes from crying so sorry that he really hurt Aubrie.  He was truly upset!  Don't get me wrong, the boy says "Sorry" all the time, but he never really means it or understands WHY he needs to say it.  It's a daily struggle with him to remember his consequences and why we don't hit, bite, etc. 

So Aubrie is feeling much better & got a prize snack back of Cheetos to cheer her up from my Mom, and Everett finally realized why we don't hit.

Now - I need one helluva daiquiri!  Thank goodness for Jade & his hugs!

My Today!

I'm going junking today!  Woot Woot!

I hope to bring home some SERIOUS goods!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Something You Haven't Yet Seen!

When Vintage Sassy came to visit - she said "Why haven't you shown this on your blog?"

So here we go!  We have a U shaped staircase in the center of our home.  I love it because my Great Uncle Bob built it for us by hand.  It's special to us.  In this photo there are two doors straight ahead, the left is Aubrie's room & the right is Everett's room.  The 3rd door to the right is the main / guest bathroom.  Then to the right of the photo is our living room.  If you were standing here, the kitchen would be behind you to the left & the dining area would be right behind you. 

At the bottom of the staircase there is a bit of room - just enough for a cute table and chair.  The yellow is bold, but looks great by the turquoise & extends into the basement - it's a cheery, happy color!

The funky painting was given to me by my cousin.  She knew the little old lady that actually painted it.  That's one reason I love it.

Upstairs on our hall wall by the staircase is the shrine to our children.  Above it is a vinyl decal that says "All because two people fell in love."  The fell in love is in silver.  It's hard to see in the photo, but it is so true.  Our beautiful babies bless our lives in so many ways & through them I found more ways to fall in love with my wonderful hubby!  We have had beautiful pictures taken of our kids so this is where we showcase them!  There is one that looks black & white - it's actually a sketch done by my cousin that is an artist - he's amazing.  It truly looks like Aubrie when she was 3 months old!

Painting the tub...

Maggie is totally right. 

I need to paint my clawfoot tub.  White is nice, but it's not me & I love the funky inspiration pictures below.  So riddle me this...what color?  Remember this is off my bedroom where I have a lot of green, turquoise, red, pink & orange - plus a tad of yellow.  I'm kind of thinking orange or yellow - thoughts?  Oh and if & when I paint this bad boy - leave the legs silver, go solid paint, or black?  Oh decisions are tough!  But I'm sure it's the right move!

I love this room - it's the turquoise & yellow I adore!  Plus, I really want that SINK!

Oh this room is just cheery & fabulous!  It's a lot of yellow, but how could you not be happy in here?

Ok so most of this room isn't me at all, but that limey green - yes I swooned!

So give me your thoughts, but if you think it should stay white - shhh it!  :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Master Bath Update

So it wasn't this weekend.  However, I FINALLY got around to updating my bathroom a bit.  I put in a bit of color - so it's more me.

Please don't tell Pottery Barn, but the antelope looks better hot pink!

The coat rack that holds my towel got a new spritz of turquoise.

As did my candle base which is really an old piece of architecture - love it!

You haven't seen this, but behind the tub is a little shelf to hold my bath essentials.

It's as cute as I can make it considering I need to use soap & a razor daily!  It also ties my colors together nicely.

I'm bummed that I recently bought new brown towels & tan rugs.  I thought at the time it wasn't me, but it went with the leopard I'm also rocking in here.  I may have to trade those in for some hot pink & turquoise towels for the summer!  I also  need a super sized painting in our toilet room to replace what came out.  Remember the old signs I had in here that now adorn the main bathroom?  I'm thinking a 4' painting of a plunger or a can of Lysol - done by Abbie would perfectly fit the bill.  They would look great with the funky toilet & tub she already made for in here.  I know I'm crazy - but that's how I roll - unexpected is my favorite look! 


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