Thursday, April 29, 2010

Up My Sleeve

It seems that I'm always up to something...

This coffee table was originally a weird pinkish off white.  So I painted it red.

I liked it, but the red just didn't cover well enough, and it just didn't seem right.  That's when my Mom suggested hot pink.  And I said - YES!

So a trip to Ace, and a quart of Hibiscus later - it's fabulous!

Aubrie adored it & said please don't sell this - which I wasn't going to.  Even Everett said - WOW!


  1. Red really is my favorite but I DO love that pink girl.

  2. I think that is exactly the right color for your room. I am diggin it!!


  3. Oh my heaven I absolutely love it! It looks great with all the colors! I love your curtains by the way! And I want that green pillow with the flower for my front porch!

  4. That is a great table no matter what color you paint it.

  5. that is the piece i noticed - and loved- when looking at your parade of homes post -- love it - really makes a statement in that room!

  6. What an awesome color! I have enjoyed peeking into your home, it's very inspiring!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this ! Just found your blog and am loving all the color and happiness it inspires. Thank you for sharing your home !!!

    gena in nj

  8. I just love how bold you are with all of your color choices - the pink is awesome!



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