Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Auction Day Fun!

It's another 2 posts in one kind of day!

More of the auction day craziness!

I got Jade cracking up here.

Maggie with Abbie’s newly purchased muck boots.

Jade as a more serious watch out.

Maggie relaxing all cool – in chairs we picked up for our Ethel Edith client, Jamie. Aren’t they a fabulous pair for photo shoots?!  Don't you also love the two metal carts Abbie bought?

This is me – Maggie laughed hard at my stupid pose.

We were cracking up on this sign. My grammar is poor, but I even know this is wrong. Maggie decided to show off her ladies here.

Oh my – we told you the crazies were out this day.  If you have been to Target recently – somehow this lady got some Liberty of London print legging pants to go with her leopard shirt & playboy bunny hat. It was nice!

Oh this is a famous family pose. Our Dad used to be big into WWF wrestling – and Suck It was a gesture they used often. It’s a big family joke. Abbie and Maggie pulled this after we nearly caused a riot - more details to follow.

We got this bird bath & galvanized metal pile late in the day. This is where the riot nearly ensued. This community wide sale worked in that everyone brought their loot to the town center & they auctioned them off pile by pile instead of home by home rummage sales.  Well we stumbled upon the man with the best loot in the place and he offered to sell us his junk outright instead of auctioning it off.  We were thrilled – we got leave early – auctioneers aren’t fast!  However, there were some mighty ticked off people in our midst – I’m guessing over that sweet bird bath!  He was an old man - I'm guessing in his 80's.  A lady actually got in his face and was yelling at him and even said "Can you not hear me or are you choosing to ignore me?  Is this even allowed in the auction laws?"  She was not a happy camper!  I believe that yes he couldn't hear well, but he was totally ignoring her!  My feeling is - it was his stuff - he gave us the price he wanted for the stuff & we obliged.  Besides - auctions don't have laws.  So we quickly paid the old man - grabbed our stuff and literally ran out of the ensuing argument!

Maggie gave the victory pose above the 2nd loaded up truck tied down like the Clampetts.

On the way home I scored these 2 lamps for a total of $10. I was beyond ecstatic!

For more photos check out Ethel Edith for the milder version of our junk trip!


  1. you guys are a RIOT!! what an awesome day!!!
    i can totally see me and my sisters doing the same thing:O)
    can't wait to see how awesome all of your finds look after their transformations!!

  2. Dammit I have a couple things from Liberty of London too and that woman just ruined it all for me.

    Those lamps are great!

  3. You guys had so much fun! And got such cool stuff!!!

  4. Looks like you all had a blast! Great finds!

  5. Wow, what an adventure! I love that you took a picture of that "interesting" outfit.

  6. Well I still like my Liberty of London stuff anyway! I passed on the leggings....LOL!

    P.S. Do you guys always have so much fun? Also, you must be letting your hair grow. I thought it was adorable short but then I am a short hair girl!

  7. looks like you had some good family fun, I love the bunny earrings, animal print liberty of london outfit ;)

  8. LeAnn - I am growing it out, but you never know with me - I may cut it off Friday if Maggie does my hair! I'm unpredictable with my hair constantly :) Also, for the most part we always have that much fun. We have the ocassional argument, but that's expected with 3 girls!


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